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Saws – this is one of the types of fasteners. The article will talk about the characteristics and options for using Harpoon screws: for metal, for sandwich panels, LSTK and other destinations.


A variety of fasteners in shape, size, material and application method makes it possible to unlimited use in various spheres of the construction industry. The most common types of self-tapping screws:

  • on wood;
  • on metal;
  • with pressshaba;
  • roofing;
  • confirmation or furniture;
  • Glukhari construction.

In 2007, Global Rivet began the release and supply of Harpoon screws.

Due to the high anti-corrosion of products and extensive positive reviews of users of the Concern’s products were chosen to participate in the State Energy Efficiency Housing Project.

Multistage control of the quality of the material produced allows you to avoid marriage. For this, there are several stages of verification:

  • visual quality assessment;
  • verification for compliance with the correct geometry;
  • assessment of the quality of the protective coating;
  • Check the strength of the product.


    • the quality of overcoming steel surfaces;
    • head twisting;
    • boning breast screw;
    • sections, breaks and breaking from steel sheets;
    • Packaging material strength.

    Varieties and models

    As already mentioned, the variety of models of Harpoon self-samples is quite wide. Let us consider some of them in more detail.

    Saws for metal – fastening element having a cylinder-shaped rod with a thread on the outer edge having a pointed or clamping tip and a screw for screwing.

    Distinctive detail – a frequent thread step, allowing to alleviate hardening in the metal.

    We present the most popular models of such products.

    • Harpoon Plus – Designed for drilling high-strength alloy steel products. Made from carbon steel steel and coated with an anti-corrosion layer.

    • Harpoon Bi-Met – The coating of the anti-corrosion layer allows the use of a product in a strongly aggressive environment. Print warranty Through high-strength material from low-alloy steel. Allow high-speed mounting. Have a puck resistant to atmospheric conditions.

    • Harpoon with EPDM – Created from hardened carbon metal with anti-corrosion coating. Designed for thickened products.

    • Harpoon for Quality Elements and fastening profiled sheets to each other.

    • Harpoon are designed For fastening profiled sheets and metal structures.

    Self-tapping screws on concrete or loaf, like other fasteners, consist of a cylindrical shape rod of different sizes and a hat, the design of which is suitable tools used for screwing.

    Here are some models of products of this kind.

    • HARPOON HCC-R-S – Designed to attach sandwich panels to concrete. It has anti-corrosive coating and resistance to breaking from base.

    • HARPOON HCC-R-S19 – Used to fasten the professional sheet to concrete structures.

    • HARPOON HCCV-R – Apply for fastening of plate dowels and concrete.


    In the process of building houses or assembly of any other designs from sandwich panels is usually considered Several basic requirements:

    • stable and long-term fastening of structural elements;
    • During fasteners, the avoidance of defective surface disorders of the panels;
    • penetration of the fastening element for due depth.

    The design of the product depends on the area in which it will apply.

    Roofing screws have a thick head for drilling. These fasteners are applied to the sandwich panels.

    Fasteners wall elements have a distinctive design feature: they are equipped with a hidden hat and can be fixed with a hexagon.

    Another principle of differences is an external fasteners. Each product has developed a certificate of conformity in which all data must be indicated. Outdoor coatings are as follows:

    • From tin, providing plasticity and reliable fixation;
    • from alloy cadmium chrome, having anti-corrosion properties;
    • from the medium, Well-protecting himself screw, but, unfortunately, not involving secondary use;
    • From nickel, The most resistant, little susceptible to wear and external atmospheric factors.

    For the correct selection, you need to follow the recommended manufacturer of choice.

    Sandwich type sheath has a massive inner design, as a result of which it is worth using for fastening screws from 75 to 280 mm depending on the thickness of the panel.

    Thanks to the double thread, it is possible to fasten both in the sheel itself and in the surface to which moth.

    For more than a decade, the use of Global Rivet products producing Harpoon’s self-tapping screw has received brilliant recommendations in different applications.

    • Building. Construction of suspended facades in both ordinary and high-altitude construction sites. As a collection of lung metal structures and lightweight construction structures made.
    • Industrial products. Domestic auto industry, instrument-making institutes, nuclear industry, medical equipment and furniture items, electrical engineering, household appliances, food industry, trading equipment.

      You can say with confidence that Products manufactured by Harpoon has proven itself in the market similar goods from the most profitable side. Recommendations given by the manufacturer, allow you to safely give preference in choosing analogs.

      About wood screws See further.

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