All about Hilti screwdrivers

    Hilti screwdrivers are high quality average price category tools. They are suitable for both professional professionals and buyers planning to use a screwdriver, for example, a cassette or nozzle for self-tapping screws for household needs. All the advantages and disadvantages of the tools of this brand are discussed below.

    Brief history and destination brand

    Hilti started a marketing campaign since 1950. This brand appeared in Liechtenstein for almost ten years earlier, however, during the whole decade, the company’s engineers were engaged exclusively by developing, not yet releasing products on sale. Shortly after the official launch of sales, the brand distinguished himself that invented the world’s first construction gun. He also introduced a lot of innovation to the market of professional construction tools, and then began to produce and devices of the budget price category.

    Hilti products are suitable for the following applications:

    • professional construction, including round-the-clock repair work;
    • Construction and repair in remote areas from power grids (due to the availability of battery models);
    • Household construction.

    Screwdrivers of various modifications are suitable not only for twisting and unscrewing screws, but also for drilling various materials. Impact modifications successfully cope with the concrete of medium hardness, plastic and even metal.

    The advantages of the brand

    The real advantages of the Hilti brand can be judged by buyers. Average assertion assessment – 4.5-4.6. There are several positive parties.

    • Many models are equipped with protective mechanisms. In addition to shutdown when overheating, which is distributed from any tool stamps, the automatic termination of the power is also operations during overloads. It protects the battery and the device itself, increasing its service life.
    • Long operation period. Hilti devices greatly exceed domestic products for the term of their service, even with high wear work more than one year. This is the perfect tool for those who are not too well versed in all nuances of careful attitude towards screwdrivers. Even with constant critical loads, the device will continue to work.

    • The ability to change the coal brush of the engine for the screwdriver. This significantly increases the life of the product, which is important, because most of the quality models cost more than 20 thousand rubles.
    • Life warranty. Throughout the service life, the owner may change the tool spare parts for free. The nuance is that the service center services are free only for the first 2 years, and then for the work of experts will have to pay, although spare parts and will remain free.

    However, one should not hurry with the purchase of the product of this brand. First, the negative sides of the screwdrivers should be studied.


    Hilti is largely inferior to more eminent manufacturers, such as Bosh, Makita, AEG. The main drawback is an overpriced price. For comparison: Makita 6281DWPE screwdriver at a price of 11 thousand rubles is equipped with a cooling system, a convenient interface, the ability to switch the modes with one hand. Hilti SFC14-F is one and a half times more expensive, 18300 rubles, but it can only boast only with a small weight and large torque (what is also different and the specified model Makita). Professionals are recommended to purchase at the price, equivalent cost of one Hilti product, two products from the Japanese manufacturer.

    Buyers in their reviews celebrate some more points.

    • Despite the long service life of the product itself, rubber lining will quickly deteriorate and be replaced.
    • Rechargeable models can quickly sit in low temperature or high humidity conditions.

    • Another drawback of the battery model is a big weight. Even the use of aluminum and plastic does not save, since the batteries of this brand are distinguished by high mass. In this regard, without good physical training, use the tool for a long time is not always convenient.
    • Although the manufacturer promises a “lifelong” guarantee for the tool itself, the buyer has to pay for repair services. And although the cost of spare parts is compensated by the service company, apparently, to compensate for cash losses, the manufacturer greatly overstars the price of the service itself. Two years after the purchase of goods, the owner continues to not pay for spare parts, but already pays for the service that it strikes the pocket.

    Thus, before buying the Hilti device, we must weigh everything for and against a specific model. If the buyer needs a budgetary tool, this brand is definitely not suitable. But he can win from similar brands in a special purpose screwdrivers segment. So, expensive at costs from 25 thousand are characterized by a long service life and high torque.


    Hilti Tool Assortment is quite diverse, the brand produces various types of equipment.


