All about metal nachets

Metal nachchels are used in construction and repair in order to hide different slots, seams, joint joints. The main feature is decorative, but also they serve to strengthen the design, for example, windows or doors. Most often, the material is used with the external decoration of the building, but sometimes with internal.


Nachchelniks are a metal profile of various sizes, however, there are preliminary strips and from other materials, but metal – the most durable. They can be of different sizes (lengths and widths), with the wider plank, the higher it will be. Most often, the nicknames are made of steel and galvanized metal. Some models are coated from polyester – this is done in order to protect the surface from damage and give it a more aesthetic species.

In most cases, metal strips are applied when the building. Of course, to mask the joints, you can use putty and other similar materials, but the installation of naschelniks is much simpler, so many are inclined to this option. They allow you to hide ugly joints of the material, as well as traces of the mounting foam in the slots and openings, since with time the material will collapse from the weather phenomena. In the case of installing metal coat planks on this problem, you can forget.

It happens that they are used in the interior of the building. Moreover, now on the construction market you can find decorative products that will not only strengthen the design, but also perfectly fit into the interior of the house, apartments or office.


For the manufacture of metallic nicknames, tin with polymer coating, aluminum and aluminum alloys, steel and galvanized sheets of metal are most commonly used. Steel products will be most reliable, they are not terrible temperature differences, mechanical damage and any other effects. Polyester coated preliminary slats are presented in a wide range of colors, due to which you can choose a shade that is suitable in each case. The thickness of such nicknames, as a rule, ranges from 0.5 to 2 millimeters. And the preliminary planks are often made of polymeric materials and even a tree, but such products are suitable only for the interior of the room, as they are short-lived and can easily deform and lose their properties under the action of unfavorable weather conditions.

For exterior decoration, it is most appropriate to use metal parts. Metal nachchels can be angular or P-shaped, which makes it easy to fix them on any design as a part of the framing. Among the main types of metal coat planks, you can select the ostel on the joint, on the outer and inner angles, as well as on the base and parapet. This is the window of the window, as well as the upper and side slope.

When they are installed, it is desirable to use a sealant, which will achieve maximum strength.

Scope of application

Nicknames can be applied in a variety of spheres. One of the most common – installation of plastic windows. Metal nicknames and slopes help hide the slots between the window and the wall, as well as disguise the traces of the mounting foam and strengthen the design.

No less freaks are used for doors and gates. Installation of nicknames allows you to give the door to the door to a more finished and neat look. Pointers can also be used for the floor to hide the joints between the floor covering and the wall. Apply them in the construction of structures from sandwich panels, as well as for siding when wearing buildings.

In all these cases, the use of nicknames is not only a decorative function, but also allows you to strengthen the design, make it more reliable and sustainable. During construction from sandwich panels, metallic is help to protect material from negative environmental impacts – dust, moisture, temperature drops. Outstanders in this case are used not only at the joints of the material, but also on the eaves, on the connecting places with the basement, on window and doorways.

In addition to the above, metal officials can be used when building various decorative structures, for example, when installing stained glass windows.

Selection criteria

As already mentioned, Nicknames can be of different sizes. Therefore, before buying the necessary material, you need to accurately measure the area on which they are planned to install, and also calculate how the length and width of the preliminary slats will be required for it. It is worth considering the fact that the nicknik must be somewhat wider than the joint so that not only to overlap it, but also to go a little on the surface of the wall, doors and any other. The selected product must respond not only to aesthetic function, but also to protect the design from negative external influences.

Colour Nashchelniks must coincide with the color of the door, wall or window frame (depending on where the plank will be attached) or to harmonize with the surrounding space. In addition to color, it is important to pay attention to the texture and design – they should also be harmonized with other elements of the design. Among the materials it is worth a preference to steel or galvanized metal – such nicknames are more reliable and durable, but also need to be repelled from what purpose details are selected for what purposes.

Metal officials do not rust, give construction finishes and aesthetic appearance. In addition, you can find products of any species and sizes for a variety of purposes. And if you wish, you can make metal nicknames to order.

IMPORTANT: You can purchase officials only in specialized certified stores, choosing proven manufacturers. Otherwise a great chance to get a low-quality product that will have a short life.

Installation of slats is carried out using self-tapping screws with presss, if desired, it can be easily carried out independently.

All about metal naschelches, look in the video below.

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