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Currently, in many areas of construction, wooden materials are used. All of them must pass special processing. There are a large number of different ways to carry out. Popular option is processing with a sandblasting machine. Today we will talk about its meaningful features, advantages and disadvantages.


Sandblasting wood treatment is more often used on an industrial scale. But at the same time This option can be perfectly suitable for cleaning simple residential buildings, to give a more attractive and fresh appearance, removal of old paint and varnish.

Such a procedure gives wood better resistance to biological corrosion. This processing is non-contact.

The sandblasting unit itself works autonomously on diesel fuel, it eliminates the use of electrical energy at home.

Technology processing

The procedure starts with careful cleaning of the tree from pollution, all foreign objects, fasteners are removed. It is also protected by roofing parts from abrasive mass.

The sandblasting equipment is then turned on, with its help the powerful sandy composition under high pressure is supplied. Grinding at the same time is contactless. This processing must be fully over the entire design so that in the end there were no darker ugly areas.

The design treated in this way is completely cleaned by the resulting wood dust and sandstone residues. Must apply high-quality primer. It should be applied to the foundation of a wooden cut immediately after this cleaning.

After that, protective formulations and varnishes are applied to the treated tree. It should also be covered with its antiseptic substances, to give a more decorative type, the design can be painted.

As a rule, the abrasive mixture is not processed by the end parts of the product. They are recommended to grind by hand.

All other parts can be processed without any restrictions.

Processing in this way can be different types – easy cleaning or soft blasting, medium, deep cleaning. The choice will depend on many factors, including from the age of lumber, the presence of mold on its surface, fungal sites.

Pros and cons

Sandblasting wood processing can boast many important advantages, among them the following separately.

  • High speed. It will be four times higher compared with standard grinding with a grinder. This method allows you to quickly process up to 100 square meters of wooden material. But it is worth noting that for old sawn timber it will take more time.

  • High quality level. Processing using sandblasting equipment allows you to achieve an ideal smooth surface, it will not even be small defects.

  • Allows processing in any places. This method will be the best option in cases where it is necessary to process hard-to-reach places, including angular connections, joints.

  • Allows you to give a greater density. In the process of such treatment, the material is consolidated significantly, because the sandblasting unit removes the soft upper layers of the breed. It provides better absorption of various protective impregnations, which extends the service life of wooden products.

  • Ability to process darkened damaged areas. Sandblasting machine allows you to remove rotten dark places on wood without prior whitening.

  • Allows you to make a brightest painting. If you paint the sawn timber after such treatment, then the design will be much more saturated, it will be able to hold longer.

  • The possibility of deep-winning. In this case, wood will acquire a beautiful relief, while the pronounced natural structure of the tree will be visible. Such a technology will give the material more expensive designer appearance.

  • Will be able to come in almost any types of wood. Treatment with a sandblasting unit can be carried out on the surface not only standard bars and boards, the method is also suitable for glued, rounded, profiled material, for imitation of a bar.

  • Allows you to remove old paint. This method makes it possible to get rid of old decorative coatings as easy and quickly. Manually get rid of old paint quite problematic. The device will be able to cope with this task in just one day.

  • Economy. The equipment will function on diesel fuel, the electricity is not consumed, which differs from a simple grinder, which requires a large amount of it.

This method of cleaning wooden surfaces has almost no deficiencies. But it can be noted that the cost of such treatment will be slightly higher compared to traditional grinding.

Application area

Cleaning with sandblasting equipment can be used for a variety of wood types. So, it is precisely this method that is often used to remove the upper soft layers of any wood to give it a more attractive appearance.

At the same time, the structure will not be damaged, irregularities and other defects will not be formed on the surface.

Also this procedure is used to update houses made from different sawn timber. It provides for further processing of wood with special protective compositions, which will mostly penetrate the structure as deeply as possible, which ensures better protection of the structure from possible mechanical damage, as well as from rotting and impacts of malicious insects, rodents.

The procedure is suitable for both bathrooms, log cabins. It can also be carried out on a rounded log. At the same time, the material itself will not be deformed even with a significant pressure.

Sometimes the processing of sandblasting apparatus is carried out in order to create a flash effect. It allows you to eliminate even the smallest defects on wooden materials. After this procedure, paint and protective transparent varnishes will fall on them.

Don’t forget that Such an effective method will allow to get rid of even the deepest splashes, as a result, the material will become much more fresh and clean. In addition, it will significantly extend the life of the structure, make it a more wear-resistant, the tree will become less susceptible to rotting.

How to choose sandblast?

Before proceeding with this processing of wood, you should pay special attention to some significant equipment selection nuances. Usually, For cleaning, a pressure powerful unit is used, which allows the supply of a stream of a large pressure.

When choosing, be sure to consider the volume of the chamber. It is indicated in liters. This value may be different, everything will depend on what area you need to process. For surfaces of significant sizes, preference should be given to more voluminous samples.

Also, attention should be paid to some consumables for sandblasting. Among them, it is possible to distinguish such components like oil packaging, oil, drive belts, filtering systems (fuel, air, oil).

Remember that similar cleansing procedures are better to entrust professionals with modern imported sandblasting equipment. It is not recommended to conduct them on their own.

Safety technique

When processing sandblasting, you must remember some important safety rules. So, Do not forget to pre-wear appropriate remedies, including special glasses, suit, gloves.

The head and respiratory authorities should also be protected, for this, uses a special sandblaster helmet. It will protect a person from the ingress of abrasive particles, dust. Under the helmet, air will be supplied, which passes pre-clean.

An important element is a filter for air purification. After all, the helmet will not be able to protect a person from dust and particles without it. It is better to select the highest quality and powerful elements.

In this video you will get acquainted with the most important moments of sandblasting of wooden surfaces.

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