All about screwdriver nozzles

Recently, the repair began to do much easier and easier, since dismantling and assembly of fastening elements are carried out using such a modern tool as a screwdriver. It is easy to operate and multifunctional.

To correctly perform construction work, you need to know how to use the nozzles to it and follow the precautions.


The screwdriver nozzle is a device, due to which the electrical device turns into a metal cutting machine and a universal screwdriver. Using supplements to the screwdriver made it a popular household tool, allowing at home to carry out construction work of any complexity.

Nozzles are easy to wear and removed from the device, and also have a number of benefits:

  • Simple operation;
  • processing of material with a smooth cut and without burrs;
  • Multifunctionality;
  • high performance;
  • Easy maintenance.

As for the shortcomings, they are not, except that some species are expensive.

In addition, the screwdriver with nozzles is largely inferior on efficiency and performance by professional devices, as it is a simplified household tool version. At the same time, by the speed of drilling, many nozzles can compete with metal cutting and polishing devices. They are also indispensable when mounting the roof and when screwing various fasteners.

Due to the fact that nozzles are produced in a huge assortment, they are ideal for protrusions and grooves of any elements.

Bits to the screwdriver can be sold as complete with the device and separately.

Before using them in work, you should check their compliance with the size of the screw of the screw or self-press. If the fastener is fixed tightly, the bit fits.

Cannot be used for fasteners damaged or previously used screws. When they are swirling, the bits may be damaged, and it will quickly fail.


To date, the construction market is a huge range of nozzles to a screwdriver, thanks to which the device acquires many functions and becomes at the same time a drill, saw, mixer or polishing brush.

All nozzles are divided into three types: basic, combined and special purposes.

  • The main working element is a hex or cruciform head, it is suitable for any self-tapping screws and provides good adhesion with fastening detail. In this case, the head of the nozzle can be magnetic, which facilitates the process of spinning. In its characteristics, such nozzles are similar to a screwdriver.
  • The combined species differs from the previous one that it has a working surface from two ends. Each part of the bits has its own size and fastening system. During operation, the necessary part remains, and unnecessary dismantled. Such a nozzle is universal.
  • As for special bits, they are intended mainly for mating fittings and adjust the depth of screwing and unscrew the screws under sharp corners.

For rivets

Low-position connections that are called traditional rivets are rare, because they are largely inferior to welding. Threaded and exhaust rivets are considered the most common and for fixing them, special rivet nozzles are used, which are put on the screwdriver.

This is a universal device that is suitable for both electrical and battery vehicles. Thanks to such nozzles, you can install spanning rivets and core elements.

The possibility of using rivets depends on the design of the screwdriver, they are suitable only if the drive allows reversal. Products are designed for fixing steel, aluminum rivets with a diameter of 2.4 to 5 mm and non-ferrous metal sleeves with a diameter of no more than 25 mm.

If a rechargeable screwdriver is used in the work, then its battery voltage should not exceed 12 V. The installation process of such nozzles is simple. In addition, the compact size allows them to store them in one case with a screwdriver.

Angular adapter

This is an angular device, with which you can twist / unscrew hardware in hard-to-reach places where ordinary screwdriver nozzles do not get. The angular adapter can also change the axis direction when the spindle rotation. Thanks to this tool, work is simplified: the device can be kept perpendicular to the surface, and the hardware is spinning at an angle, left or right. With such a device, even a beginner master will be able to perform work.

Depending on the technical characteristics and opportunities, such nozzles are divided into two types: flexible and hard.

  • Flexible angular adapter changes the direction of the torque axis on flexible communication. Externally, the instrument resembles Bormashin, which is used by dentists in the treatment of teeth. This is a flexible shaft, which one of his end joins the cartridge of the screwdriver, and on the other there is a working bite. This device allows you to quickly and easily penetrate into hard-to-reach areas and unscrew the screws.

However, the flex cartridge will not be able to cope with fasteners made of durable alloy.

  • Hard adapter It has the form of a short nozzle, in which the direction of the axis when rotating changes under mechanical action. Unlike a flexible type, this device has a more durable cartridge. With it is easy to perform scrolling and dismantle hardware from either side. Such a nozzle is recommended for professional models of the screwdrivers, since high loads on the engine and vibration arise during its rotation.

When operating this corner adapter, it is not recommended to apply force, otherwise the shaft may fail.

For metal cutting

During construction and repair, it is quite often necessary to perform various work with the metal. Cutting sheets and thin parts are carried out with the help of a special nozzle, which is called “Cricket”. It is easily inserted into the apparatus and works on the principle of power impact.

The tool cylinder neatly pierces small holes in the metal, smoothly moves over the entire surface and provides a continuous and smooth slice. Cutting is carried out quickly and has no restrictions in the tool move path.


