All about RPG-67 respirators

Respirators are a lightweight design that protects the respiratory organs from harmful gases, dust and aerosols, as well as chemical organic and inorganic substances. The device has been widely used in manufacturing, machine-building and mining industry, it is used in medicine, military and in many other areas. Gas RPG-67 brand-67 brand respirators received the greatest distribution – in our review we will consider the description of this device and its technical and operational parameters.


RPG-67 respirators are used to protect the human respiratory system from poisoning substances in an atmosphere in a gas and vapor state in case their concentration does not exceed 10-15 PD. Draw attention to the fact that Maximum efficiency The respirator reaches in the event that the oxygen content in the air gas mixture is at least 17%, and the ambient temperature is in the range from -40 to +40 degrees.

If the initial conditions are different, then you should give preference to other models of respirators or even gas masks.

The time during which the respirator has a protective effect, averages 70 minutes – These data were obtained as a result of the test using cyclohexane C6H12 at the level of its concentration of 3.5 mg / dm3. The actual period of the protective action may vary from the specified parameter both to smaller and in the most side – this is directly dependent on the features of the operation and concentration of toxic substances.

RPG-67 respirator is a semi-one breathing apparatus, it comes on three sizes. The respirator is selected by fitting the half mask to face – the model is considered suitable for use every individual users if the obturator tightly comes into contact with soft fabrics of the face throughout the adjustment band, while the air penetration is completely excluded.

In accordance with the technical and operational parameters of the RPG-67 respirator with voluminous air flow rate at the level of 500 cm3 / s. (30 l / min.), breathing resistance to inhale does not exceed 90 pa, and in exhale does not exceed 60 pa. The respirator is distinguished by ergonomic design, the model is lightweight, so that even with long-term wearing device, the user does not feel discomfort. The half mask is tight, but at the same time gently adjacent to the head and does not injure the skin.

The facial part of RPG-67 is made of soft elastic hypoallergenic material, which repeatedly increases the comfort of using the half mask, and also retains the temperature as close as possible to the temperature of the human body. Thin elastic walls of the protective half mask make the front part of the maximum plastic and at the same time reliably adjacent to the minimum number of contacts of contact.

Ergonomic design causes compatibility with other individual means of protection – these are glasses, helmets, as well as helmet and many others.

Compact design does not limit the angle of view and provides a full overview. A pleasant bonus is ease of operation. All items are made of high quality materials, a large number of spare parts are provided, so that the protective semist can be used for a long time.

The manufacturer thought out the most practical design of the headband. The fixation system consists of a pair of plastic belts made of rubber. They regulate the headband in four areas, due to the elastic fixer, the most comfortable landing on the head is ensured. Modern belt design increases the reliability of the respirator fixation on the face, allows you to reset the remedy at any time, ensures it is quickly fitting and reduces the level of the belt pressure on the nose.

The thought-out system of fasteners allows you to pull RPG-67, without removing all other means of protection, including helmets. Special strength are fastened fasteners. Construction provides two filters. Filtering cartridges of protective masks can have a different composition of the absorbers, each of them is designed for operation in certain physicochemical conditions and taking into account the peculiarities of toxic impurities.

The operational period of respirators is 1 year with timely replacement of the filter. Storage period of spare filters – 3 years. On the territory of the Russian Federation, all respirators are manufactured in accordance with the current GOST R 12.4.195-99.

From which protects?

The RPG-67 brand respirator is a budget solution for effective protection of the respiratory system from the action of toxic gases and acid-alkaline vapor. It can be used where the performance of production tasks is associated with severe pollution of airspace, and not only particles of dust, but also toxic poisons in the form of steam or gas.

In particular, RPG is universally applied when performing:

  • paintwork;
  • broaching compositions;
  • using solvents of all types;
  • to quickly eliminate lubricant;
  • To compile decorative mixtures for paints and enamel;
  • Where there is evaporation of toxic organic solvents.

Operation of RPG-67 respirators is justified in closed rooms in the absence of forced ventilation. Besides, The device can be used in the open air, when harmful couples and gases due to their characteristics for a long time do not disappear. For example, in the heat when performing work on the heated surface of the street near the source of evaporation of any solvents, the concentration of harmful vapors can very quickly reach dangerous limits and even exceed them.

This can lead to employee poisoning – of course, it is unlikely to be fatal, but nevertheless causes human health damage.

Of course, if you wish, you can use the gas mask on the whole head or a mask to the whole face, however, in these cases, such radical solutions are redundant. The fact is that Evaporation of any solvent cause harm only if you get into the lungs. Thus, additional protection of organs of vision and skin does not make any sense. In addition, the RPG-67 brand respirator, unlike the gas mask, will not close the ears and limit the viewing angle.

We draw attention to the fact that when working in conditions of acidic vapors or gaseous anhydrides, not only the respirator should be used, but also add it to protective glasses. This is especially important if the concentration of vapors and harmful gases is high, since these toxic components often cause irritation and even damage to the eye cornea. Protection of organs of view will be needed and in contact with strong dust and bulk substances, as well as when using aerosol mixtures. That is why the use of RPG-67 is distributed in agriculture in cases where the processing of planting compositions based on phosphorodorganic compounds and ammonia insecticides is performed.

Types of filtering cartridges

The filter cartridges of the RPG-67 breathing apparatus are classified according to its purpose, depending on the chemical and toxic characteristics of hazardous impurities – They can be classified by the structure and structure of active absorbers.

Thus, the respiratory device A1 is used to protect against the following substances:

  • acetone;
  • kerosene;
  • benzene;
  • petrol;
  • aniline;
  • ether;
  • xylene;
  • toluene;
  • nitrate-containing joints of benzene;
  • Tetraethylswin;
  • alcohols;
  • Seroublerod;
  • phosphorus-containing yams;
  • Chlorine-containing yach.

Brand B is used when contacting acidic gases, they include:

  • hydrocyanic acid;
  • chlorine-containing yams;
  • phosphorus-containing yams;
  • hydrogen chloride;
  • phosgene;
  • hydrocyanic acid;
  • Sulfurian anhydride.

Mark D protects against mercury, as well as mercury-based ethylmerchloride-based chemicals. The KD brand is provided for the use of a respirator in environments with an increased concentration:

  • ammonia;
  • amines;
  • Serovodorod.

All the above shift filters can be used strictly to protect against hazardous compounds in the form of vapors and gases, the anti-aerosol filter in this embodiment is not provided. That’s why Wearing RPG-67 to protect against dust particles, especially small, as well as the smoke does not make any sense – the overwhelming majority of such particles everywhere passes between the absorbent granules.

Pay attention to the fact that the RPG-67 respirator has analogue – model RU-60M.

These models differ from each other exclusively by the type of cartridges – RPGs are rather flat shape, and the ru – high. This exceptionally external difference leads to the fact that it is a bit more difficult to breathe through the RPG respirator. However, both in that and in another case, both gas trashing devices are completely identical – acquiring one model of the respirator, you can safely use in operation cartridges from another.

Review of the RPG-67 respirator and some other models you can view in the following video.

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