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Creating a furrow in the walls is a difficult process, because of what most builders use strokesons. This tool allows you to perform work fairly quickly and without special difficulties. One of the manufacturers of this technique is Makita.


Before the immediate overview of this technique, it is important to mention the features of Makita borozdowels.

  • Professional quality. Pretty high price for these aggregates is primarily due to the total high level of quality. Equipment, convenience of operation, versatility – all this allows you to call the strokeshes of this manufacturer suitable for any spectrum of work starting from simple tasks, ending with full-scale construction. It is worth noting that all Makita products are very famous in the tool market, so consumers know how high the quality of this technique.
  • Safety. The design is created according to the scheme of the labyrinth seal, so that the engine and individual parts are fully protected from extraneous garbage, which can be clogged into the gaps. In addition, there is a special aluminum casing. It allows you to reduce the risk of danger in improper work with the tool, as well as partially protect the employee from dust and construction trash.
  • Manufacturability. When creating high-quality strokesov, Makita is used, which is expressed in the presence of a solid body made of magnesium alloy. It is impossible not to say about the availability of functions that simplify the use of borozdowels. Among them, it is possible to note the system of smooth start and electronic systems that regulate the speed of revolutions and allow them to reduce them directly under load during the workflow.
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Review models

Makita 4112hs – Big and powerful borozdowel, equipped with everything necessary for high-quality performance. To improve the convenience there is a special handle and a dust removal system to protect the employee from inhaling construction trash. For inexperienced users, the Super Joint System feature is built-in, which provides a smooth first launch without any jerks.

Engine power by 2.4 kW grabs cutting holes in solid materials such as brick and concrete. The main work is performed by a single working disk with a diameter of 305 mm. Maximum cut depth of 100 mm, and it can be adjusted using a lever. Cable length is 2.5 meters, planting diameter 25.4 mm. The spindle rotation frequency can reach up to 5000 rpm.

The equipment contains a caides for carrying, protective casing, handle and wrench. Weight 10.3 kg, which is a considerable indicator regarding strokesov.

Makita 4114hs – model that is a modification of its predecessor. The main differences can be called a change in technical specifications. Power remained the same, and the diameter of the disk increased to 355 mm. This, in turn, led to a change in the frequency of rotation of the spindle. Now it is 3500 rpm. Thus, focus on a large device performance.

Maximum cut depth 125 mm, planting diameter 25.4 mm. Available safety system in the form of metal casing and comfortable handle make this model easy to use. Additionally, it is possible to adjust the depth of the cut and the functions of a smooth start. Weight 10.3 kg, in the package only packaging, which is a disadvantage in comparison with the previous model.

Makita SG-1251J – Very comfortable and small strokesis, which best copes with the creation of a furrow when laying a pipeline or cables. There is a nozzle to which the vacuum cleaner can be connected to clean the workplace from dust and garbage. In contrast to the HS models, this unit is equipped with two working disks, the diameter of each of which is 125 mm.

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The length of the cable is 5 meters, the width of the generated groove in the range from 6 to 30 mm, the landing diameter is 22.2 mm. Among the functions, you can note the presence of a smooth start system and the ability to maintain constant revolutions under load. A distinctive feature is the high frequency of spindle rotation, which is 10,000 rpm.

The weight is only 4.5 kg, the package contains 2 diamond disks and the sistener for carrying and storing the gorozdel.

In general, this model can be called the most relevant to perform a large number of works, but small volume. It contributes to high speed, low weight and additional handle, improving convenience.

Makita SG 150 – balanced unit that combines simplicity, efficiency, speed and reliability. The engine power is 1800 W and 2 working disk with a diameter of 150 mm in diameter allow you to create furrows in the walls for laying pipes and electrical wiring. Maximum reserve depth 45 mm, groove width from 7 to 35 mm. Landing diameter 22.2 mm, spindle speed can reach 7800 rpm.

The weight is 5.6 kg, the package includes a wrench and intermediate rings in the amount of 3 pieces. As for other interchangeable elements, for example, diamond disks, they will have to be bought separately.

Accessories and accessories

During the operation, you will come across that you will need to change the discs, install new intermediate rings, knit anything and adjust. For some models, the named elements are included in the package, but for some of them you need to buy separately. An important accessory is an industrial vacuum cleaner, the main purpose of which is cleaning the workplace.

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During the stroke, dust and construction garbage will be actively formed as a result of creating holes in the wall. Inhale all this is dangerous to the body of the employee, so it is important to have a vacuum cleaner that will not only make the surrounding territory cleaner, but also the user will secure.

Do not forget about the protective casing, which goes in the configuration with Makita gorozdlami. Its installation will also help to avoid cutting material remnants for work clothes.

Operating tips

Stroboresis is a tool with a battery type of work, so carefully make sure that no liquids fall into the inner part of the device, because it may entail failures in the operation of electronics, and subsequently make the unit faulty. Your tool must be connected to the appropriate power supply with a suitable voltage. The wire must be checked for defects before each working session.

Do not make any additional changes in the design, if this is not provided for by the instructions, for example, when installing the second handle. The workplace should be the most free from foreign objects and people, because they may suffer during the creation of furrows in the walls. Use special clothing and personal protective equipment, as they prevent inhalation of dust and its skin getting.

Before replacing a replaceable element, read the instructions and read the exact information regarding how to properly implement this process. Keep strokesis in a dry place with an average air temperature.

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