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Gas mask with the original name “Homak” is able to protect organs of view, the skin of the person, as well as the respiratory system from the action of poisoning, poisonous substances, dust, even radioactive, bioaerosoles. He was adopted by the Supreme Army in 1973., However, in 2000 g. was recognized ineffective and removed from production.

In our review we will dwell on the features of this individual means of protection.

What it is?

“Hamster” is an incomplete filtering model of a gas mask that manifests high efficiency against various hazardous substances. The use of this PBF when exposed to phosphorodorganic substances, such as V-gases, herd, zarin, zoman, is effective only partially, since all these substances have a property to penetrate into the human body through the skin bypassing the respiratory organs. Besides, “Hamster” is not able to protect a person from the effects of elementary particles and electromagnetic emissions, it will not protect it from strikes.

A feature of the PBF is Rubber mask, which is performed in white and black color solutions. At the same time, the black mask is more elasticity, because it is much easier to stretch and, accordingly, wear.

Regardless of color in the mask provided Rubber Mattatus, It fits tightly to the soft fabrics of the face and thus creates obstacles to the inhalation of the inhaled air to the windows – respectively, the glass “hamster” during use does not sweat and do not interfere with the review. The magazine is fixed on the valves of the negotiation mechanism, as well as on the pockets located inside, where the main filtering elements are located.

By the way, precisely because of such unusual pockets, which from the side resemble inflated cheeks, gas masks and got its original name.

The model provides Two filters of elliptical shape, Each of them, in turn, includes a pair of packages formed from a multilayer canvase – it freely passes air, but it effectively delays all dangerous components.

The main advantage of gas masks “Hamster”, which led its popularity in the Tanker’s environment and at the command composition of the army, was the convenience of operation. This PBF, unlike many other models, does not have a massive heavy box, which can interfere with the tank tank close space and create discomfort during firing. In the gas mask “Hamster” you can be afraid to run freely, as it absolutely does not interfere with movements, the special design of the glasses assembly creates a maximum review.

Comfortable negotiation mechanism makes it possible to communicate to you even with a gas mask without any speech distortion.

The model has Small sizes, she is practical and reliable.

However, it was not without flaws – there are two of them. The first is relatively Drainage period use. The activity of the device is saved for only 20 minutes, then the operating resource of the filter ends, that is, the gas mask becomes absolutely inefficient.

The second minus – inconvenience of replacement of filter blocks. In order to change the failed filter to a new one, you need to turn off the gas mask inside out, then sweep the approach and only then update cleaning parts.

How to use?

To start using the PBF, it is necessary Extract from packages failed filters – For this, the package is slightly cut. After that, the helmet mask turns out, and the submarine is neatly disconnected. Filters are placed in pockets, and their necks are output from the device.

You need to perform all these manipulations so that the filters get parallel to the axes of pocket nodes. Valves should be installed on the neck of the filters before clicking. Pay attention to the label located in the valve corner – it should be directed upwards, and the hole, on the contrary, down.

After you perform all these works, you can fasten Matraatnik.

When equipping the PBF, the lower part is carefully taken by two hands and gently stretch. At this moment, the gas masks stretches on the chin, then with sharp moves up and forth so that it covers the whole head.

It is very important that no distortion remains. If they still appeared – they should be smoothed, make an exhale and continue their breath in normal rhythm.

How to store?

On military warehouses PBF usually stored in hermetically closed boxes. At home should be kept reliable Purchased. Place storage should be located away from doors and windows, as well as radiators, stoves and fireplaces.

Suitable for storage tools for protection “Hamster” The temperature is considered to be 10-15 grams., At a higher marker, the rubber begins to grow rapidly, as a result, it becomes too fragile and can be easy to break. No less dangerous for PBF and frosts – they make it inelastic and coarse, which causes discomfort when sock.

Reliable Protect the device from moisture, Since the increased level of moisture causes deterioration of technical and operational parameters.

If during the operation, the device fell under the rain, then before putting it for storage, it is necessary to disassemble the design and thoroughly add all the elements. Draw attention to the fact that Drying must be carried out naturally, – It is not allowed to use a hair dryer and other heating devices. After each application, the magazine and the valve mechanism should be frozen to dry.

To date, the gas mask “Homak” is recognized as obsolete, so it is removed from the arms of the army, and all early samples are directed to disposal. Nevertheless, such devices are still very popular in the subculture of “survivalors”, because they are lungs and do not argue movements when walking, running and shooting.

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