All about subfolded jacks with a load of 2 t

    Sometimes for servicing small cars or other equipment required jack. This device will allow you to raise and fix in the desired height of a certain cargo. For permanent operation, where the rise of various techniques is necessary, the jacks of the rolling type are used. In today’s article, we will consider such a device with a lifting capacity of up to 2 tons, find out where they are applied and how to choose them.


    Podcast type jack is a very useful thing that will find its application in every garage. To use it is needed smooth and solid surface. Appearance of the device reminds a narrow and elongated small trolley, but a heavy enough. For constant transportation in the trunk and applying it on the road, the device described is not suitable, since it is not easy to find a suitable area for it. In addition, high weight and size will constantly interfere with the car.

    This device will be Indispensable for small workshops or tire installations, where there is no need to completely lift the car on the lift. In such institutions, this device will definitely find its application.

    It will not remain aside this device and in a private garage. After all, the owner does not always have a desire to climb at the bottom of the trunk for the “native” jack, which comes with the machine. In addition, some auto producers are equipped with their cars with plastic jacks, and to once again not check it for strength, it is better to have a subframe. In the raised state, the jack described is very stable, although it has a small height. 4 Points of support under the entire design make it possible to securely fix the car in such a state.

    Also good fixation of the car will allow you to open the doors without any problems without any problems.

    The device consists of a metal frame, retractable hydraulic piston, working cylinder and a oil pump with manual drive. Hydraulic system, having compact dimensions, can raise large weights and smoothly lower them. Also in the device included Check valve. It allows you to fix the machine in a specified position. To increase the functionality, some models are equipped with Special seizures.

    Podcast jacks possess the following advantages:

    • Ease of use in case of free space;
    • The wheels on the design allow you to join the lift, and not to wear in your hands;
    • Such a jack can be raised immediately the entire side of the car;
    • You can learn a jack in any strong body place, you just need to monitor that it is power;
    • The device is universally, they can raise any car permissible by weight.

    Despite such obvious advantages, the tool still have drawbacks:

    • high price;
    • big size;
    • The tool is pretty heavy.

    The need to purchase this device must be quite obvious, unless we are talking about an additional unit of inventory in your workshop. In other cases, it is quite possible to do with a simple hydraulic jack of a bottle type. He can raise the same weights, and it is much cheaper.

    If you have the need to apply such a device not more often than to replace seasonal wheels 2 times a year, then you can easily do without a severe rig.


    Jack – This is a device that allows you to raise the maximum allowable weight for a certain height. Such devices may be Several species. We will review several similar products.


    It is very Common view of obligate jacks, which meets more often. It works due to the pumping of oil from the expansion tank to the working cylinder by hand pump. The oil caught in the cylinder begins to squeeze it. The length of the extension depends on the amount of oil received. Thanks to the safety valve, during overpressure in the cylinder, the oil will not squeeze the sealing cuffs, but will go back to the expansion tank.

    Jacks of this type are very popular due to their reliability and unpretentiousness. However, they need In timely service and proper storage. These devices are undesirable to keep indoors with high humidity. This can cause corrosion on the working surface of the rod, which will further lead to the rapid wear of the sealing cuff, then the oil leak will begin. Jack need horizontally, so that he has focus on all the wheels.

    It can not be turned over, because oil leakage can begin through the pump.


    They are also called “low-profile”. These jacks allow you to raise the lowest cars for the maximum permissible height, which comes up to 503 mm. It is equipped more massive and durable wheels, because it is meant to use his daily operation. Some models are equipped with a special pedal for lifting the jack. It allows you to better adjust the process to prevent sharp car jerks. Otherwise, this is an ordinary accounting jack. The gap between these models is very large.

    They can be found in large auto repair and tires, which have a large stream of customers.


    For the work of the jacks of this type you need Additional equipment in the form of a compressor and high pressure hoses. In addition, the work area of ​​the product is limited to the length of the hoses. Such lifting mechanisms significantly save the workspace, and for lifting or lowering, you need to adjust the volume of compressed air with an air valve. To lift the car, you must open the air supply faucet and close it in time, and to lower the cargo, it is necessary to reset the pressure, the opening of another valve. If the garage is small, and there is an air compressor in it, then such a product will significantly save the workspace.

