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Airbag inflatable jacks managed to prove their effectiveness and reliability in the most extreme circumstances. The owners of the SUVs and the owners of passenger cars are chosen for themselves, with them you can easily get out of a snowy drift or fuctation, mud track, sand trap, change the wheel. Pick up the appropriate model will help an overview of the pneumatic car jacks Slon, Air Jack and others operating from the exhaust pipe for the machine and from the compressor.


Inflatable jack is a device for lifting a car equipped with an air cushion. This variety of equipment belongs to the category Mobile devices, which can be used in the most extreme conditions.

Jack on an air cushion It can be used in non-standard operating conditions: on off-road, where there is no hard support, in the expedition and in the city, if ordinary devices are too bulky.

All inflatable type lifts belong to the category Pneumatic devices. When the gas or compressed air is submitted, the inner cavity is painted, gradually raising the cargo. Adjusting the height of lifting determined by the intensity of the pumping of the jack.

Place the device is needed under the bottom of the car.

The design of an inflatable jack is as simple as possible and includes the following items.

  1. Pillow made of elastic material: PVC or rubberized fabric.
  2. Flexible air or gas supply hose. For pumping the compressor in the kit there must be an adapter.
  3. Pillow rugs from damage. Some manufacturers make special hardened overlays at the top and bottom of the jack, eliminating customers from the need to use additional gaskets.
  4. Case for transportation and storage.

The use of inflatable jacks is most appropriate when replacing the wheels on the road. They will also be useful when equipping the chains of anti-skid on the wheels, as well as when stretching vehicles from mud or snowy rut, viscous sandy soil. When slipping, such a device gives the necessary support, regardless of the presence of solid soil under the wheels, maybe even diving. In addition to the automotive sphere, similar lifts Widely used in rescue operations, when performing various installation and construction work, laying pipelines and repair linear communications.

Pros and cons

Inflatable or pneumatic jack on an air cushion – a real salvation on off-road for any motorist. However, not only in extreme conditions such devices manifest themselves well. Even a hundred often use inflatable options for jacks, getting the opportunity to quickly and effectively lift the passenger car when the wheel is replaced or other types of repair.

We note the most obvious advantages.

  • Compact sizes and low weight. Inflatable jack is easy to carry with you in the car, keep houses or in the garage.
  • Universality. The device can be used even to lift cars with a damaged bottom, rotten thresholds.
  • Lack of restrictions on the height of the clearance. In the folded state, the jack is easily led under the bottom, even if it is above the earth itself.
  • The possibility of supplying air from the exhaust pipe. Almost all models have such an option available. Even if the compressor did not turn under hand, to pump the device body will be easy.
  • High pumping rate. In less than a minute, the equipment will be fully prepared and fixed in the desired position.

Cons are also present.

Inflatable jacks have limitations for service life: they have to change them every 3-5 years. There are requirements for the severity of technology that can be lifted. Standard limit set at 4 tons. When installing, it is important to pay attention to the selection of the site: even three-layer PVC contour may break through the load when increasing the load.


All inflatable jacks have a similar design, but there are factors that allow classifying such lifting devices. The main division is made according to the method of pumping the pneumatic element. An increase in volume can be carried out with the supply of a gaseous medium from the following elements.

  • Compressor. Mechanical and automatic pump are suitable here, pressure adjustment passes smoothly. This method is good in that it is completely safe for ecology, it does not require the health of the vehicle (can be used during repair). Through a special pipe, the compressor connects with the jack, the air enters the airbag inside, increasing it in volume. This is a simple solution that allows you to fully control the pumping process without risk of a jack chamber break.

  • Exhaust pipe. It connects through the hose with an air cushion, when the gas is applied, the cavity is inflated. This is the fastest way, but it is recommended for use only when the fuel system is complete and tightness. Another important point – exhaust gases are toxic, so the inflatable jack will be fastened faster. But when pumping out from the exhaust pipe is not required to carry additional equipment. You can use the lifting device in any, even the most extreme conditions.

It is worth considering that most of the inflatable jacks supports both ways to infamous, which makes them a universal option for travel and travel. In addition, all pneumatic devices can Classm for carrying capacity: It rarely exceeds 1-6 tons and depends on the diameter of the airbag and its dimensions. According to its functional capabilities and execution, such models are not too diverse.

In the height of the lift allocate standard and improved models. The operating range of the latter reaches 50-70 cm. Standard options are able to raise the car for 20-49 cm from the ground.

This is quite enough to change the wheel or put on the chain.

Rating models

Rubber and PVC-made inflatable jacks for cars are quite widely represented on the market. Many producers There are modifications for 2, 3, 5 tons, allowing you to choose a car lift with the desired characteristics. They all deserve more detailed study. Understand the peculiarities of the most popular models will help Common rating.

