All about measuring tapes

    Most often, the uninitiated people believe that the measuring device (roulette) is an uncomplicated tool for measuring length. However, there are a number of nuances that should be considered by choosing the tool in operation. For those people who are related to isomeries of various facilities, a good tape measure is a very important thing.

    Characteristics and destination

    Without measuring roulette, it is impossible to do in areas such as construction, agrarian work, equipment installation, measurements for sewing and so on. Roulette is a simple device, but it is difficult to diminish its value. It is used everywhere and done in accordance with strict gostamas. You can meet the roulette with the retainer, both in the pocket of the overalls of the Proba, and the head of the geodesic artel. Wherever it is necessary to measure length, width or height, roulette is vital.

    There are several types of roulettes, each of which has its own characteristics and characteristics. The simplest one is arranged as follows:

    • The canvas, with which the measurement takes place is a narrow strip with a scale and a digit;
    • The plastic housing in which the canvas is automatically removed;
    • Metal or PVC “Tap”, which allows you to fix the tip.

    The last device must be functionally, it allows you to work even on weight using the device with one hand. There are also a tape measure with two hysteries, sometimes they are extremely necessary when you have to measure, for example, metal farms during the construction of the foundry shop. The fixing device is attached on the roulette itself, which makes it possible to fix the cloth in the desired position. The design consists of a dynamic slider that fixes the canvas. In some modifications on the device there is a hitchfor. Spring is one of the main elements that ensures comfortable operation of the device. Thanks to the spring, the canvas can automatically turn.

    Standard roulette parameters (by body) look like this:

    • Length – 57 mm;
    • width – 14 mm;
    • Height – 59 mm.

    The standard weight of the usual product varies in the range of 140-145 grams.

    On corporate roulettes are indicated, as a rule, the size of the hull, which makes it possible to apply the tool in the most narrow spaces, without bending the canvas.

    Measuring belt

    The roulette case is created most often from PVC. Modern plastic is a very durable material. It can withstand large shock loads, has a high viscosity and strength ratio. The kel can be the most different – black, bright orange, red.

    Bright colors allow you to find a thing quickly, it is immediately visible in the toolbox.

    Polycarbonate showed itself as material for the case. It is particularly well opposed to mechanical impulses. Often the roulette housing “is trimmed” by damper rubber, which allows the hand not to slide while working. It is worth noting that roulettes for geodesic works have a length of tape more than 20 meters, while the error is allowed not more than 0.001 mm per 1 centimeter. At the roulette, such additional elements are often attached as:

    • lighting device;
    • locking belt;
    • clothespin for wearing on the belt.

    The main technical characteristics of the tool include the following:

    • The size of the canvas;
    • The material from which the measuring device is made;
    • “Step” scale;
    • sizes of the roulette case;
    • permissible accuracy;
    • type of locking device;
    • As the device is fixed.

    A gradation is applied to the measuring canvas, on which metric and English systems are often present. The tape is often fixed using a dynamic element, and it can also be a special button that is called a pause. In many models there is a special hole that makes it possible to securely fix the end if there is a self-tapping screw or nail on the plane. It is especially convenient to work in conditions when large areas should be measured in a short time. And the hole is necessary when with the help of a roulette should draw a circle. For the prepared person, make such an operation easier than a simple.

    It is recommended to remember that a dynamic charge after some time of operation begins to “peel” or simply cleaned. Thus, the error is laid. To extend the service life, do not close the device with a strong click. If a very cheap tape measure is used, then all calculations and measurements are performed only by one measuring instrument. Thus, the option of excessive error is eliminated.


    The length of the roulette may be as follows:

    • 2 m;
    • 3m;
    • 5 m;
    • 8 m;
    • 10 m;
    • 15 m;
    • 20 m;
    • 25 m;
    • 30 m;
    • 50 m;
    • 100 meters.


    Most often on the first 15 centimeters of roulette There are output such as:

    • material;
    • length;
    • accuracy class.

