All about electrolovka

Modern tools are necessary to speed up and qualitatively performing various tasks. For volumetric work with high strength materials, electric bissions are often used. This tool is an excellent assistant of each owner.

What is it and for what you need?

Electric jigsaw call a cutting tool that has an electric drive. His difference from saws, cutters, milling machines are considered significant accuracy when performing cuts. Electrolovik – Universal device that performs cutting material of various kinds. Using the device, you can perform not only longitudinal propyl, but also figured, without excluding cutting materials at an angle.

The use of electric tools is possible in wood, plastic, metal, glass, ceramics.

If you need to perform a straightforward cut or with a complex trajectory, cut high accuracy with the purity of the edges, the rough cutting of the workpiece, cutting holes of different shapes and the area, then in such a situation without jigsaw it is not to do.

This type of tool should be considered a small saw, which is equipped with an electric type drive. Electrolzik found use in domestic work. During the repair of premises, it can be used for cutting laminate, tiles of ceramics, plywood, drywall.

Characteristic and device

Easy design and ease of operation make it possible to use electric jigsaw even those people who have no skills to work with it. The working part of the tool is a support sole. In the upper part there is a handle, and in the inner – electric motor, as well as the mechanism that converts the gross rotation of the engine to the rod. On the last filling.

The rod is equipped with a clamp with a standardized character, which is designed for the shank of the pink. Thanks to the standardization of the last element, the logsik has the ability to work with various saws. Saws can have the most diverse design, which depends on the materials on which characteristic work will be performed. The separation procedure is carried out vertically, thanks to this feature, the electrolovka performs incision along and inside the surfaces.

The principle of operation of the jigsaw can be described as follows: during the transmission of electricity from the network or battery, the engine over the gearbox transmits rotational movements to the gear with the attached rod; Next, the process of transforming rotational movements into reciprocating. Pillet, which is attached to the stock, moves up and down, thereby providing sawing.

The main characteristics of the electrolybiz can be attributed power, the frequency of the peeling, the type of power, the features of the pink moves, the type of replacement of cutting saws, additional equipment. The saw marking is also a very important characteristic, it consists of letters and numbers and applied to the tail part of the product.

The designation of the first letter indicates the type of shank, the second – denotes the size of the web, the following is the size of the teeth, in the latter it is important information relating to the material.


Electroloviki have a wide range of characteristics, as well as parameters, so they are divided into groups for home and professional use. In turn, each of these species has its own characteristics. Popular are manual options, for curly cutting, with speed adjustment, tape.

A worthy version of high-quality tool is a mini-jik. It is able to simplify the clarity of sawing and the model of the model due to the high rigidity of the working bodies. This product can apply not only professionals, but also newcomers. Lobzik is easy to use and is an excellent option in order to cut a varied material. The acquisition of the tool will simplify the manufacture of tabletop or drawer.


Professional Destination Lobsiki meet high requirements, which are due to high functionality, performance, reliability, ergonomic. Such a tool is able to withstand heavy loads and function continuously for 7 hours. Functionality of professional logs:

  • cutting of wood material, which has a thickness of 8 to 13.5 cm;
  • steel blanks with a thickness of up to 1 cm;
  • Aluminum plates – up to 2 cm.

For the performance of such a tool, the power reserve has a reserve. The more powerful the engine has a device, the easier it is to work faster. Thanks to the reliability of professional logs, their long service life is ensured, as well as infrequent malfunctions.


Electric logs for home use is considered inexpensive. It is quite easy to use, so it can be used in order to perform various functions of the house and in the country. Experts note good power of the device, so it is capable of performing all the tasks. Features of household electroballs:

  • small power;
  • Availability of additional functions;
  • Comfortable work with wood material, which has no more than 7 cm thick;
  • high-quality cut steel with a thickness of up to 4 cm;
  • The duration of operation should not be more than 20 hours per month;
  • Low cost of goods.

    If desired, to purchase an electric jigsik to begin with, it is necessary to decide on the features of its use.

    If there are no serious discharges for a long time, then the best option will be a simple household tool.

    Rating the best models

    Electroloviki are helpers when performing all sorts of construction and repair. The weight and compactness of the unit allow it to make labor productivity higher. An overview of models of similar tools testifies to their diversity in the price category: there are low-cost budget options, as well as professional with high price. Popular manufacturers offer a wide range of goods, different reliability, characteristics, functionality.

    Let’s give the top 10 of the best electroballs.

