All about fiberglass tanks

Fiberglass is one of the varieties of composite material. Such thermoplastic is distinguished by high strength and low weight. This raw material makes the containers of different sizes, which are used in the household sphere, as well as in the construction, oil and other industries. Such tanks are able to withstand the effect of chemicals, so they are often used for transportation or storage of different products, whether they are food or aggressive.


Fiberglass is actively used in the industrial industry. From this material, various products are manufactured, and the containers are used in a wide range of areas. Production of such products is possible due to modern technologies, in the process of which impregnated fiber passes through a die, which is preheated.

The main characteristics of fiberglass containers include a number of physical properties. First of all, the tanks are pretty light, so they are simply transported. This material has high corrosion resistance, since polymer is low dielectric constant. Temperature drops do not affect the integrity of tanks due to low thermal conductivity. The cost of reservoirs is available, so many enterprises use such products.

Container production occurs on a specific technology. Polypropylene sheets are welded, after which fiberglass is applied to them using special equipment. If non-standard tanks, winding is carried out using supports and lodents. The execution can be vertical and horizontal depending on the scope of application of containers. They have high wear resistance, which confirms the service life, which can reach 50 years. No need to concrete if underground installation is required. And also do not need to protect the containers from mechanical damage.

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Fiberglass tanks are divided into several varieties that differ in the appointment, the presence of options and its design.

Food containers are often used for transportation and storage of drinking water and other liquids that are used in food. These products can be placed in them. Fiberglass structures have input and outlet nozzles, as well as the neck through which the container is served. The main features include the presence of food leaf polypropylene, which is applied to the inner surface. Manufacturers can additionally install a pump, level sensor, heating and insulation.

Fire tanks are used to store water reserves, which is closed from a regular source to extinguish fire. The design is the same as food tanks. Additional functions include insulation, the possibility of heating, as well as those that are available in all such tanks.

Accumulative containers are intended for storing and collecting technical fluids, industrial waste and household wastewater, they are suitable for the CNS. The container has a sensor that works when overflowing. Manufacturers can install heated, pumping equipment and insulation. Such a tank is suitable for operation in an aggressive environment.

Fuel capacity applies to transport and storing petroleum products and other combustible materials. Such a design has a neck, tanning, ventilation and fueling nozzles. The tank is distinguished by resistance to high humidity, aggressive substances and other similar properties. These containers may also have different options, including fixing package, insulation, pump.

Chemical containers are needed for storing chemical, poisonous and radioactive liquidJ. The filler of such tanks is made with the additive of the chemical resins, there may be several compartments, and the walls of multilayer. In containers there is a pressure discharge valve, heating, level sensor, system for control and pump.

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In the market you can find non-standard fiberglass containers, but most often they are made according to individual parameters under the order. They have a rectangular shape, inside there are rigidity ribs, and molding manual.

The market offers a wide selection of fiberglass containers, so everyone can find what meets the requirements and standards in each case.

One of these companies is Polex, which is engaged in the industrial production of bulk tanks from this material, delivering them throughout Russia. The catalog provides a rich spectrum of the tanks under any customer requirements, and all products meet quality standards. Copy containers of this manufacturer Reliable, durable and durable.

Another factory where fiberglass tanks are produced is Helyx Tank. In the course of manufacture, the method of continuous cross winding of fiberglass and resins is used. Products can be standard sizes, and are also made according to individual customer requests. Together with the main products, it is possible to obtain a project of products with a special composition of the composite, while the structures are developed by qualified engineers.

Capacities from Helyx Tank are widely used in the food, oil, heavy and light industry, as well as in the communal industry, construction and other fields. Such tanks are great for transporting and storing bulk products and liquids.

GK “Plastic Center” offers food, firefighters, fuel and accumulative tanks. Cushionable tanks are manufactured by individual order.

In assortment LLC “Combine Industrial Tanks” Presented the most popular containers in different sizes.

Among Russian manufacturers of fiberglass tanks can also be called GK “Spetshidroproekt”, GK “Bioinstal”, CJSC “Akvaprom”. To pick up the most suitable option, you can study the list of products, analyze its characteristics, find the necessary parameters and pre-obtain all the necessary information about the technical data.

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Scope of application

Due to the wide selection of manufacturers and varieties of tanks from fiberglass of applications of such products, quite a lot. Technical and operational characteristics allow you to implement such containers to transport and store a variety of liquids and substances. At the same time, first need to decide what exactly they need to find the desired version of the product.

Such containers enjoy the greatest demand in the chemical and food industry. As well as this product is relevant in the automotive industry, shipbuilding, energy, architectural sectors. Rescue services Ministry of Emergency Situations do not cost without reservoirs – as they are spacious and lungs, they can quickly gain water from storage and sources to eliminate fires.

Summing up, you can confidently say that Fiberglass is a versatile and very popular compositional material, which is ideal for the manufacture of tanks. And to improve the properties and increase the strength of containers, additional substances are used during production, which increase the quality of the technical characteristics of different tanks. Having studied a full description, you can make sure that the containers will last long and right.

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