    As well as such information may repeat. Some ribbons contain marking on both sides, which is necessary when the diameter should be quickly determined, for example, pipes. To do this, you need to wrap the web around the part, multiply by the PI (3,1456) and calculate the diameter.

    Types and their features

    The cloth of a construction roulette made of metal has a swollen shape in the diameter (sometimes in the form of an arc). Such a layout allows the canvas to be tough, the risk of breaking is noticeably reduced. The stiffness coefficient of such a design directly depends on the material from which it is made. The ribbon itself is most often made from materials such as:

    • PVC;
    • flax with polymer additives;
    • Metal (“Stainless steel”).

    For a professional tool, the quality of the web is crucial. The width of the tape and the coefficient of its convexity is also important. Now the magnetic fiberglass roulettes, which are stitched additionally cord. In essence, Fiberglass and fiberglass – this is the same.

    Sometimes fabric roulettes are needed, where you need to measure “broken” at large corners of space.

    Tool with verification made of fiberglass, is beneficial to highlight its strength and durability. There is no temperature drops, nor high humidity. A good fabric of polyfiber, because it is flexible and not afraid of high loads. The canvas from the “stainless steel” is not subject to corrosion and can serve for a long time. Nylon materials are often used in Asian countries. They are distinguished by resistance to moisture and high temperature. The most durable roulettes are instruments covered with a special polyamide-based material.

    Still produced high carbon steel tapes. They are typically painted with resistant polyamide or acrylic material. The lack of products is that in the semi-axle room in the evening, figures and divisions are not quite well different. They are usually applied to the canvas using etching technology. Often, such a tape is covered with enamel, which is protected from abrasion using a transparent coating.

    If we talk about the purpose of this measuring equipment, there is also hard gradation here.

    • Construction roulettes Made in a solid PVC case, which is covered with rubber. Be sure to feel the metal magnetic or mechanical “tap” at the end. Such a roulette is applied to a variety of objects, including at home. It has a springing mechanism that allows you to twist the canvas. The more expensive the roulette, the more reliable and the durable of such a node, because it presents better elements.
    • Roulette geodesic (including open type, it is also called “a land”) is also often used. Ribbon is made of polymeric material. It has a powerful mechanism that rolls the cloth, and a reliable lock “Tap”.
    • Laser roulette appeared on the market relatively recently. It is compact, has a liquid crystal display. Such a tool is expensive, but is distinguished by filigree accuracy. It can be used on open rectilinear sites. The principle of operation of this device is based on the phase method of counting the distance to the subject, which reflects the laser pulse.
    • Roulette with electronic chip. It looks almost identical, but has a miniature screen on the case, which accurately defines the length of the canvas.
    • Magnetic roulette Enjoy great popularity. Her hook is equipped with magnets.
    • Roulette in the form of a key fob Differs in miniature parameters (about 3.5×3.5 cm and even less). Length of the canvas – no more than two meters.

    Important! On all roulettes, in addition to metric marking, you can detect an inch scale.

    Roulette has various additional gadgets that help in work. It is often necessary to illuminate when working in dark rooms, we often encounter roulettes with LED elements. Oblest is also a node with a hitchhiking, which works when you click on a special button. It makes it possible to securely block the ribbon while working. If automatic mode needs to collect the cloth, then you should also click on the button. Roulettes that have fixing elements are functional in operation.

    There are also models that have an additional locking element. It is located on the sidewall of the roulette. Often, during measuring work, it is necessary to measure the metal (farm, chapeller, corners). In such cases, the roulette, which is equipped with magnets, is extremely useful. It fulfills the role of clamps that “stick” to the metal. Roulettes where the LCD screen is present is very helpful in the work.

    Such devices are distinguished by exceptional accuracy. They are often useful to illumination.

    Rating the best models

    Many famous companies produce roulettes highly class. Despite the external simplicity, such a measuring device should be made according to strict rules and standards. The materials that are used are also important. A significant role is playing the ratio of price and quality. It is worth considering the ranking of the best models

    Gross Ergonomisch 31105 (Germany)

    This roulette is very functional. Its name is true. Everything is connoissed and functionally at the level of the ideal. Roulette organically “falls” in hand and is its continuation. Plastic soft and at the same time very durable. The lock has an ergonomic configuration.

