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Egger is one of the largest manufacturers of materials for construction, finishing and furniture production. Especially popular among consumers has such products of this brand, like LDSP (laminated wood chipboard). The manufactured panels have different colors, structure, sizes.

About manufacturer

Egger founded in 1961 in. Art. Johann (Country Manufacturer Austria). At that time, the manufacturer was engaged in the manufacture of chipboard (wood-chip). Today, its representative offices and production facilities are located in several countries, such as:

  • Austria;
  • Germany;
  • Russia;
  • Romania;
  • Poland and others.

EGGER construction products are known everywhere, and the goods of this brand are implemented not only in large cities, but also in small settlements.

Main feature of LDSP Austrian production – safety for health. All manufactured laminated panels have E1 emissions class. In the manufacture of the material, a small amount of formaldehyde is used – approximately 6.5 mg per 100 g. For Russian plates E1, the norm is 10 mg. In the production of Austrian production, chlorine-containing components are not used, which makes it more environmentally friendly. Egger laminated plates are manufactured in accordance with the quality standard EN 14322, adopted in Europe.

General characteristics

LDSP EGGER is made from standard wood-chipboard. With their manufacture uses up to 90% of coniferous wood flour. Raw materials possesses a small structure, there are no extraneous impurities, including small garbage, sand, bark of trees. Before production, it is carefully processed, dried, stirred with resins, hardener and enters the pressing equipment.

Plates of LDSP have a high density – 660 kg / m3 and more. Such indicators are achieved due to the maximum pressing of the feedstock. To improve the performance of performance and aesthetics of the material, the finished sheets of chipboard on both sides are covered with paper impregnated with melamine resins. In the process of pressing and temperature processing, it is converted into a solid protective shell.

Features of laminated chipboard EGGER:

  • the lack of unpleasant odor due to the low content of formaldehyde and the absence of chlorine;
  • Excellent moisture resistance, which is ensured by reliable and durable protective laminated coating;
  • Resistance to the effects of chemically aggressive compositions (to care for surfaces it is allowed to use any non-abrasive means);
  • increased resistance to mechanical abrasions, temperature effects;
  • Resistance to UV radiations;
  • Light weight (sheet thickness of 10 mm with dimensions 2800×2070 weighs 47 kg).

Egger produces moisture-resistant chipboard sheets 1 varieties. They have a perfectly smooth surface without chipping and other outwardly notable mechanical defects. Their surface is thoroughly polished, and the size corresponds to strictly established standards.

List sizes

All LDSP-panels manufactured by Austrian manufacturer have one format. Their size is 2800×2070 mm. They possess the same density, while the plates are produced with different thickness:

  • 8 mm;
  • 10 mm;
  • 16 mm;
  • 18 mm;
  • 22 mm;
  • 25 mm.

The density of all plates ranges from 660 to 670 kg / m3.

Flowers and texture palette

Choosing the LDSP panels, it is important to take into account not only their technical parameters, but also a color gamut, as well as texture. Egger offers more than 200 variations with different decor. Materials can be white, monophonic, color, “under the tree”, textural. The choice of monochrome products is pretty rich – this is “white premium”, gloss black, “green lime”, gray, “blue lagoon”, citrus and other colors. The range has more than 70 shades of color monophonic palettes. Panels can also be multi-colored. Photo printing machines are used to create them. The manufacturer offers more than 10 types of colored slabs.

There are textural panels for marble, skin, stone, textiles – just about 60 such options. The most popular of them:

  • “Concrete”;
  • “Black graphite”;
  • “Gray Stone”;
  • “Chicago light”;
  • “Cashmere Gray”;
  • “Len Beige”.

Materials with a facing imitating natural wood are considered the most popular. The Austrian manufacturer offers more than 100 species of such solutions, including:

  • Sonoma oak;
  • wenge;
  • “Oak Halifax Natural”;
  • “American Walnut”;
  • “Oak Bardolino”;
  • “Oak Halifax Tobacco” and others.

The surface is shiny, matte, semi-masted, fine-grained or textured.


LDSP panels from the Austrian manufacturer were widely used in construction and furniture industry. From this material, various furniture is made – individual elements of structures, facades and housings. In the furniture production, LDSP has been gained popularity due to their cheapness compared to natural rocks of wood, extensive color palette.

Plates are often used in the manufacture of headlights for the kitchen. Such furniture will last a long time subject to the rules of operation. Laminated wood chip panels are also used in production:

  • countertops and tables for the kitchen;
  • Kitchen chairs and stools;
  • Beds;
  • written tables;
  • cabinets;
  • dresser;
  • Frames of upholstered furniture.

Due to the minor content of formaldehydes, LDSP EGGER is allowed to be used in the manufacture of furnishing items for the arrangement of bedrooms and children’s rooms.

Austrian panels are used during construction and repair activities. They are used in the production of interroom partitions, various collapsible and unintended structures. They act as the basis for outdoor cladding, draft of draft floors. They are also used as wall panels. Due to good strength and low cost of plates used when creating trading structures, for example, bar racks.

Review reviews

About production LDSP brand Egger Buyers are mostly responding positive. Consumers appreciated the rich selection of colors, textures, panel sizes. They note the following benefits of the material:

  • ease of processing (the product is easily drilled, milling);
  • high strength, due to which the slab is able to withstand serious mechanical loads and at the same time not to deform;
  • ease of care;
  • health safety due to the minimum content of formaldehyde resins in the composition;
  • lack of sharp odors;
  • moisture resistance – during operation when exposed to moisture, the furniture does not swell;
  • Reliability and durability.

Real consumer feedback say that Egger plates are distinguished by high quality, but at the same time they are more expensive compared to similar products from other manufacturers. Expert opinions also take place. Builders and furniture collectors rated a good density of material, its lightweight processing, resistance to moisture, the practicality of laminated coating. They note that when the slabs pickled in most cases it is possible to avoid chips.

According to consumers, LDSP Egger – a decent alternative to natural wood. This material looks aesthetic, but it is several times cheaper.

In the next video you will see a review of the dressing room from LDSP EGGER “Woodline Cream”.

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