    Battery devices operate without connecting to the network. In their handle, a set of one or two batteries are built-in, which provide long-term operation without feeding. Various models show different service life without recharging. The most expensive products can maintain the necessary activity within 8 hours, which is sufficient even for professional builders. However, budget options cannot boast of indicators, they continuously work for no more than two hours.

    The presence of the battery is convenient if the work is carried out at the height, in the area without power networks, and also if the electricity is suddenly happened.

    But there are disadvantages:

    • high weight due to the severity of batteries;
    • the need for periodic shift or recharging, if a specialist works for a long time;
    • In adverse conditions (for example, in the cold), the performance or battery life without recharging drops sharply.


    Network models are connected directly to the outlet. They cannot be used with high-rise works, as well as in low-minded areas. However, professionals prefer the network products because they allow you to work without being distracted by the change of battery or its feeding. In addition, due to the absence of the battery, the weight of the devices is reduced. They are more convenient to hold in her hand, the specialist is slower thanks.


    Ribbon models are equipped with special ribbons where bolts or screws are attached. When quickly screwing up a large number of fasteners, this is especially convenient: the worker is not distracted by searching and inserting screws, they are automatically fed to the bit.

    Such automation is convenient when fastening sheet material, such as drywall, on a large scale.

    Top Tools for appointment

    Select the tool is necessary not only by its design qualities. Products also differ in purpose. The most modern and expensive models allow you not to simply screw the screws, but also to bury especially solid materials.

    • Wrench. Wrench are manufactured with 1-2 batteries and do not eat from the network. They are distinguished by a high torque that allows you to twist the nuts as quickly as possible. On the market you can find many options for nozzles from small to those that are suitable for replacing tires.
    • Drills-screwdrites. Suitable for screwing and unscrewing, as well as drilling soft and solid materials. There are regulation of speeds, more expensive models of their two. Engine details are subject to replacement.
    • Drums. Shock products can be stroke concrete, metal, wood, plastic, composite materials. There are variations with battery or network nutrition.

    How to choose replaceable bits?

    You can find more than 30 bits and related products of various purposes in Hilti branded stores or on the Internet. Consider what parameters to choose these components.

    • With diamond spraying. A thin layer of diamond crumb significantly increases the strength of the bits. This allows it not to wear out even with long-term high load. Such nozzles can serve for several months even with intensive use in construction. Price slightly above products without spraying.
    • On magnetic mount. Such bits are used exclusively for screwing various screws. They are quickly installed and change, but at the same time can not provide a fairly durable clutch. For this reason, they are not recommended for high shock loads.
    • Torsion. These products withstand high loading loads and are suitable for shock drills – screwdrivers. If the torque increases sharply, the elastic edges of the bits are twisted, thereby compensating for the increased load.

    Scope of applications of nozzles:

    1. Installation in a rigid environment;
    2. Screw twisting with sharp stops.

    Best models

    Hilti regularly updates its model range. In the current year, a number of modifications have been greatest popularity.

    • Hilti SD 2500. Designed for drilling wooden sheets and drywall. It is very noise, but equipped with a depth limiter and weighs only 1.5 kg. Cost 12.6 thousand rubles.
    • Hilti SD 5000. Price 12 thousand rubles. Well copes with GLK, guides, wooden products. You can connect a ribbon store to it.

    From dust owner protects ventilation. Almost no noise, vibrations are low.

    • Hilti SID 2-A (2×2.6). Costs 16 thousand rubles. Weight 1.1 kg, works more than 8 hours. To the battery do not sit too fast on the street, there is a cooling sensor function. The product is packaged into a suitcase with bits and a spare battery compartments.
    • Hilti SD 5000-A22. This is a narrow profile product, works with GCL and large fiber panels. Despite the rechargeable system of work, in power, the device is better than the network analogs. Disadvantage – price of about 30 thousand rubles.
    • Hilti ST 1800-A22. Durable, almost silent device equipped with a set of two batteries. Designed for professionals, because more than 40 thousand rubles costs.

    In the next video, you will see the Hilti SID 22A Test.

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