All about intercol circular saws

Currently, the circular saw is an indispensable tool in everyday life, and during professional wood processing is the main equipment. Now there are a huge number of different disk saws from all manufacturers of power tools. Circular saws are divided into two main types – these are stationary disk saws mounted on a permanent bed, and manual models. In the article we will talk about portable hand tools. No matter how surprisingly, contrary to the general tendency to reduce power in the compactness of the device, circular saws are not subject to this – manual models are not inferior in power to their stationary brethren, except in the diameter of the cutting disk.

Today, our gaze will be addressed to the products of the company “Interskol”. This is a domestic manufacturer, the tools of which are characterized by excellent quality and affordable prices. Due to this, the company’s niche in the construction tool market is constantly increasing and replenished with new models.

Interskol disc electronics are represented by a wide model range near the large price range.

Disk saw production of the company “Interskol” is intended for longitudinal and transverse saws of wood, wood materials (plywood, chipboard, MDF, OSP), various composite materials, as well as plastic and some non-ferrous metals. For cutting non-ferrous metal (aluminum profile, for example), a special carbide disk is needed, which can be easily bought in a construction store.

Advantages and disadvantages

Initially, consider the advantages of manual circular saws of the company “Interskol”. Circular electroopers are an indispensable tool in the woodworking industry, construction, in the manufacture of furniture, the manufacture of windows and doors. Saws “Interskol” – an excellent domestic analogue of foreign models, they perfectly copble with the tasks set in front of them.

    Basic significant advantages over competitors:

    • Easy to operate;
    • Small weight drank;
    • Ergonomic design, which makes it easier to work with a saw and gives it good stability during operation;
    • Spindle lock, the possibility of a smooth start without overload on the power supply;
    • unpretentiousness in service, availability and interchangeability of components;
    • the ability to quickly shift disk canvas;
    • excellent pricing policy;
    • Wide model range.

    But you can also select the possibility of some models to connect the vacuum cleaner to remove sawdust and the presence of a wide range of additional accessories, such as rubber lining and an eccentric lever clamp that provides a very accurate adjustment of the length of the propyl. The range is always available a large selection of disk cauldron from high-quality supernovae all-powered alloys at excellent prices.

    The disadvantages of sawdust sawders can be attributed to the low efficiency of the sawdust cleaning system in propylene, noisy operation of the gearbox, the lower quality of rubber inserts on the handles than that of competitors.

    A wide range of intercol electric disk saws gives you the opportunity to choose and buying a tool for every taste and pocket from models for use in everyday life to professional instrument.

    Consider several popular models.

    At the beginning of the price segment there is a disk hand saw DP-140/800 models, pretty inexpensive, it is great for home use. Distinctive features of this model are all possible security systems provided for by regulatory documents, a rather powerful engine for this price niche, stability during long-term operation, high performance, convenient and high-strength reference platform for aluminum alloy, the simplest adjustment of the angle and depth of propyl. Included in a carbide disk cloth.

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      From important characteristics can be listed:

      • Engine power 800 W;
      • Spindle speed at idling 4500 rpm;
      • disk cloth size (max / min) 140/130 mm;
      • Limit depth of propyl (90?/ 45?) 45/30 mm.

        Of the disadvantages can be noted the absence:

        • smooth start;
        • revolutions adjustment;
        • protection against repeated start, overheating, jamming.

          This model has an excellent ergonomic design, quite acceptable weighing in 3.2 kg and power cord with 4 m long.

          The middle link of the model range can be called a disk saw model DP-190 / 1600m With a more powerful engine and increased spindle rotation frequency, as well as increased maximum disk cloth diameter.

            This model is already approximated to the professional segment of circular saw. From the distinctive characteristics of this model, high performance can be distinguished, the duration of operation without overheating due to the upgraded engine cooling system, the support platform from high-strength aluminum, the pad to the platform for installing a special tire, convenient adjustment of the inclination and the depth of the cut, an enlarged disk diameter to 210 mm, the ability to Connecting vacuum cleaner.

