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Slab from Karagach – sawn timber from a wood array having a significant surface area. It is obtained by the longitudinal sawing of the barrel of 800 mm wide and more, apply in the production of furniture – tables, benches, as well as interior items. The fact that it is which areas of use have slab from Karagach, it is worth telling a little more.

What it is?

Sleb Karagach is a wide saw of wood trunk, formable longitudinally, from a thick tree trunk. The standard width is determined by the sizes of the source log, it is rarely less than 800 mm. Length varies also, it can be 2-3 m, which allows the use of material when creating bar racks, windowsill, staircases. This is a bit, if we consider that an adult tree grows up to 40 meters, and in diameter it reaches 2 m.

By itself, Karagach refers to the deciduous rocks of the tree of the Viatyar family, highlight its squat and mellite varieties. You can also meet the name “Ilm” – so this tree is called in English-speaking countries. Caragach is found on the territory of the Southern Urals, the Volga region, the Caucasus, grows in Central Asia.

This deciduous giant deserves the glory of one of the most popular materials among the joiners and carpenters – it is his wood that is chosen to create luxurious furniture, home furnishings.

Reasons for choosing Karagach as a raw material. The following factors can be attributed to his advantages.

  1. Attractive appearance. Exclusive drawing on a tree cut is not repeated. Karagach, like other species, has an unusual texture, and after treatment with varnish, butter, it is still more clear.
  2. Operating advantages. Due to the high density of wood, the slab is acquired by resistance to external factors. They are not afraid of mechanical abrasion, high and low temperatures, moisture. When drying, there are practically no signs of warping, cracking.
  3. Easy processing. Due to the not too much weight and felicness of wood Sleba Karagach, they are easily blown, polished, exposed to other manipulations. If necessary, it is possible to replace the decorative coating.
  4. Availability. With all its advantages, Karagach does not apply to especially valuable or rare wood rocks. This material is available in most regions, it costs relatively inexpensively, with the correct processing, a luxurious expressive appearance acquires.

In the case of the manufacture of slabs, the trees of the family of Vyazar have their advantages. They have a very bright, expressive texture, and the preserved sections of the cortex give the material a special painting.

How do?

Production of slab from Karagach does not differ from similar processes of obtaining horizontal sleeps from other wood species. Get and maintaining an array solid, without joints and gaps helps a special approach to the workpiece, dissolution and drying. Only in this case, the sawn timber can be called Slab. Another important rule – blanks can not be 50 mm.

The procedure for obtaining a slab next.

  1. Select tree. It should be healthy, without signs of rotting, have a fairly thick base of the trunk – it is this part that goes to the creation of slab. Trees, having a fork, thickening, irregularities are highly appreciated – of which the most beautiful products are obtained.
  2. Cut or Spil. Special devices are used, allowing the workpiece quickly and simply. Further, the resulting material is eliminated from knots, branches, sometimes sprout on the place on the logs, suitable for transportation. With the diameter of the barrel at 80-200 cm this is a good reasonable solution.
  3. Dawn on Sleba. Sometimes, in the presence of a mobile panel, this work is carried out directly on the site of the workpiece. You can also send material to a specially equipped shop, where high-precision machines and manipulators will cope with the task faster and easier. Most workshops working with Slebami from Karagach have their own sawmills, allowing not to experience problems with the selection and preparation of materials.
  4. Stabilization. It is carried out before drying, especially if the wood is very wet. In the process, the material is subjected to chemical processing that prevents it.
  5. Drying. It can be done in different ways. Private masters highly appreciate the slab dried in the conditions of the natural environment, in well-blown premises. If the ability to expect from 2 years and no longer, professional cameras with vacuum or infrared effects are used. Wood in them succeed evenly, acquires humidity at 10-12%.
  6. Decorative treatment. Since the slab is not customized under standard sizes and parameters – they are valued for natural beauty, the material is most often covered by protective compositions in the production process. Special oil and wax impregnations are well suited for these purposes, in some cases the surface is additionally varnished or poured with epoxy, acrylic resin.

On this process of production of slab pumped. Only from the master depends on which part of the interior or the subject of furniture will turn an array of Karagach further.

Where are used?

Since the slabe of Karagach has a rather large format, they are suitable for creating a wide variety of interior items – from the details of the finish to quite functional objects. Designers highly appreciated the noble color of wood, its strength and texture. Exclusive drawing also plays a role.

Among the most popular ideas for the use of such slabs, the following options can be distinguished.

  • Table top. Its making is appropriate for both the dining group and kitchen. For example, as a cutting, work surface. Such a table retains the natural structure of the tree, it can be turned into a support for a sewing machine or equip the coffee area on the veranda.

  • Bar stand. Long Sleba 2-3 meters and more suitable for these purposes as it is impossible. They are highly appreciated and at the design of catering establishments – from clubs to restaurants, as well as in residential interiors.

  • Windowsill. Of course, Slab with his natural texture of Karagach will fit not in every interior. It will look good as an addition to ethnic or ecosal, supplement the space of the loft.

  • Steps of stairs. You can create them from small sizes, use as an element of the input group on the veranda or outdoor.

  • Bench. Here also remains space for creativity. You can place such a decoration from Slaby in the interior or put it in the recreation area on the site. Inside the house benches from Karagach perfectly combined with decorative soft pillows and cape.

  • Storage system. Massive open-type kitchen shelves look no worse than classic lockers. With the proper processing, the tree will not hurt and the heat of the Russian oven or fireplace, and high humidity.

The wood array is especially highly appreciated if it retains its natural framing – Corre, but other options are found.

For example, The edges can be specially treated with a cutter, rounded or supplemented with chamsters. Sometimes the woody slab is placed in a metal framing or poured with epoxy resin, combined with glass, achieving maximum decorativeness.

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