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Gaikovert – an indispensable assistant in solving many household problems. Among all sought-after manufacturers of tools, the products of the Japanese brand Makita occupies a special place.

general description

Makita has become a symbol of high-quality and reliable equipment used to solve construction tasks and not only. The manufacturer carefully develops each proposed model and tries to bring it to perfection.

18 volts of this manufacturer are distinguished not only with reliability, but also ergonomics, as well as available cost. The design uses the highest quality items. This is a highly efficient technique with rich functionality. There are on sale both domestic, low-power tools and professional equipment.


Wheels in wrappings operating autonomously from the battery, and network, that is, using electricity from the network.

Network devices

Electrical wrench run from the standard network, for this, the long wire is provided in their design. If it is missing, it is possible to connect the extension.

This tool from Makita can be:

  • shock;
  • Unstable.

At the shock wrench there is a distinctive feature – a higher torque. Its main scope of application is the execution of tasks where the maximum power rotation power is necessary. Such models are perfectly coping with large fasteners. They are equipped with a reverse, by which you can unscrew even a rusted nut.

Unstressed wrench is used in the sizes of the element from M10 to M16, where the numbers mean diameter in millimeters.

Rechargeable tools

In contrast to the electric such tool, as a rule, less on the dimensions and absolutely independent of the network. It is best to use it where there is no possibility to connect to the current source. This tool has both its advantages and disadvantages.

Autonomy – the main thing is why the battery operating on the battery is valued. The productivity of the unit depends on the model and type of battery. More expensive copies are available on sale with the ability to change the battery directly at the place of work, which allows the tool to maximize.

If they affect the performance of the battery wrench, then the torque they have much less than that of electric, so they are lagging behind the tightening. Due to the battery, the weight of such a design is more, therefore it is inconvenient to work at a height where you have to use one hand.

Such a tool is also shock and unstable. In the design of the drums, special hammers are provided, which are necessary to increase the torque to a permissible maximum. The wrench of this type is extremely necessary when working with forged nuts, which are supposed to the surface and are not unscrewed. Unstressed use where care is needed.

If you have to work in a hard-to-reach place, the specialized corner models Makita are used. This unit is distinguished by a special design and a narrow sphere of use.

Any of battery wrench is used where mobility is primarily appreciated, and the presence of additional wires is unacceptable.

Best models

The Japanese manufacturer launches in the market wickers with a large operational period and decent performance. Among the large range of models, you want to allocate several, which are more than others worthy of user attention.

On the battery

Makita TD110DWAE

Ideal for small in diameter of nuts size from M5 to M12. Its design provides a shortened body, due to which the best access to small grooves and even holes that are hidden.

The manufacturer has installed a hexagon-shaped head on the instrument, which made it possible to significantly expand the sphere of use of the wrench. If there is an appropriate bits, it can be used as a screwdriver.

Of the advantages of the model it is worth highlighting the presence of a rubber lining, the presence of reversal and the ability to adjust the speed. Included immediately comes with an additional battery. There is also a clip for hanging on the user belt. Of the technical characteristics: Construction weight 1.2 kg, rotation speed of the shaft 2600 rpm.

Of the minuses – the cost, since this unit costs 9,600 rubles, and a small capacity of the battery, only 2 a * h.

Makita DTW1001RTJ

Great for unscrewing nuts in difficult places where there is no way to connect to the source of electricity. Torque power is 1050 nm, and this is despite the fact that the unit works from the battery, the capacity of which is 5 a * h.

Tool for a long time can work without charging, in the design brushless engine, which allowed the manufacturer to save on consumables.

Of the advantages of the model, not only durability, but also the presence of backlight, and the ability to adjust the rates of the shaft. On the described shock wrench, you can choose the number of shocks, for this there are three modes. Design length of only 22.9 centimeters, and in the kit the unit comes with charging and an additional battery.

As in the last case, the minus of the nailer can be called its high cost. Such a professional tool costs 41 thousand rubles.


From the models that work from the network, it is necessary to allocate several.

Makita TW 0350 – It is one of the most sought-after models from the consumer, because it has a thoughtful body that correctly distributes the weight of the product. Due to this, it is possible to hold the wrench easily with one hand, despite the fact that the weight of the structure 2.9 kg.

The kit includes a tracing head with a size of M24, which is often used in working with a wrench. The casing of the gearbox and it itself is made entirely of metal, on the front there is a rubberized tab.

Of the advantages – ease of use, the ability to quickly shift the brushes, the presence of a limiter on the handle.

A square shaft is used on the nozzle, which, in turn, does not give snap to fall out during operation. There is air cooling, it allows the tool for a long time to work without overheating. Number of blows per minute 2000, body size in length 28.3 cm.

Of the disadvantages – a limited range of the permeal head, since only the sizes from M12 to M24 can be used.

Makita 6906 – Perfect version for screlars and corners. The unit has an increased power, which is 850 W. This indicator is almost twice as high as other models show.

Extra handle is included, it can be put on any side of the body, which complements the convenience of the user during the operation of the wrench. On the back of the case there are additional holes, through them the change of brushes is carried out in a minute.

Of the advantages of the presented model – all-metal case and rubber cone on the front part, which does not allow the tool to hit the surface. Per minute Highkovit makes 1700 revolutions. The wire has double insulation that protects against cliff or cut.

Of the disadvantages – a short life of the brushes, only six months, and the impressive price of 33,000 rubles. In addition, the design is much weighs – 5 kg.

Makita TW0350 wrench overview.

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