              Important passport characteristics:

              • Engine power 1600 W;
              • spindle speed up to 4800 rpm;
              • diameter of the disk cloth (max / min) 190/175 mm;
              • Maximum depth of propyl (90?/ 45?) 65/45 mm.

                The main advantages are increased power, the depth of the cut, the large variability of available disk canoes, the presence of a special line in the kit, the length of the cord 4 m.

                From the disadvantages you can allocate:

                • lack of smooth start and adjustment of engine speed;
                • lack of most protective functions;
                • Large weight 5.5 kg.

                  The tool comes with an extensive set of additional accessories, warranty for 24 months.

                  Flag of Model Row of Circular Pyl Production “Interskol” is a model DP-235 / 2050EM, This tool is fully focused on professional use.

                  The model is equipped with all the functions of a professional tool: the universality of use, the most powerful engine, allowing to ensure the stability of work at maximum loads for a long period, a reliable cooling system, minimized the possibility of falling out sawdust in the engine, the function of a smooth start to reduce the load on the power supply, wide-cast high-strength aluminum platform With the possibility of fast replacement, the ability to quickly connect vacuum cleaners, fast and easy access to brushes, convenient depth adjustment and corner.

                  This model has the following characteristics:

                  • Engine power 2000 W;
                  • Spindle speed 2200-4500 rpm;
                  • Maximum size of disk cloth 235 mm;
                  • Maximum depth of propyl (90?/ 45?) 85/60 mm.

                  From the main advantages of this model – the presence of a smooth start, the ability to adjust the engine speed, power cable length of at least 3 m, excellent ergonomic design, low level of vibration, availability of consumables.

                  From the disadvantages you can select the lack of protection against re-inclusion, jamming, overheating, there is no starting current limit, not provided for mounting to the table, high weight – 6.93 kg.

                  Last model from submitted by the company “Interskol” – immersion circular saw PP-165 / 1300EM.

                  Submersible saws are a highly specialized modification of disk saws for the implementation of the injected in the center of the material, allowing you to do as a cross-cutting and deep-cutting, this feature distinguishes submersible saws from ordinary circular. Fully professional tool required only in the production workshops on wood processing, therefore it is not distinguished by too much variety.

                  This model is equipped with an efficient engine to ensure uninterrupted operation and a good cooling system, a smooth start system that reduces the load on the engine, and convenient revolutions to maintain the required power when processing difficult materials. Comfortable and ergonomic design provides comfortable grip when working and reduces the vibrations transmitted to the operator. This model features a wide range of disk canvases used in work with almost any material. And also this model is equipped with a special sole, which is adapted to the change in the tire mounting angle for the processing of uneven surfaces and jewelry accuracy of the marbles. To resize and depth, it is possible to separately order various tires.

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                  Specifications of models:

                  • Engine power 1300 W;
                  • Spindle speed 2000-5000 rpm;
                  • Depth cut (90?/ 45?) 55/38 mm;
                  • Electronic engine protection.

                  Of the advantages of this model, its relatively low weight can also be distinguished – 4.5 kg, power cable length 4 m, all types of protection, including electronic protection of the engine, protection against jamming, possibility of connecting a vacuum cleaner.

                  Parts and Accessories

                  For circular saws there are not so many auxiliary accessories, but their usefulness cannot be overestimated – this is a tire guide, rubber overlays, eccentric for adjusting the exact length of propyl. It makes sense in detail about the last two, but we will tell you about the tire.

                  Every experienced joiner knows: no matter how hard you tried, getting perfectly smooth sleep is almost impossible, I drank constantly striking to deviate from the marked trajectory by vibrations. And here to the rescue comes a banal device called the guide tire. It allows you to conduct a manual circular saw on the intended trajectory without deviations. For stationary disk saws, tires are made by mounting a pair of clamps, but in the case of a manual model it is impossible.