    • Bosch GST 65B characterized by a low vibration degree, reliability in the fastener soles, it is quite compact and little weighs. This device is a decent option for working processes in everyday life, in the country. When using the jigsion, there is no fatigue of hands, which is caused by a successful design and an ergonomic basis. Thanks to blowing, the user can follow the correctness of the sawing line. Bosch GST 65B is profitable in works with wood, plywood and metallic material, which is why this electroll bison is universal.
    • Bosch PST 10.8 LI stand out against the background of other models working with battery. The tool weighs slightly, characterized by smoothness when overclocking the engine, as well as adjustable sole. Additional functions of this electrolybiz include the presence of LED backlight. This model is capable of functioning in the dark due to battery power.

    • Makita 4329 Eliminated among other options with a slight vibration. It is characterized by three mode of pendulum stroke, has a rubberized handle. From minuses, users allocate only the duration in replacing the canvas.
    • AEG BST 18X – Battery Lobsik, which is characterized by extensive functionality. And the model is equipped with a face protection screen, electronic brake, cast aluminum sole. With all its advantages, the tool has a low cost. The inconvenience can cause the gravity of the electrolovka, so appropriate will be the additional use of the table when working.

    • Dewalt DW 349 It is considered a rather powerful device, it has a handle that contributes to simple regulation of the platform. The speed of the electric tub is easily switched. And also the features of the device can be called the presence of LED backlighting and the possibility of blowing sawdust.

    Buying this product, users get a special overlay for protection included, it prevents the formation of scratches on materials.

    • Dewalt 331K. This tool is characterized by special reliability, the presence of engines with a closed type. There is a huge number of settings in the electroltrol bike, as well as the possibility of regulation of tilt of the canvases. Soles are equipped with soft linings.

    • Ryobi CJS 180L – This is a jigsik, which has extensive capabilities and low power. Weigh the unit slightly, has a laser tint and fencing for protection. Buying batteries and chargers is carried out separately. Ryobi CJS 180L is often used as a desktop device.
    • “Interskol MP-100E” – one of the domestic models of electrical lobs. Its main advantage is the low price. The tool can easily withstand significant loads due to a special body on the gearbox. The cover of the device is folding, so the jigscription can be easily cleaned.

    • Bosch GST 14.4 V-Li Professional – one of the best supporters of the pads with batteries. The design of this model allows you to replace the pilch holder using one movement. The tool is equipped with a backlight, in a function of blowing sawdust. This jigscription is able to work for a long time without charging.
    • Makita JV100DWE Characterized by compactness and ability to adjust the pendulum. This jigsik has a household purpose, so it is used for homework. The tool is not too powerful, but at the same time quite effective.


    In order for the use of electroballs to be as comfortable as possible, various additional devices can be applied. Work using replaceable plates, extension cord, desktop, tire guides is becoming easier and faster.

    Many models of electrolovikov are included with replaceable plates, The main purpose of which is to improve the sliding of the sawing parts by billets. The acquisition of a high-quality extension can in many stores and at an affordable price. Difficulties may occur during the selection of the desktop. This subject is able to facilitate the processing of small blanks, as well as increase the quality of the sawing of large parts.

    The table for the electrolovka can be installed their own. To begin with, it will be necessary to prepare a worktop using a MDF sheet with a thickness of 0.8 cm. Optimal dimensions are 35 by 35 or 40 per 40 centimeters. After preparation of the tabletop in its center it is worth making a hole with such a diameter that would not interfere with the passage of thick saws with long teeth. Optimal opening width is 20 by 25 centimeters.

    Such dimensions contribute to the normal movement of the peel.

    Fastening the electrolovka to the table is carried out using the REC. The latter, in turn, should cover part of the sole from three sides. The fastening of the rails should contribute to the longitudinal movement of the sole. Table legs are made from multilayer plywood. At the bottom of the table it is worth equipping a connection for which it is also worth using a plywood sheet.

    The next step will install and fix the tool. Under the jigsaw handle it is worth installing a small laying, the best material for which plastic will become. Thanks to this laying, fasteners will improve, and the strut function will be performed. The strut executes the function of reducing the load on fasteners, reduces the vibration level.

    The guide tire for the electrol gallery is the perfect device, which is needed in order to conduct angular cuts on the edges. This complement contributes to neat and smooth cuts. Detail, which is processed by a jigsaw with a guide bus, protects against damage due to rubber linings. The device is easily installed and fixed.

    How to choose?

    When choosing a jigsaw for a home, cottage or artwork, it is worth evaluating all the possibilities of the tool and the functions that he can perform. Buying a good Lobzik model, worth paying attention to a number of characteristics.

    • Frequency of saws. This indicator is one of the most important in this instrument. The higher its value, the faster the sawing process occurs. To cut the products from aluminum, plywood and wood, it will be enough for the limit speed. Low speed are suitable for sensitive material, such as plastic and stainless steel. In many models of electrolovikov, there is a stepped speed adjustment, which is not provided in budget versions. For home and cottages should not be acquired by quick models, in this case the optimal option will be the performance in 2600 moves per minute.
    • Power. Lobsiki can have a power from 450 to 850 W. For good tool performance, its power does not always have to be high. Low-power tools are also pretty productive.

