All about SVEN network filters and extension cords

Unstable voltage may be due to the fault of the company supplying electricity, old wiring or neighbors, including techniques, the work of which can entail a short circuit. Reduce the danger of breakdowns due to voltage jumps will help a network filter.


SVEN network filter – a budgetary device that protects the household appliances from sharply emerging voltage interruptions or electrical power failures. In addition, it is equipped with filtering and elimination of negative pulses and interference, which are able to harm technique.

The device includes housing and cord. Elements having protective functions are inside the case. The external side of the device is represented by sockets, the number of which ranges from 1 to 8.

To connect the elements of a personal computer – a system unit, monitor, speakers and printer, a number of outlets are required. In this case, you can use a conventional extension, which has several nests, but it will not protect the devices from voltage drops.

The manufacturer on each of the devices indicates the incoming voltage, and this information must be in accordance with the characteristics of the electrical network. In this case, various failures and jumps are not taken into account. Stabilize the voltage of the current coming to the technique – the main task of the filter. Much significance is most consumed by the power of the instruments, it should not be greater than the filter transmitted.

SVEN network filter has a concise appearance. It is possible to fix the device on the wall.

Review models

SVEN filters model range are submitted by the following options.


The device has 5 sockets, 2 USB connector for recharging some devices. The case of this option is made of a solid, starry stard of material with a maximum degree of fire safety. There is a switch with an indicator. The device provides protection against voltage fluctuations. The filter is possible to fix in any position on the wall. Product Color SVEN SF-05L – White and Black.


The model has 2 USB connector, providing the ability to recharge various devices with the highest power of 12 W and simultaneously connect to USB connectors 2 devices with a current of 2.4 A. There is one ground socket to connect the plugs of Sea 7/7 or CEE 7/16.

The main characteristic feature of filters of this brand is the reliable contact of the specified plugs even after long-term use. This variant of the network filter makes it possible to smooth out the RF interference with energy of 125 J. The product is made of starry resistant material. The presence of protective curtains are wicked by even greater protection against extraneous particles.

SVEN Optima Pro

It is a product with a two-pole switch with a high-speed inclusion indicator. Protects from noise and interference on the supply network. In addition, has a varistoric protection against high-voltage discharges. There are 8 multifunctional sockets with grounding, thermal stitch-machine. It is possible to fix the filter on the wall regardless of location.

The product is equipped with a case from a material that is resistant to physical effects and is not affected by the combustion process.

SVEN Platinum Pro

A device with a two-pole switch with a light indicator of the inclusion. The main function of the filter is to protect against noise and a variety of interference on the power supply. There are varistor protection against high-voltage discharges. In stock 5 multifunctional sockets, each of which has its own switch. Cord size – 180 cm / 300 cm / 500 cm. The product is made of material not subject to burning processes.

SVEN SF-08-16.

Model with the highest current of current equal to 1 A. There is a two-pole switch with a light indicator. The main function is the protection against noise and interference of the supply network. Also, the product is able to ensure a high degree of protection against high-voltage discharges.

In stock 8 multifunctional sockets with grounding. There is an automatic thermal protection. The product has a housing, resistant to physical effects made of material that is not susceptible to burning. The conductor is made of copper, without impurities.

SVEN SF-S1 Grey.

Is a product with powerful varistors that protect against pulsed interference. The filter has one rosette with a protective curtain that protects against ingestion of foreign objects. Equipped with an automatic fuse that shuts off the instruments during network overloads and closures. The product is presented in black and gray, equipped with a 5 m cord.

SVEN Optima Base Black.

Device with a dual switch indication switch. Has varistor protection from high-voltage discharges. Characterized by the presence of input sockets, the design of which makes it possible to connect both the plugs of domestic technology and products of European countries. It is possible to fix on the wall regardless of location.

The product has 3 outlets. Presented in black colors.

Sven Fort Pr.

Is a model with a voltmeter. The product can weaken pulse interference 10 times. The body of the device of black, is made of a material that is not susceptible. Cord product – 5 meters.

    Criterias of choice

    Selecting a network filter, you need to take into account its characteristics and parameters. For appointment and degree of household appliances protection Network filters may be the following options.

    • For domestic use. Such instruments are the name “basic”, because they have a fairly simple structure and a low set of prevention coefficients. Such filters are easy to determine visually. They have a small number of outlets, miniature housing and unallone cord. Products are well suited for use at home.
    • For experienced users. This type of filter is a secure and practical option that is suitable for connecting multiple personal computers. Filters can be used both at home and in the office. The product has a rather long cable and a large number of outlets, from which it seems bulky.
    • Professional products. They are simply necessary for devices that distinguish high price and increased sensitivity. Allow for the safety of technology to the maximum. Filters are characterized by the presence of a long cord and three-phase sockets.

    It is easy to choose a good high quality filter if you follow certain selection rules.

    • You should pay attention to the size of the product. Small sizes and a flat filter can be a base copy that has no protective properties. In the event of the slightest doubt, it is worth asking the seller’s documentation. If it contains technical features and parameters, then the original model.
    • It is preferable to acquire a product with sockets suitable for eurotip forks. Such products are compatible with devices of various species.
    • It is better to choose products with USB.

    Also available models equipped with a remote control. They are well suited for those who do not want to use manual control.

    For network filters and SVEN extensions, see the following video.

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