This is a classic option of the nozzle, which is used for metal work. It has a type of shaft on the bearing, which is installed in eccentric and freely circulates. This system has one interesting feature: electrical energy is fed to the shaft exclusively for rotation. One part of the scissors is placed on a special frame, and the second – on the axis.

Such a nozzle can perform reciprocating movements and is considered a good metal processing option.

For polishing

Thanks to this nozzle, the processed surface acquires the perfect smoothness. The polishing process is carried out by the end disk, it removes the microscopic layer of material without changing its thickness.

The nozzle contains a thrust circle in its kit, having fasteners for polishing material, and a threaded tip that holds it. Connections in the instrument can be designed both under the left and under the right rotation of the shaft.

During operation, the nozzle disk wear out and it can be easily changed to a new. Replaceable discs are usually produced from polyurethane, their thickness reaches several millimeters. To increase the effect of polishing, polishing pastes use the disk at the same time.

There are discs from felt, artificial or natural wool. Thanks to such devices, you can quickly polish the surface of polycarbonate, car body and glass. During operation, it is necessary to ensure that the wheel of the nozzle is parallel to the treated surface.

Holder for bit

This device allows you to install any nozzles on the screw, regardless of their length.

Holders are several species.

  • The most common option is considered a magnetic holder or as it is also called the extension, it is produced in various sizes (from 50 to 150 mm). A distinctive feature of this adaptation is that the magnet is placed inside it. It is able to attract not only the bit installed in the apparatus, but also the self-tapping screws to be tightened.
  • Often in construction work applies the holder for long screws. Watch fasteners with a length of more than 75 mm by conventional nozzles, as the screws can slip and hang out. Thanks to this adaptation, the work is simplified. A special tube that is equipped with the holder, fixes the screws and does not give them to break off when screwing. As the fastening part twisters, the tube returns to its original position.
  • An indispensable at repair is also the holder for hexagon heads. This is due to the fact that many self-tapping screws are not available with straight, but with hex shlins. As a rule, such holders are used in the implementation of roofing works. Special bits for screwing hexagon selflessness are not suitable. At the same time, the mount can be performed by conventional heads, but they must be installed on a magnetic holder.

All of the above types of bit holders are presented in a huge assortment. Therefore, before proceeding with construction work, it is necessary to determine what the holder will be more useful. Thanks to these additions, the screwdriver received widespread use.

Each wizard needs to have a maximum set of nozzles in the home set. This will allow you to quickly and efficiently perform any type of work in the apartment and in the country house.

Operating tips

  • Before starting to use the screwdriver, it should be properly pick up the nozzle. It must correspond to the type of work and approach the diameter to the head of the fasteners.
  • To insert a bit into a tool equipped with a quick-chase cartridge, it should be poured between the “cams”, gently turning the sleeve in the direction of the clockwise direction. If the design of the screwdriver has a key cartridge, then the bit is installed in a special jack and turn the key to full fixation in the direction of the clockwise direction. After the selected bit is installed, the device can be included in the network and proceed to direct operation.
  • To reduce or, on the contrary, increase the speed of rotation of the nozzle, you need to weaken or enhance the impact on the start button.
  • When the fastener is twisted, the restriction sensor will automatically work, and the device will stop working.
  • When unscrewing the screw, the bit must be placed in the slot, while pre-configure the rotation of the bits to work in the opposite direction.
  • If during operation it is necessary to remove or change the nozzle, you must first turn on the reverse mode. When the bit scrolled in the opposite direction, the ring holding it, holding it, and the nozzle is easily removed and changes to another.

How to choose?

Since the construction market today is represented by a huge selection of screws on screwdriver, novice masters it is difficult to make the right choice in favor of a particular product.

Therefore, going to buy, it is important to take into account the following points.

  • Material. Particular attention should be paid to the material from which the bit is made. Specialists recommend collecting tungsten, vanadium, molybdenum and chromium. Steel bits have many drawbacks, they quickly erase and do not provide high-quality work.

Excellent option are bits made from alloy multiple metals. In this case, the metal must be not only the working part, but also the elements of the attachment.

  • Purchase place. Such tools are preferably acquired in specialized stores, and not on the market. From this will depend on their quality and duration of operation. In addition, sellers must provide certificates for products and give a warranty period. If the nozzles are needed only at once, then you can buy cheaper options.
  • Protective covering. It is best to give preference to bits that have titanium spraying. They are the most persistent, durable and not inferior in terms of nozzles with nickel and diamond coating. Not bad also bits that have a protective layer made of tungsten. They are not afraid of corrosion and work much longer than those released without coating.
  • Trademark. Recently, you can find nozzles from various manufacturers. They differ not only by price, but also by technical specifications. Good reviews received bits of trademarks Slot, Torx and Pozidriv. They have high quality, durable and reliable in work. As for the price issue, these manufacturers produce nozzles of different costs.

How to properly use nozzles for a screwdriver, see the following video.

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