    Depending on the tasks, it is worth choosing a unit with a specific indicator.

    • Podkachka. Equipment of electroloviki pendulum moves the speed of sawing faster. By installing one of the 3-4 pendulum steps, you can ensure the movement of the saw not only up and down, but also through the entire trajectory. The tool with a pendulum progress should be used only for direct cutting, if necessary, artistic drinking is worth buying an electrolybiz that has no podcasts, or disabling.
    • Depth of propyl. Under the maximum depth of propyl implies the possible thickness of the billets. Working with various materials has its limitations. The maximum indicators of the thickness of the saw blade – 7-10 cm, aluminum – 0.15-0.2 cm, ceramics – up to 0.1 cm, and plastic – up to 0.8 cm.
    • Types of fastening saws. For each material, a certain kind of filling is intended, which is indicated on the marking. Types of fastening saws can be T – shaped and U – shaped. In most electric logs, the first type is used.

    • Types of handles. Modern models of electrolovka have a brace-shaped or mushroom handle. Last option is suitable for professional work. Bowband handles are widespread, they can have both semicircular and square bracket.
    • Sole. Support platform may be cast and stamped type. Stamped soles are necessary for domestic and semi-professional jigsaw. This option is made of thin metals, so with intensive and long use they deform. In high-quality and expensive models of electrolovikov, cast strong platforms are provided.
    • Power type. Electrical network needed electrical network or portable power station.

    Many models can perform a number of additional features:

    • Forced infringement of working areas;
    • smooth start;
    • laser pointer;
    • Types of cartridges;
    • highlighting working areas;
    • Power maintenance with loads.

    How to use?

    Electrolovik is a tool that is considered universal, so it can become an excellent alternative to many tools. In order to properly and qualitatively cut the material, the tool must be adjusted and prepared. Before starting work, it is worthwhile to inspect the electrolybiz for faults, the correct connection to the network. After that it is worth choosing the required cutting material.

    Marking should be done clearly, so that it is good noticeable.

    Work should be performed on the saw table. The next step will be a selection of saws and modes of operation. If this work is incorrect, then the jigsik may be broken. When drinking a round or oval element, the first thing in the workpiece is drilled by a hole. To cut the curvilinear elements, it is worth using narrow piles that are specifically designed for such work. To cut out non-standard figures and labzik patterns, it is worth installing with special fasteners, as well as a fixed table.

    Safety technique

    Even the most experienced masters can wait for the danger when using electroballs. Unpleasant moments are associated with cuts, cut off limbs, loss of vision, hearing, nervous system disorder.

    Basic safety regulations:

    1. During the use of the jigsaw, it is necessary to apply protection tools, such as glasses, gloves, respirators, hats;
    2. It is forbidden to work in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication, as well as under the action of strong medical drugs, during stress or strong fatigue;
    3. Before using the electric jigscia, it is necessary to check its condition, and also work them to a somewhat tool
    4. During the operation of the electroll bison, the free hand should be located from the direction of the instrument, it is strictly forbidden to put it before the jigsaw;
    5. The movement of the electrolybiz should be directed from itself, and the electrocabel should not fall on the working facility;
    6. When the work is completed, the device is worth disconnecting from the network, clean its body and check for damage.

    Possible malfunctions

    Like any other tool, the electrolybiz during operation may fail. Users may notice that the tool is crookedly sawing, or he takes to the side. Many faults can be eliminated personally, but in case of serious breakdowns it is better to turn to the masters in order not to aggravate the situation.

    The causes of the breakdown roller is the use of low-quality pylons, blotted saws or such that do not meet the work carried out.

    In order to prevent an unpleasant situation, it is worth using high-quality components, to change the canvas in a timely manner to avoid their bluntness, as well as carefully use the electrolovka without excessive effort.

    To prevent breakage of the cloth fixation assembly, it is necessary to periodically clean the fasteners from dust and dirt, as well as lubricate tool parts. When the damage to the details of the gearbox was noticed, the reason for this could be the hitting of dust inside the gearbox. Eliminate the use of a vacuum cleaner.

    One of the common breakdowns of the jigsaw is a broken or bent reference rod. To prevent such a situation, it is necessary to carry out work with an electrical tool very carefully. Warning premature wear of worm transmission anchor will help set up normal speed.

    The electrolovik is a compact and inexpensive assistant not only to perform work on the house, but also for professional activities. When choosing a tool, it is necessary to follow the tasks that will be delivered to the jigsaw. To use this device is carefully observing all safety regulations, only in this way unpleasant situations and damage can be avoided.

    On how to choose an electrolovka, look in the following video.

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