                  When using a special tire, you will need only to attach it with the help of special mounts to the bottom of the disk saw, and you can start working. Distance from disk fabric to the edge of the tire no more than 20 mm. Unlike the rule, you do not need to monitor the possible shift or force of pressing the rules to the material, because fragile materials can be sold or break – you will only need to smoothly drive the cutting line. Branded tires are designed accurately by typical sizes of the disk saw, so the edge of the tire is almost in contact with the cutting disk, on special tires are pasted strips from soft material for better sliding by material.

                  The market presents a huge number of components for disk saws – bearings, stators, rotors, engine anchor. These elements of the circular saw are most susceptible to breakdowns and wear, you can independently try to replace the outflow detail, but do not forget that the warranty for the tool is in this case zoom.

                  We recommend that you use the services of warranty repair in specialized service centers. But even in case of the end of the warranty period for your tool in the service, the specialists of the highest class will always help you, and you will definitely believe that your tool will be fixed according to all the rules and recommendations from the manufacturer.

                  Subtleties of choice

                  When choosing a manual circular saw, some factors must be taken into account.

                  • Characteristics – This information is available to the buyer when choosing. This is the angle of inclination, the spindle speed, engine power, the presence of various types of protection and functions: smooth start, speed adjustment, the ability to connect additional equipment, laser pointer.
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                  • Purpose – for home use, semi-professional or professional tool. Absolutely no need to buy a profidstrument if you need to cut several MDF or DSP crafts in the country – you will feel perfectly fived in the initial price segment.
                  • Price range. The lower price of this or that model of the tool absolutely does not mean that it is worse. Now there is a huge number of manufacturers in the construction tools market, competition makes them make high-quality equipment at affordable prices. Often the initial price segment means a tool intended for use in everyday life, it has a more modest set of functions and less power. Professional tool is much more expensive due to its power, productivity, a variety of additional functions, reinforced power installations, a variety of protection and is intended for permanent use.

                  • Processing material – a rather important aspect, because for wood processing of various thicknesses you will need to take into account the instrument capabilities. Similarly, with non-ferrous metals and composite materials: there is a special disk cloth for the processing of a particular material.
                  • Maintainability tool. Some manufacturers make their products, so to speak, “disposable”. Always compare the models not only by technical parameters, but also read the reviews about them, consult with the seller-consultant.

                  User manual

                  Included with manual circular saws supplied full-fledged instruction manual. We describe the following rules.

                  Before turning on the saw, it is always necessary to check the integrity of the power cord on the lack of damage and inflection, whether the nut, locking the saw blade, is sufficiently tightened, the correct operation of the protective casing mechanism, if your model is movable.

                  When you turn on at idle, listen to the engine, there are no extraneous sounds and a cod, indicating a malfunction in the engine, and if sparks or smell of Gary appear, immediately turn off the saw from the network.

                  If your tool does not belong to the professional segment, let him a periodic rest while working, make sure that you use a suitable disk cloth.

                  Always, when working with a manual circular saw, wear safety glasses and a special bathrobe that protects you from flying sawdust or sparks (when cutting metal), try to nozzle from which the sawdust is sent to your side, or connect a special vacuum cleaner.

                  Disk canvas replacement:

                  • The operation is carried out using the key that is in a set with a saw;
                  • Hold the blocking spindle to fix the saw;
                  • After that, you can start twisting the nut fixing the disk;
                  • Remove the nut and flange, after that you can remove the disk;
                  • Be sure to clean the pulley, the upper and lower protection against sawdust and the dust stuffed there;
                  • After that, you can wear a new web for pulley;
                  • start the assembly procedure in reverse order.

                  In no case do not turn on the saw, if you do not verify that the locking bolt is groping enough.

                  Be sure to be lazy to read your model instruction manual, there will be more detailed.

                  Intercol circular saw overview in the video below.

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