All about horizontal hydraulic presses

Know all about horizontal hydraulic presses are very important for full use of them in various industries. The hydraulic press for metal is very remarkable. There are presss of 100 tons and 20 tons, others in terms of model power – and with all this has to be dealt.

Advantages and disadvantages

Modern horizontal hydraulic metal press features a thoughtful design. It develops increased specific power. Excellence over electrical analogs is at least 3 times. In some designs it reaches 5 times. What is noteworthy, the higher the absolute transmitted power, the more serious is the advantage.

The positive torque is the increased speed of the hydraulic drive. How to start and switch to reverse or stop the device at 5 or even 10 times faster than models with an electric motor. The hydraulic engine is excellent compatible with various hydraulic equipment:

  • saw;
  • jackhammers;
  • buckets;
  • Special seizures.

Rotationally movement in recurrent transformed is very simple and harmonious. In well-defined modes, any technological operation is performed easily. However, hydraulic presses have weaknesses. The further it is necessary to transmit the pulse, the more energy is lost.

This is especially characteristic when working with large blanks of a complex geometric shape.

In general, the efficiency of hydropress is small. Under adverse conditions, it decreases even more. Such equipment can normally work only with a strictly defined temperature and pressure in the external environment. The use of such equipment is quite forces only by highly qualified personnel, carefully followed by the purity of the hydraulic fluid. In addition, as the operational resource is loss, the efficiency additionally falls.

Device and principle of operation

Horizontal hydraulic press has a static impact on various billets due to liquid kinematic. From a physical point of view, the device is based on the effect of the hydraulic lever. Additionally, the principle of reporting vessels is used. When it gives anything to the liquid, this pressure will be distributed equally in any direction. The strength on the second piston increases in the same proportion in which he surpasses the first piston.

In order for the press is not too large, a couple of check valves and a tank with auxiliary functional fluid are added to the design. In this embodiment, the magnitude of the second piston movement is ensured by increasing the number of cycles of movement of the first piston. Guarantee the piston return to the starting location allows you to add valve or distributors.

As needed, these nodes will displace the fluid back inside the tank.

When the piston goes down, the gulling fluid presses the valve to the saddle. Another valve at the same time opens. The liquid arrives under the second piston, makes it move and overcome the load force. In the extreme lower position, the movement of the piston changes to the opposite, and the volume under it begins to increase. Deflection allows the first valve to open up, and the second is to close. Having reached the extreme position, the piston will move down, pushing the liquid, and the cycle will repeat.

In the presses used voluminous pumps of different types. Liquid can go to a different number of hydraulic cylinders. Valves, chokes and flow regulators are used to adjust the flow properties. When the distributor switches, the liquid will enter the cavity of the piston or rod. When the working fluids arrives in the piston cavity, the pressing itself occurs, and its entry into the rod corresponds to the opposite.

Main characteristics

Most often, the frame of the apparatus is made of thick array of steel. This allows you to increase the permissible level of load. To track the pressure and prevent its exceeds, use pressure gauges with different scale values ​​and varying degrees (according to a specific model). Simple manual hydraulic press is able to develop an effort of no more than 20 tons.

It is that equipment often acquire for a garage or a workshop of a small scale.

Pneumatic hydraulic systems that add a pneumatic cylinder can develop up to 40 tons. Finally, if the initiating electrical drive is used, the pressure force reaches 100 tons sometimes. Of course, the dimensions of the structures differ greatly, which affects their practical capabilities. In each hydraulic press, the type of working fluid is selected individually, taking into account the circle of solved tasks. The difference in viscosity of water, special oils and other substances makes it make a decision individually.

In addition to the overall compression efforts, you must pay attention to:

  • Effort developed on the handle;
  • working speed of the device;
  • functional move;
  • mass of the unit;
  • Pressure, created in the internal highway.

Single attention deserve the so-called batch press. They are designed to seal various materials and substances, forming briquettes. Often packaging equipment are used for waste paper and waste. In a concrete case, it is necessarily evaluated by its actual performance. Also consider the drive power.

Tips for choosing

Traditionally, when selecting a horizontal hydraulic press, it is necessary to find out how much it corresponds to the criteria for reliability and quality. Therefore, it will be necessary to study feedback on such equipment. Hydropress ratings published in various sources are useful, but it is unreasonable to get selected for acquaintance with them. Will certainly have to learn and technical documentation. For use in private economy or in a small building it is necessary to buy a small press.

Manual models are most safe. However, the performance and spectrum of operations performed are minimal. In addition, the use is not always convenient and has to perform additional actions. Pneumohydraulic systems are sufficient for most operations, but they will have to connect a compressor or even a centralized air duct. The greatest variety of executable operations and modes used is characteristic of electro-hydraulic equipment.

It is capable of working with any auxiliary snap, but requires stable power supply.

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