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In this article, everything is written in general terms to know about round hand. The wooden profile, aluminum and steel profiles are described, is given to understand what the products are distinguished by 10 mm and 20 mm, 50 mm and 70 mm. And also analyzed the scope of application of such products, the features of its creation from beech, oak, pine and another tree.


Round Mounting – These are various products having a cylindrical profile. They are very widely used for various construction work (but about it later). The feature of the form allows you to mostly use the seating holes and guarantee the density of the adjoining. In favor of round migratory products indicate:

  • decorative;

  • simplicity processing;

  • application of only frequent moisture varieties or very stable alloys;

  • Ease of use in various cases.


It is customary to divide the wooden stripper on carved or planed species. Planed products have a great additional variety of options. As for carved structures, everything is clear here: this is a plank from a tree, in which certain patterns are formed in production. The technology of obtaining a variety of patterned drawings has been worked out. Specific types of products are different.

So, The platband is made from a plank tree, used as the framing of opening and door frames. Such products are prepared only on the basis of high-quality wood. It is processed in strict accordance with the established technical requirements and standards. There are platbands with the most different colors and textured solutions.

And also to the route include a quiller of various sections, which helps to cover the gaps separating the ceiling from the walls, or produce furniture; Only the most durable tree.

In addition, it is necessary to understand that the galler rather has not a purely round, but a rounded shape. And also it is worth mentioning both rails that are often taken for furniture production, for finishing works. Raw materials are selected so that there are no visual defects. Regardless of the specific product, the handling can be made on the basis of a solid array or glued wood. The first option is more reliable, but it is more expensive; With the skillful work of the performers and the careful selection of raw materials, aesthetic quality will not differ.

More often everyone is trying to make lumber from solid and moderately solid wood varieties, such as:

  • oak;

  • beech;

  • spruce;

  • larch;

  • cedar;

  • Pine.

In any case, try to harvest wood in the fall and winter to minimize moisture content. Many consumers willingly buy a row from linden. It is used for baths, kitchens and bathrooms. Small thermal conductivity of lime wood allows not fear of burning even in the distance. From the linden does not comply with resin, and it is not bad to carry strong moisturizing, being undemanding to care.

But still in the overwhelming majority of cases use a pine hand. In his favor, testify:

  • excellent consumer parameters;

  • resistance to grinding changes;

  • Long service life (additionally increasing by special impregnation).

Extremely distribution already also gets a fascinating type of jogging. Its advantage – there will be no bitch on the surface, pockets with resin and darkened plots.

Similar blocks are often taken to form bugs. Designs can be painted in various tones or have a natural look – then in the description indicates that they are intended for painting. A separate conversation deserves birch.

Timber from this tree:

  • Different with softness;

  • almost not split;

  • exhibit an average bending strength;

  • have an attractive yellowish color;

  • easily processed;

  • do not pose a danger in terms of allergic reactions;

  • moisture fear;

  • He is poorly overstated and not too well profiled;

  • can cost relatively expensive.

Metal molding should not be discounted either. So, simply used aluminum platbands and boxes for interroom doors. However, if you use a high-quality steel alloy, then you can equip the entrance group – it will not cause any problems with reliability and stability. Hacking protection will also be at a high level. The life of the metal is also higher than that of the best tree, and its strength makes it possible to exclude the seating even with a powerful load.

It is worth noting that the metal stripper manifests itself well and on the doors of “wet” rooms. There, wood and MDF are relatively degraded relatively, but stainless steel or aluminum from such a problem is reliably protected.

In the rules of leading manufacturers there is a metal stripper as folded and having a sleek end. Developed production of products for doors of standard and non-standard dimensions.

Returning to wooden models, it is worth emphasizing that Some of them can be performed with a groove.

On completion it is worth telling about a plastic stripper. Its use is due to the fact that PVC is cheaper than any natural materials. It is only necessary to take into account the boundaries of the applicability of various materials for specific premises. Plastic is more resistant to moisture than a tree, and even one can say, absolutely not fear of her. However, PVC is unsuitable for a bath or sauna.

In the outer finish, absolutely special polymers are used, not those for designing the premises from the inside. Soundproofing in plastic is better than the tree. But still both material do not provide sufficient acoustic protection, require additional interlayers and linings. But the polymers are significantly easier. If the conditions allow you to ignore their weaknesses, the choice is completely obvious.


The widest distribution received a round molding of KP-40, and, as it is not difficult to guess, its diameter is 40 mm. And also the width can be equal to:

  • 20 mm;

  • 10 mm;

  • 38 mm;

  • 50 mm;

  • 70 mm.

Product length is usually 2200 mm. And also meet options on:

  • 2400;

  • 1000;

  • 2500 mm.

Scope of application

Round browning in demand:

  • when designing facades of houses;

  • for internal facing of buildings;

  • in the manufacture of furniture;

  • to get eco-friendly toys;

  • with the arrangement of areas of recreation and natural corners, sites near the house;

  • for carpentry layouts;

  • When preparing a different kind of joinery.

Round handing use when they create the crowns of log and brushes houses. In this case, its role – prevention of twisting of the main construction elements of the building. With the help of managing products as well:

  • draw up niches and paintings;

  • decorate inter-storey stairs and platforms;

  • Mask various irregularities and other deviations from perfect geometry;

  • perform other screen work;

  • Decor doors;

  • Cabinets and bedside tables, beds and other types of furniture.

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