Air Jack

Air Jack Pneumocrat is manufactured by Time Trial LLC from St. Petersburg. The product has a cylindrical PVC body with a density of 1100 g / m2, the upper and lower part are additionally protected by anti-slip corrugated areas for more reliable operation in low temperatures. The model is initially designed to infiltrate the autocompressor or the pump, in the kit there are 2 adapters for different types of compressed air sources.

Air Jack Pneumocrat is installed under the bottom of the car in the folded state. Compressor pumping speed – from 5 to 10 minutes. Optionally, you can purchase and install a gas supply adapter through the exhaust pipe. He, like hoses, is purchased separately. In this case, the speed of the set of the desired height takes no more than 20 seconds.

Air Jack inflatable jacks are available in 4 versions.

  • “DT-4”. The model for machines with high clearance, has an increased up to 50 cm diameter of the working platform, the maximum lifting height is 90 cm. Product capacity is 1963 kg, suitable for cars up to 4 tons.
  • “DT-3”. Simplified version of the previous model. With a similar carrying capacity and sizes of the site, it provides a working height of up to 60 cm. Suitable for machines with standard road lumen indicators.
  • “DT-2”. Pneumonomocrate for vehicles weighing up to 2.5 tons, lifting performance is 1256 kg. The workplace has a diameter of 40 cm, the maximum lifting height is 40 cm.
  • “DT-1”. Model for cars with low ground clearance, the maximum lift height reaches 50 cm. The diameter of the working platform is reduced to 30 cm, the maximum carrying capacity is 850 kg.

All modifications have a range of operating temperatures from +40 to -30 degrees, the same design and execution. AIR JACK jacks are quite popular, successfully implemented in Russia and abroad.


Inflatable Tula production jacks under the SLON brand are produced from multilayer PVC. The patented trapezoidal form makes the design more stable, also provides reinforced protection of the bottom of the ice and acute items, stones, branches. The upper part has an anti-slip surface, does not require the use of additional rugs.

This manufacturer also has several modifications.

  • 2.5 tons. The jack is designed for the rise of passenger cars with an appropriate weight to a height of up to 50 cm. The model has a lower diameter of 60 cm and the top workstation by 40 cm.
  • On 3 tons. This model is designed for light SUVs and parcktails, suitable for maintenance in the snow, ice, virgin. The maximum lift height is 65 cm, the diameter below is 65 cm, at the top – 45 cm.
  • 3.5 tons. Senior model in the line. The height of the lift reaches 90 cm, and the base with a diameter of 75 cm provides maximum stability on a slippery coating, becomes a point of support when stamping in dirt, in the snow.

    The main reason why Slon’s jacks are inferior to Air Jack is thatThe density of the material is only 850 g / m2. It is lower, and this significantly accelerates wear, increases the probability of gap under the influence of external factors.


    Russian manufacturer of inflatable jacks with office in Moscow. The company produces cylindrical products on 3 tons with a height of lifting up to 58 cm, as well as models for 4 tons, capable of providing a working range up to 88 cm. Products are equipped with external anti-slip rugs, but it does not increase their convenience in operation. Compared to other models, brand products receive a much smaller number of positive feedback.

    Review reviews

    Popularization of pneumatic jacks began about 10 years ago. Today they are in demand not only among private motorists, but also among the owners of service centers, tire workshops, emergency services. According to those who already use this type of lifting devices, the idea of ​​an inflatable jack is fully justified by. But the execution offered by manufacturers does not always turn out to be perfect. The greatest complaints cause the model of the “Sorokin” brand, and they are connected with the package. The round of the round shape cannot be adapted to the oval exhaust pipe, there are no additional adapters; they have to be purchased separately.

    Difficulties arise and with the calculation of the device carrying capacity. SUV holders note that it is better to take a stock option – It will provide a rise to a large height. On average, the claimed and real indicators differ by 4-5 cm, which is a lot in the case of a car having a non-standard high clearance.

    Too compact inflatable jack just does not raise such a car.

    Among the positive points in operation of pneumatic lifting devices is most often mentioned Compact dimensions, versatility of products. They are well suited for cars with a small road lumen. In addition, it is noted that with the correct location of the jack under the bottom, the results can be obtained more impressive than when using classic models. Owners celebrate UThe good operation is precisely in extreme conditions, Although on the asphalt in the heat such equipment manifests itself better than metal analogues.

    As for the positioning of models as Fully trouble-free embodiments of the jack “for girls”, It is only true for compressor versions. If you choose a good pump with automatic air supply, effort really do not have to apply.

    Connection of the connector of the device with the exhaust pipe – the more task, not all men coped with it.In winter or on a slippery coating, when infamousing may occur the problem of the bottom of the bottom. From such incidents are designed to save models with spikes, but they are not always able to help.

    About how to make an inflatable jack with your own hands, see the following video.

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