All about the engineering board Labarte

Knowing everything about LabARE engineering parquet board, you can significantly improve the floor in the home. This manufacturer has an Oak coating option and other solutions. But to finally make a choice, it is not enough to study the catalog – you have to look at the reviews.


The Labarte Engineering Board Manufacturer itself claims that its enterprise is supplier No. 1 in Russia. About 500 thousand are produced annually. kv. m floor coverings per year. Therefore, there is no reason to doubt the solid experience and technical perfection of products. Color range of products flexibly varies like their geometry. The entire product produced is the necessary certification.

In general, an engineering board, like any glued material, is relatively deformed. Its appreciated for excellent geometric stability (in comparison with other types of parquet). Clean concrete can act as a substrate, so you can save time, money and strength, abandoning the layout of plywood under the board. But it takes the most aligned and isolated moisture. In addition, you can cover the engineering board of the circuit of the “warm floors” system.

Useful to pay attention to the principal properties of any engineering board.


  • resistance to external influences;

  • Easy calculation;

  • abundance of execution options;

  • increased level of environmental friendliness;

  • excellent thermal insulation;

  • Sustained noise protection.

Cons of products:

  • difficulties of fixing single dies;

  • the inability to reuse blocks;

  • high cost;

  • unsuitability for the formation of floating floors;

  • the need to use products only from one batch (otherwise the combination of shades is disturbed).

The aesthetic advantages of this floor material with excess overlap its flaws. Fully eliminated the occurrence of gaps and any creak. The cost of assembly works is small. For the production of products, the Faneur of moisture-resistant brands is used.

Of course, it is worth paying attention to the range of products.

Types of coating

Under the Labarte brand, you can purchase an engineering board of a patinated sample. This visual effect is achieved using special synthetic preparations. They are applied on carefully thought out technology. As a result, the natural elegance of the tree is revealed as fully as possible. Modern techniques also allow forcibly the appearance of the material.

The technology of the company has learned to demonstrate the beauty of the rings, fibers, departures and other components of a natural parquet pattern. Popular and Braching (Material Makeup). After woodworking with a roller of steel, the surface is deprived of Collus (outer tissues) and soft fibers. As a result, the drawing becomes a volume. At attractiveness and naturalness it does not reflect.

The company can offer lacquered products. Under such protection, the tree will be insensitive to moisture and clogging. Brightness coloring will last for a long time. Excellent wear resistance is also guaranteed.

The traditional way of finishing of wood coatings is applied. The material is reliably protected from moisture and pollution. The product is characterized by color brightness and pronounced beauty texture. Products are covered with 11 layers of varnish.

Durable material, durable and wear-resistant.

The collection is represented by three main categories in quality:

  • Select;

  • Rustic;

  • Natur.

Color allocate:

  • “Oak” in a variety of options;

  • An array of 15 lacquer-tobacco (technology of special wood trim);

  • ash ordinary and lacquered;

  • Resist Tro (Four Types).

Review reviews

Engineering board Labarte causes fairly controversial statements. Especially in the field of material value. There are people who are fully satisfied with such products. In these cases, the total price justification is celebrated.

In general, the floor covering looks good, can serve long. As for quality, then in some cases some problems arise, for example, on the mismatch of colors declared. But this more often refers to the headache in Maykop, but to branches.

About the features and advantages of engineering board before other flooring you can learn from the video below.

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