All about the edging profile

Furniture and construction production constantly requires decoration of joints, protecting the open edge. In these and other areas for covering joints and connections, various types of profile from a variety of material are used.

Features and destination

Circulating (edge) and edge (edge) profiles – this is a wide range of suggestions for decorating joints, connections at any angle. All profiles are divided into several types.

  • docking;
  • edging;
  • Connectors.

Apply profiles in areas such as:

  • construction (finishing works by plasterboard, siding, clapboard, panels of plastic and MDF);
  • Furniture production (finishing of furniture edges flexible edge of PVC direct or rounded shape).

Regional profile enjoys constant popularity Due to simplicity and ease of use. Without it, it is impossible to do during work with sandwich panels: all ends require edging, otherwise finished areas not only lose visual qualities, but also become vulnerable to aggressive impact of the atmospheric environment.

Materials manufacturing

Edge profiles have a wide range: from 3 to 40 mm and more. U-shaped profile use as a decorative frame of panels, stands, signs, tablets. Manufacturers offer connecting, edging, connecting profiles made of solid materials. So, these are the following options:

  • brass;
  • aluminum;
  • galvanized;
  • stainless steel.

Such materials have excellent anti-corrosion properties, have a great margin of safety. Stainless steel seating profiles are different in their structure. There are the following edge products:

  • polished;
  • satin;
  • decorated.

PVC edge is made of oil refining products with the addition of table salt (more precisely, ethylene and chlorine included in the salt formula). As a result of mixing, dichloroethane. The final reaction is a subsequent two-stage reaction – all familiar PVC.

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Primary product consistency – colorless powder odorless. The finished edge is most often a one-photon pigmented product, but it can be with a pattern, for example, wood.

PVC products are considered safe to a certain limit: when heated over 100 degrees, the product begins to highlight the chloride, oppressing respiratory organs.

With standard operation, the plastic edge is protected from harmful evaporation of the impregnating composition of MDF, LDSP, chipboard. The material not only has decorative properties, but also chemically stable: successfully opposes various types of acids, alkalis and t. D. The flexible edge of PVC is a product in bays sold by a honey. Furniture edge can be performed:

  • from metal and plastic;
  • Melamine;
  • acryla.

Product differences are in size, fastening methods, as well as cost.

Views and sizes

Profile geometry is quite diverse. You can select such options:

  • U-shaped;
  • L-shaped;
  • J-shaped;
  • N-shaped;
  • P-shaped;
  • M-shaped;
  • oval;
  • square;
  • radiator;
  • Capper and T. D.

Furniture flexible edge accessories are represented by manufacturers in various sizes.

A type

The size


Product thickness – from 0.2 to 0.4 cm, width – 26 mm

PVC (polyvinyl chloride)

Edge thickness – 1.2 mm, width – 26.5 mm

Acrylic (ABC)

Width – 19-22 mm, thickness – 0.4, 1, 2, 3 mm


Width – 16-18 mm, thickness – 30-40 mm and above

Without the use of the edge, modern furniture production will not be able to release a good and beautiful furniture made of natural and composite materials.

  • edge, exist edging direct and curve profiles. Their options:
  • models for steps and facing;
  • compensation and structural products for joints;
  • Diaphragms for decoration of balconies, terraces, veranda.
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Aluminum profile manufacturers produce in wide range of colors:

  • Light and dark maple;
  • beech, cherry and walnut of various shades;
  • Very beautiful light and dark rock oak.

In addition, the anodized profile of various shades is made.

Areas of use

The edging profile is widely used in the inner and outdoor advertising: posters, plates, banners, posters, signs, and so on. Construction external and internal finishing works, production of windows – all this either will not cost without plastic, aluminum profiles. In Landscape Design Such products are needed for registration of borders, ornamental walls, arbors, terraces, pergol, pools and other artificial structures.

M-shaped profile is used to complete the floor covering or as a border on the tile area. A large range provides demand in any options. P-shaped edge profile from stainless steel apply in final stages to perform tasks in internal and external work. With it, most often solve problems in the field of repair in closed rooms. Edging of floor coatings, panels of any type, sheet materials will make it possible to repair a finished type, harmoniously scorched or connecting heterogeneous surfaces. Edging for GLC (drywall) will not only make the appearance more neat, but also protects the material from moisture.

Oval profile – it’s rather, the design solution of the interior tasks. Oval copper, aluminum, galvanized profile looks in the interior and furniture structures very presentable. Radiator profiles are in demand for cooling chips, drivers, they are indispensable in passive cooling voltage stabilizers, when installing and installing LED systems.

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