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Touch gloves: what it is, what choice of models with touchscreen for smartphone screens is on the market? These questions often arise from users who first heard a fashion accessory. Meanwhile, such innovative outlooks of the wardrobe are already quite actively applied by lovers of gadgets, allowing you to keep hands with warm even in frost. To learn more about them, it is worth reading not only the types of gloves with special fingers for the phone, but also the principle of operation of such accessories.

What it is?

About the invention, as the sensory gloves for the phones on the phones, the world found out in 2006 – it was then that the accessory appeared for the first time, allowing not to bare hands to work with the smartphone display. The development of the industry in the direction of the release of gadgets with Tachkrin only spurred their popularization. Now mobile devices are needed not only for calls and set messages.

Gloves with fingers in which you can use all the functions of social networks, communicate in messengers, quickly become popular among residents of cold climates.

Ordinary winter accessories here were not suitable – wool, fleece and other materials isolated the surface of the hand. For a smartphone with a capacitive touch screen remained invisible. Special gloves with fingers covered with a distinguishable material for the sensor, solved the problem. For gadgets with touchscreen, winter accessories were offered, in which fibers conducted electrical signal were used. They are preferably made by seamless knitting of acrylic or wool, less often – from leather, suede, fleece.

To refer to the sensory functions of such gloves, sensitive zones on their surface are marked with colored elements. However, it is rather a tribute to fashion – such blocks do not affect the practical application of the accessory. Today, sensory gloves are available in a wide size range: you can find men’s, female, teenage models.

When they selected the landing density is very important – it determines how effectively the signal will be transmitted.

Principle of operation

Sensory gloves for working with smartphones and tablet PCs work quite simply. In addition to conventional fibers, special contact elements with electrical conductors are included in their composition. They imitate the touch of man’s fingers, providing accurate signal transmission to a touchscreen display.

These contact properties are not the whole glove, but only defined its zones – usually they are located on the place of the pillow.

As part of such a product, before indicated, in addition to acrylic or wool, synthetic filaments, also conductive fibers. Their volume in the total mass varies from 5 to 13%. The higher this indicator, the more sensitive will be touching Tachskrin. When choosing materials, only those that do not have a negative impact on the fragile design of the touchscreen.

Review of species

Winter sensory gloves are customary to the category, according to the material of their production. Besides, There are distinctions on the temperature regime of use – in low-cost accessories already at 10 degrees, it will not be possible to use innovative functions. The best models retain performance in any circumstances. It is important and an additional set of options: work in the Bluetooth headset mode or headphones allows you to answer calls, listen to your favorite music without removing your smartphone from the pocket.

Warm winter gloves with sensory functions are several varieties.

  • Woolen. Very warm, but sensitive to care. Such gloves have a convenient landing, with time can stretch, easily wet.
  • Acrylic. From this fiber makes inexpensive models of touch gloves. Thermal insulation properties are medium, but such products provide a good landing hand, confident contact with touchscreen. This is a good solution for countries with not very cold climates, in severe frosts will have to search for an alternative to Acrylic accessories.
  • Leather. Natural material from the skins of CRS, sheepskin is distinguished by strength, durability, waterproofability. By cons of such products include complexity in the selection of size, and in the presence of rough seams, the electrical conductivity of contact sites will be reduced. In addition, due to the features of Croy, they are not very comfortable when typing.
  • Knitted. Combined models from different types of fibers have a seamless design, which has a beneficial effect on the contact abilities of the accessory. Products are obtained dense, well hold warm, they are comfortable and not deformed in the process of use.
  • Fleece. Rather durable and warm options, most often produced in brutal design. These gloves have the same disadvantage as leather – the presence of seams deteriorating contact with the touch screen. With poor quality sewing the problem may be quite weighty.