    The tape has a rubber “tail”, which can be fixed with ease. And there are magnetic “knobs”, which are sometimes extremely necessary when you have to work with steel structures. This model has the following advantages:

    • compactness;
    • functionality;
    • strength.

    Kraftool (England)

    This tool has a solid metal case, which can withstand large mechanical load. The tape is covered with an innovative material “Malar”. Roulette is characterized by functionality and reliability, attached with a reliable retainer. TTH roulettes are as follows:

    • width 12.5 mm;
    • Length – 3 and 5 m;
    • The cost is no more than 1000 rubles.

    “Bison” (Russia)

    Roulettes from the company “ZUBR” very well suited for work by professional builders. It has good indicators for the accuracy of measurements and strength. Made from high strength steel. There is a fixing function, characterized by extreme reliability. In hand, the tool “sits” organic. Width of the canvas – 25.2 mm. The price may not be more expensive than 600 rubles.

    Master Tool (USA)

    The body of the tool can be made of chromed metal, as well as from high strength plastic. It has a functional form and rubber tabs. The ribbon has a durable crochet that allows you to accurately measure any surfaces. There is a durable strap with a retainer, which allows you to wear a device on the belt. TTH roulettes are as follows:

    • width – 14 mm;
    • Length – 5 meters;
    • It is not more expensive than 500 rubles.

    Stayer (USA)

    The body of the product is made of PVC with winning additives. There are fixators (3 pieces). The tape is covered by a particularly strong layer, which is able to withstand large mechanical loads. TTX are presented as follows:

    • width – 27 mm;
    • Length – 5 m;
    • worth not more than 450 rubles.

    Stanley Fatmax Xtreme (USA)

    Roulette withstands significant mechanical loads. The case is made of durable steel coated with chrome. On the sides there are rubber inserts. Especially convenient “hook”, which fixes the ribbon when it needs to be able to wind. The coating of the material is made by the Special Innovative Makeup “Majlar”. Parameters are as follows:

    • width – 35 mm;
    • Length – 15 m;
    • It is not more expensive than 3000 rubles.

    How to choose?

    Choosing a construction roulette, it is important to understand the accuracy of the markup, as well as how long and functionally the canvas itself. The main factors that determine the choice of the measuring instrument are the following:

    • length;
    • Case strength;
    • fixation system;
    • Stiffness of the measuring tape.

    The ability to make accurate measurements using such a measuring device makes it possible to realize the level of error. This indicator is one of the most important. Than he is less, the better the roulette is considered. Ribbon can be extended by hand or using a special mechanism. The most common roulettes of 3-5 meters. The width of the canvas in such devices is 12.1 mm or twice as many.

    Important! The quality of the roulette is determined by the material from which the canvas and the case are made.

    The retainer hook can sometimes leave the mark if the work occurs with drywall. The metal chain element is necessary if it has to cling to the wire, reinforcement or a large nail hat. The hook itself is sometimes dynamic, which allows you to compensate for the execution of both external and internal measurements. For example, if the thickness of the lock is 2 mm, then the backlash will also have the same error – 2 mm. Hook, like the markup on the canvas, has its tolerances by the parameter of the thickness.

    User manual

    It is recommended to adhere The next instruction manual for tape measure:

    • Starting to apply a roulette, it is recommended to check for the presence of the “hook” at the end and make sure the lot strength;
    • Roulette is recommended to wipe with a dry cloth;
    • Measuring the product, it should be securely secured one end of the tape with the retainer;
    • It must be borne in mind that at negative temperatures, as at high positive temperatures, the expansion coefficient changes significantly;
    • After the work is completed, the roulette is required to examine, thoroughly wipe the x / b to the cloth;
    • Store the product is far from the heating devices.

    How to choose a measuring roulette, look in the video below.

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