All about sets of files

Know all about sets of files you need to any home master, and even more so a professional in the repair and plumbing spheres. You can find the sets of nadfil for 5-6 and 10 pieces, sets of round, tricoran, flat files and plumbing squares, triangular, many other options. And also have to select products of specific manufacturers and evaluate it in various parameters.

What happens?

Buying sets of files and nadfil, and not a single specimens, useful for beginner masters, and for experienced professionals. It is much more convenient and allows you to confidently “close” the needs in most cases. It is worth noting that according to GOST, adopted in 1980, a general-purpose filter files are produced. Specialized tools for special tasks can be issued according to other standards, even on the manufacturers developed by the manufacturers themselves. And yet universal products are definitely widespread so much.

Their main features:

  • Fitness for performing metalworking for metal primarily;

  • difference of sections;

  • the presence of notches on the surface;

  • the use of selected tail parts;

  • Length of the canvas from 10 to 45 cm;

  • The use of plastic, wooden or composite (less often steel) handle.

Only steel can be used to obtain any cloths, allowing the execution of standards requirements. In addition to simple plumbing models, in the arsenal of an experienced master must be:

  • special purpose tools;

  • Machine file;

  • rasp;

  • fellow.

Popular sets meets 6 pcs. Files, and 5, and 10 such tools. There are wider selections. Their composition is not regulated, so you need to navigate when selecting solely on your needs. Most often in everyday life use flat tools. They can handle the same flat surfaces located inside and outside of various products.

In the sets you can also meet quite a lot of large and small round files. They have a naked or sliced ​​tooth. The purpose of the use of the device is the sawing of the channels of the circular or oval shape.

To note: the geometry of the canvas itself does not affect the one in the form of the handle the tool is equipped. Establishment is also triangular (or speaking more correctly, triangular).

For its manufacture, it is possible to use only zaletetoid alloys. Only they can be hardened in a suitable way, which allows you to work normally. Internal angles of non-ferrous metal structures are best separated by triangles with a single notch. Square file applicable for holes of various shapes. Sometimes it becomes necessary to use various types of velvet files, distinguished by a particularly small notch; They allow you to give the treated surface maximum purity and smoothness.

Restaurants use products:

  • Inforce;

  • Topex;

  • Neo;

  • Top Tools;

  • “Cobalt”.

How to choose a set?

The length of the handle of a high-quality tool should be at least 150% of the shank size. Special-class fixtures are in demand almost exclusively in industry. Great meaning to buy them for private use. Double notch models are attractive when processing minor parts; They will be outlined and then when in some place it is difficult to climb with a typical plumbing tool.

For everyday use in an ordinary home workshop, you can restrict ourselves to:

  • flat;

  • Round;

  • Two more or three especially favorite varieties of files.

Notch should be well expressed, without any visual deficiencies. Usually it can be estimated by photography. It makes no sense to acquire a tool with signs of rust. Even if it is “just” a minor divorce, use the device for a long time will not come out – it will break soon.

Drackers are taken for gross work, in which a significant layer of metal is removed.

In a good versatile kit there must be a drake, and personal, and velvet tools. It is undesirable to choose models that have only a shell made of high carbon steel. The softness of the core will still give themselves to know, and therefore the service life will be too small. Of course, it is desirable to give preference to the products described above the most popular firms. Their assortment is quite wide, so that everyone can choose the best option for themselves; If possible, contact the purchase directly to the manufacturer or to the official dealer.

There are some more subtleties that useful to take into account:

  • Metal models and wood differ significantly, therefore it is more correct to buy different sets;

  • If it is necessary to work often with small products, the set should include nadfili;

  • A diamond spraying tool is recommended for processing the surfaces of increased hardness;

  • wooden handle is more convenient and more comfortable, but can rot.

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