    There is a certain division and the type of design of sensory gloves. For example, in budget models, the conductive coating may be only on the fingers of the right hand or on the tips of the large, medium and index. Maintains the value and compatibility of accessories, especially if there is a function of receiving calls via Bluetooth. In such gadgets, the Microphone is in the Mizinz, and in the thumb there is a speaker – you can talk without getting a smartphone.

    Touch gloves for a mobile phone today offer dozens of brands – from textile manufacturers to gadget developers. In this area, of course, there are best models that respond to the touch to the screen even in a strong frost, But enough and outsiders, for use who have to put pressure on the display quite strongly.

    The most interesting offers should be considered in more detail.

    • Mujjo. This company has invented sensory gloves, its products still refers to the premium segment even a decade later. Special attention deserves leather models worth about $ 80. They look respectfully, possess excellent sensitivity, withstand work in the frost to -10 degrees.

    • Under Armour Liner. Knitted gloves for not too cold weather. The model has a stylish design, outside there is a water-repellent coating. Multilayer structure assigns sweat from hand, keeping heat. To contact with sensory displays there are overlays on 2 fingers – large and indicable.

    • Glidergloves. Canadian brand launches knitted gloves with high sensitivity sensitivity and modern design. Brand Models – Ratings Leaders in the USA According to the iPhone Owners. True, for harsh winters gloves are still too thin.

    • The North Face Etip. High-quality fleece gloves, fit well in both sports equipment, and in the image of a modern citizen. On the tips of the fingers there are lining for the use of the sensor, on the palms – a non-slip silicone coating. The rear part is complemented by reflectors.
    • FRED PERRY. High-quality merino wool gloves, well warming winter. Sensory coating is only on 3 fingers of each hand. But the model has dense multilayer cuffs.

    • Barneys Original. High-quality suede gloves for true mods. In addition to natural material and good thermal insulation, they are also equipped with special sensitive zones on large and index fingers.

    • Asos Design. Budget knitted gloves in two-color design, with a corporate pattern. They warm well, fit tightly to her hand, the contact surfaces are provided only on 2 fingers.

    Tips for choosing

    When choosing sensory gloves, users have to take into account the mass of factors – from the phone model to Bluetooth version.

    It is worth immediately considering that special accessories work exclusively on capacitive displays – resistive already react to any touch.

    In the case of selection of gloves for the iPhone, it is worth immediately considering options with a Bluetooth sensor – they will allow you not to get a cold sensitive device too often to answer the call.

    In addition, during the search for the optimal model of the winter accessory with sensory inserts, it is better to consider several moments.

    • Material of manufacture. Thin nylon products are available for running and other sports. In other cases, navigate the style of clothing. To coats and fur coats choose leather, suede accessories. Knitted and fleece wear with down jackets and duby jackets.
    • Easy landing. Sensory gloves must make hand tightly like the second leather. Woolen and knitted need to take a little smaller size – they stretch with sock. On suede, leather and flies there should be a fastener on the wrist, protecting against wind.
    • Purpose. Men’s, teenage, female models usually have a pattern that take into account the anatomical structure and sizes of the hand. Unisex options in most cases look much worse, have a pure neutral design.
    • Color and ornament. Despite the winter appointment of the accessory, when choosing sensory gloves, it is better to avoid thematic Christmas and New Year prints – Christmas trees, deer. The optimal option will be monochrome products in tone of shoes or bag, top clothing. If you want a color variety, you can find it in the form of saturated wine, chocolate, olive, red shades.
    • Quality sewing. It directly affects the convenience and functionality of the accessory. If the seams are disked, the threads are diverged, the edges of the material are sticking – the product will not last long. In addition, it is unlikely to even sit down in hand.
    • Features of care. Conventional gloves with conductive coating can be easily erased in a typewriter or manually. Equipped with a Bluetooth-module model of this appeal will not be injured.

        All these tips will be useful for those who have not yet found their ideal touch gloves or think about updating already available accessories.

        In the next video you will learn about touch gloves.

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