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When finishing the inside of the room, special attention should be paid to installing flooring. To do this, use special fasteners. Most often they take a self-tapping screw for an outdoor board. Today we will talk about what features they possess, and how to establish them correctly.


Self-tapping screws are a detail, externally resembling a nail. At the same time, its rod makes a thread of a certain step. On the element’s hat, there is a special slight groove-slot, with which it is twisted into the material.

For floorboards used special self-tapping screws. They are produced with a small cutter at the end. In addition, such models do not have threads at the top. In the process of screwing the screws will not split the wooden foundation.

When using such fasteners, it will not be necessary to form special holes for them drill. All elements in manufacturing are processed by special anti-corrosion compositions to protect.

Such screws allow you to create the most durable and durable combination of genital board. Fastening will not break. Ordinary fasteners to install floors not recommended.

How to choose?

Before buying a self-tape for an outdoor board in a construction store, you should pay attention to several important selection nuances. So, be sure to see the size specified on the package. The following values ​​are considered:

  • 3.5×35 mm;
  • 3.5×40 mm;
  • 3.5×45 mm;
  • 3.5×50 mm.

As well as Before buying, you need to consider the type of board, which you will use to finish the floor. If you are planning to take a special terrace flooring, then you should purchase models with a dense galvanized silver or golden coating.

The terrace board is used to build various structures that will continue to be located outdoors. It will be subject to various adverse atmospheric influences, so the mounting will be able to approach the most durable and reliable varieties with protective applications.

Simple options to use is not recommended, as soon the connection will collapse.

Besides, Self-timing for fixing the terraced boards are produced with a special carvings, which ensures attracting structural elements, with a secret decorative head equipped with milling ribs. This design provides lightweight and most accurate input of the tip in the wood. Models for such a board are preferably made of high quality stainless steel.

Separately sold selflessness for parquet material. They differ in length (it ranges from 45 to 80 millimeters), diameter (3 or 4 millimeters). Such dimensions make it easy to mount the part in the spool.

As well as self-tapping screws for parquet from larch differ and head shape. It allows the element easily and quickly bleed in the material in the process of assembly work. The thread geometry is arranged in such a way that screwing the device takes the least as possible. Special slot under the asterisk allows you to interfere with scaling bits and breaking the faces.

Simple feeding screws are a classic option that can be suitable for various models of floor covering. Such varieties screw themselves immediately through the facial surface, if the floor is without a tongue. In this case, the length of the self-press should be 4 or 5 centimeters more than the thickness of the details for fixing.

If in the future the surface of the boards will decorated, then you can apply special oxidized models. When processing a flooring with a building lacquer or oil for wood material, it is better to take yellow fasteners with small hats.

The data of the fastener for the tipped base is slightly different, because in this case the fixation occurs through the spool. They are smaller in length and thinner compared to the previous option. After all, such models are screwed through a small ledge on the surface. Too thick element can just split it.

When choosing it is worth considering other nuances. It is necessary to check the level of quality of the slot and threads on self-drawing in advance. The threaded part should be uniformly placed on the rod in length, and at the same time all turns must necessarily be the same thickness, placed at the same angle. High-quality slot will also be even so that the screwdriver can easily go there.

Be sure to look at the coating of self-press. Some samples are produced, in general, without protective application, they are characterized by lower cost, but this option is not reliable, it can quickly fail, which will lead to the destruction of the compound.

Some products are produced with oxidized coating. Such samples have black or gray coloring. They have a good level of strength and resistance.

The most reliable are considered varieties with galvanized application. They have a golden or silver colors. This type of coating provides excellent protection against moisture and other negative impacts. Stainless steel products are also the most durable and racks, but at the same time they have a high price.

The type of hats also plays an important role when choosing suitable feeding for gender. Samples with a wide end allow you to closely press wood sheets as much as possible, standard products provide good fixation of the material, devices with a beveled hat at an angle of 60 degrees go well.

Terms of Use

    So that the durability has provided a durable construction connection, it should be installed correctly. Typically, such fasteners are used to mount the boards on the lags to install a solid coating.

    Consolidate such self-tapping screws can any. These fasteners can be used for floor mounting. To do this, first need to be tightened to the spool. At the same time, an angle of 45 degrees is necessarily observed. In the process of installation, such fasteners will be much less separated compared to conventional nails.

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