All about split combined gloves

In the process of manual labor, it is very important that the worker’s hands will be protected from the possibility of injury. To do this, use such an accessory like gloves.

Among all the variety of products, spilkovy combined gloves deserve special attention. About them and will be speaking in our article.


Spilki combined gloves belong to the category of leather accessories to protect hands. For their manufacturer, the manufacturer uses basically pork skin, but in some cases it can be the skin of any cattle.

Combined gloves with a spike, warmed and reinforced – very reliable, well protect their hands from various types of mechanical and even chemical impact on the skin. They are:

  • five plated;
  • bobby;
  • Three-blind.

Today the market presents a new model – with spilch linings on the palms. This winter warmed gloves. They became very popular, possess many advantages and features, among which it is worth noting the opportunity to save hands in warmth, subject to work in the cold.

Gloves with handhelds are characterized by the presence of a solid spoon, a soft layer and a fur insulation, thereby ensuring maximum protection.

Despite the fact that the winter version is more voluminous, working in such gloves is still comfortable and comfortable.

Gloves, depending on the place from which the skin was cut for their sewing, there are the following types.

  • Outdoor spilkovy. The outer sprock is rarely used for sewing workers gloves. He is expensive, high-quality leather products make up. Most often use waste of the outer split, small flaps. Such gloves are strong, elastic, waterproof. The cost of the product is quite high.
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  • Medium-spikes. These are the most sought-after gloves. They are the most durable, they can easily interact in them, even with metal details. But it is not recommended to work in them during precipitation.

  • In-spilkovy. Such gloves are called bachtarm. The strength of them is small, but thermal conductivity coefficient at a high level. They can work for a long time.

Advantages and disadvantages

Today, such an accessory as spilkovy gloves, uses the greatest demand from the consumer. And the reason for this is not only a multifunctionality and a wide range of applications, but also a lot of advantages that are peculiar to them.

  • Wear resistance. Products are resistant to any mechanical damage.
  • Comfort to use. They are well treated with hand, do not throw movies.
  • Fire resistance.
  • Moisture resistance.
  • Hands in gloves do not sweat.
  • Minimal heat loss.
  • Good sensitivity.
  • Tightly cling to the working surface.

Given the experience and reviews of experienced users, we can conclude that the spilch gloves, if they are correctly selected in size and applications, there are no deficiencies.

Someone may argue that their minus is cost, but considering that such an accessory is distinguished by durability, it can be argued that the price is quite substantiated.

So that the gloves fully justified hope, and your hands were maximally protected, it is very important to choose a quality product and choose the size.

There are many manufacturers of workers protective gloves, including spilkov. Among the whole range I would like to note the following.

  • “Angara”. The protective accessory from this manufacturer is perfectly suitable for the performance of work related to construction, metallurgy, oil industry. They are strong enough and withstand even rough work. Absolutely, all models are characterized by the presence of an enhanced lining on the palm part, wide cuffs, excellent clutch, excellent technical characteristics. Move from hypoallergenic materials.
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  • “Docker”. Another of the leaders of the production of high-quality, reliable and durable spilch gloves. Accessory to protect the hands of type “Docker” is universal, it can be used with all types of work, both light and hard. Hypoallergen’s protective attribute, wear, withstand high temperatures, convenient.

Where are applied?

Thanks to excellent technical characteristics and parameters, spilkovy combined crags have been widely used. There are many areas of activity whose employees prefer precisely this tool for individual protection.

Woolen gloves with spilch linings can be used in any form of work:

  • repair;
  • building;
  • Earth or garden work;
  • pruning barbed shrubs;
  • Welding work.

    For example, for welding and assembly work, five-way crags are perfect. They retain the mobility of the fingers and spend the air well.

    To reduce the load on the hand when performing work related to electrode welding, biscuit crags are used.

    Threepalls can be used anywhere, it all depends on whether it will be convenient for them to work.

    About spilk workers gloves look next.

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