All about IP-4 gas masks

The gas mask is the necessary means of protection when it comes to a gas attack. It protects the respiratory tract from harmful gases and vapors. Knowing how to properly use the gas mask may be salvation in an emergency.


The gas mask “IP-4” is a regenerator of a closed chain, first made in the Soviet Union. It was commissioned for military personnel operating in media with low oxygen concentration. Began to produce in the mid-80s. It was released both in black and in gray rubber with a gray or light green bag. The lenses of insulating masks were fixed on the front panel with a metal ring.

The product features a voice transmitter, thanks to which you can communicate with other people. In the old version, this option was absent.

In the design, the RP-4 cartridge and a small air bubble for oxygen recycling are used. The carrier exhales, and the exhaled air passes through the “IP-4” cylinder, freeing the oxygen from the chemical elements. At this moment the air bubble is blown away and inflates. This occurs in a continuous cycle until the container is depleted.

Use time:

  • hard work – 30-40 minutes;
  • Easy work – 60-75 minutes;
  • Rest – 180 minutes.

The hose cover is made of heavy duty and chemically sustainable plastics.

Use the gas mask of the specified model at air temperature from -40 to +40 degrees.

Product weight – about 3 kg. The breathing bag has a capacity of 4.2 liters. The surface of the regenerative bag is heated to a temperature of 190 degrees. Up to 7.5 liters of oxygen stands out in the launch briquette in the decomposition process. The temperature of the inhaled air can not be more than 50 degrees.


The gas mask of the described model consists of several parts, each of which has its own characteristics.


As a helmet mask used “Schip-2B”. In its design there are elements such as:

  • frame;
  • Point node;
  • obturator;
  • Connecting tube.

The tube is very tightly connected to the helmet mask. At the other end, nipple is installed, with its help a connection with regenerative patron. The tube is placed in a case made of rubberized tissue material. Case longer tube. Thus, nipple is completely closed.

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Breathing bag

This element is made in the form of a rectangular parallelepiped. It provides for a penal and curly flange. Nipple is installed in the figure flange. Spring, delivered inside, protects against relocation. Excessive pressure valve is installed in the feed flange.

A bag

On the surface of the bag there are four buttons for fastening. Inside the product, the manufacturer provided a small pocket, where the box with NP is stacked.

Special fabric protects hands and user body from high temperature at the time of use of gas mask.


This part of the gas mask is made of duralumin. Upstairs you can see a small clamp for fastening. In its design there is a castle. Marking can be detected on the top frame. It is made in the form of a small writing on the plate.


Depending on the modification, the technical characteristics of the gas mask may differ.


The model “IP-4MR” can be used for 180 minutes, if the user is at rest. The larger the load and more often breathing, the less this indicator. The product has a Mia-1 mask, a rubberized breathing bag. The protective housing is made of aluminum.

This gas mask is supplied with a storage bag. The neck of the cartridge is tightly closed by a plug. There are insulating cuff. In addition, a passport is followed with a product, as well as detailed instructions for use.


In the design of the gas mask “IP-4MK” used “MIA-1”, the cartridge type “RP-7B”, a connecting tube and a breathing bag. For this model, the manufacturer thought out a special framework.

Completely supplied films, membranes, thanks to which can be accepted through gas masks, amplifying cuffs and storage bags can be supplied.


Together with the gas mask “IP-4M” there is a regenerative cartridge, in the design of which is:

  • Rear cover with filter installed on it;
  • grain product;
  • screw;
  • launcher briquette;
  • Check;
  • Rubber ampoule;
  • plug;
  • seal;
  • nest for nipple.

In some cases, a lever start-up device is used.

To start such a gas mask, you must first pull the check, and then pull the lever, which is fixed by the rod, so it does not return to the initial position.

With the “RP-7B” cartridge

The “RP-7B” cartridge provides the user with oxygen during the use of gas mask. Its principle of operation is simple: oxygen is distinguished from the chemical at the time of absorption of moisture and carbon dioxide that man exhales.

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On the housing of the product with the “RP-7B” cartridge, a regenerative product with a starting briquette is provided. At the time of destruction of the ampoule, sulfuric acid is poured, it is the reason for increasing the temperature of the case. Inside the cartridge is the required oxygen.

How to use?

Gas mask, also known as air purification respirator, filters chemical gases and air particles. Before use, you will need to make sure that there is a filter for the product, and the mask itself is tightly adjusted and its size corresponds to the face.

Be sure to keep the gas mask ready for a catastrophe. It is necessary to store such a product correctly, otherwise it can come into disrepair. Gas mask should fit tightly to face. That is why it is desirable that the hair and beard on the face are absent. Jewelry, hats take off. They can cause the absence of necessary sealing when using the product. The filter is installed in accordance with the existing manufacturer’s instructions.

It is possible to determine the level of exhaustion of the gas mask on the rectangular strip, which passes through the top of the canister. If it is white, then the product was not previously used. If painted in blue, then the gas masks were used.

To activate the product, you need to pull the pin from the screw plunger and turn the plunger clockwise, then insert the canister in the bag (connecting the air tubes) and finally put on the mask. Now you can begin to breathe. It must be remembered that the anti-skaz can be extremely hot during use due to occurring inside the chemical reaction. Therefore, the carrying bag has a good insulation from above. It allows you to protect from burn.

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Mask put on so that it fits tightly to the skin. If necessary, its position will be required to adjust. Gas mask protects against pollutants by filing chemicals in the atmosphere. Breathing is fine, like without a mask. Pollutants are removed from the air as it pass through the filter.

When the regenerative cartridge comes into disrepair, it can be replaced, without removing the gas mask, but it should be done only in an exceptional case.

The process is as follows:

  • First check the serviceability of the seals on the shift cartridge;
  • remove the lid of the bag and make the connecting tube;
  • disassemble the clamp;
  • Now you can remove the plugs and start checking the integrity of the gaskets;
  • Having done a deep breath, they delay their breath;
  • nipples on the tube and bag are disconnected at the same time;
  • doing exhalation;
  • At first, the tube is attached, then the cartridge, fastening the lock on the cottage;
  • Activate the starting device, make sure everything went as needed;
  • do inhale;
  • Waste bag.

Care and storage

Store gas mask is required exclusively in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. It is very important. It is best to store the device in a hermetic box, which, in turn, is placed in a cool, dry, dark place, for example, wardrobe. The filter will be required to check regularly, watch the expiration date. If the validity period has expired, the filter is disposed of in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Check the gas mask once a month to make sure that there are no cracks and other damage on the material. Experts are subject to and seals on the product. When signs of wear, the product is replaced by another.

It is important to remember that Store gas mask required in a safe, clean place to which quick access is provided. The product is sure to protect against dust and dirt. The purpose of using a gas mask is to protect the respiratory authorities. If it does not function properly, then threatens the user’s health.

The following is a detailed overview of the IP-4 gas mask.

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