    Depending on the model, the rolled jacks of this type have Long handle, which allows you to drive up the device for the middle of the machine and lift before or ass. Thus, for each type of work there is a type of pneumatic jacks. There are the most The main advantage – this is the speed of lifting and lowering.

    Everything happens smoothly, but very fast.


    There are mobile varieties. This little jack will be able to satisfy all the requirements of motorists, whose cars have low clearance. The height of the pickup in compact models ranges from 90 to 100 mm. Like any rigid jack, it is equipped with a hydraulic pump and cylinder. The carrying capacity of such products does not exceed 4 tons, most often there are models for 2 and 2.5 T.

    Rating the best models

    Among the described tool is worth noting Top most popular models.

    “Stankoimport” HM5903

    This model is equipped with a drive Manual type. The mechanism of the cardan transmission provides Smooth and soft descent. Available safety valve, which does not allow the overloads of the hydraulic system. This device is used for vehicles whose mass does not exceed 2 tons. The unit has Good performance, which manifest themselves perfectly both in a large car service and in a garage.

    Wheels from high quality alloy are designed for long-term operation.

    “Bison 2T Professional” 43053-2

    This is a product Designed to raise a variety of cargo, the total mass of which should not exceed 2 tons. The tool is considered compact enough if you compare it with the rest of the models. Mass all the device – 7 kg. There is a rotary cup on the device, which makes it much easier to exploit the mechanism. The design is considered wear-resistant. In addition, there is a comfortable handle.

    The product can be transported in Case.


    This model can be a good assistant for a garage master. Small load capacity allows this product to serve only passenger cars. Large weight does not affect mobility, Rotary wheels allow you to transport and install the lifting mechanism very quickly and easily. Handle of this jackrat consists of 2 parts, which allows them to work at a distance.

    Special plug allows you to reset the air from the system if necessary.

    AutoProfi DP-17K

    The design of this product is very simple and reliable, it allows this small jack to work with weights up to 2 tons. The design is equipped with high-quality wheels, what facilitates its transportation. This model can only be installed on a smooth and solid surface. Hydraulic type drive can raise various goods not above 30 cm. The product is supplied in plastic case, in which the carrying and transportation is noticeably facilitated. The total weight of the product in the suitcase is 7.7 kg.

    How to choose?

    Choose a rental car jack is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. To begin with, it will be necessary understand where and under what conditions this tool will be operated. It should be remembered that the rolled devices need a solid and smooth surface, if there is no one, then apply this type of jack will not work. When you were determined with the type and Loading capacity of Domkrat, need to choose its minimum and maximum height. With each new generation of cars, they are becoming even lower, so it is better to choose devices with a low profile 90 or 100 mm. The maximum lift height should be higher than the car suspension.

    Otherwise freeing the wheel will not be able to.

    The next important fact when choosing a jack is its length in working condition. This value is important for those who work with these devices in a small garage. Install the jack need Strictly perpendicular to the car, Your lifting device should fit between the machine and the wall. No circumstances are allowed to install a lift diagonally relative to the car. This is due to the fact that during the rise, the jack passes a little forward (under the car). If you start lifting the car at the oblique jack, then its support wheels (not designed for such a load) may break.

    It threatens not only the breakdown of the jack itself, but also a falling machine.

    Choosing a rigged jack, Be sure to inspect it on the subject of defects of the sealing ring around the rod. The sealer must be clean, without cracks, seated at the same distance all over the perimeter. On the device there should be no oil ilk. Acquire a similar tool best in specialized store with good many years of reputation. In such institutions, experienced consultants will not only help you finally decide on the choice, but will give a guarantee for the purchased goods. Ask staff Quality Certificate on purchased products, it will protect you from buying poor quality goods or from fake.

    If for some reason you cannot provide this document, then it is better to refrain from buying in this store.

    About how to make a hydraulic rod jack with your own hands, you can find out in the following video.

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