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    Electric file is designed for processing a variety of surfaces. The tool allows you to solve many tasks, so it is very common in various fields. When choosing it is worth studying its characteristics, and preference to a well-known manufacturer. The model is selected on the basis of which work to do.


    The electronic connection allows you to handle almost any surface. The nozzle is presented in the form of a strip of paper or tissue with abrasive coating. The tape is connected around and is often called endless. The tool can be used for grinding hard-to-reach products manually.

    Ribbon electrical file can be used at home or during industrial metal processing. There are suitable models for solving various tasks. The electronic tip is quite simple and does not require much experience to master. We analyze the design features.

    1. Drive mechanism. It is he who connects the motor and roller. The latter is responsible for rotation of the grinding tape.

    2. Console. This item is fastened with the previous one using the bracket. Console – Planck with several rollers, where one main, and the rest are secondary. The latter are necessary in order to change the direction of the abrasive movement.

    3. Grinding ribbon. Working part of the tool. In a variety of models there may be abrasive of a certain hardness to solve specific tasks.

    Grinding surface can be texture, thin, rough or polishing. Household files have exactly the design, as described above. At the same time, the models can be budgetary, with a weak engine. They are used for the easiest tasks. Weak engine should usually be disconnected every 10-15 minutes.

    More expensive models have options that make work more comfortable. Professional files can work for a long time without interruptions, which allows you to solve more complex tasks. Smooth inclusion, speed adjustment, fast replacement of the grinding surface allow you to make work as simple as possible and pleasant.

    The collection of dust prolongs the use of the instrument, makes it more wear-resistant.

    At home, electrical files are used more often than pneumatic. The latter function from compressed air. Rechargeable models Convenient and mobile. They can be used even where there is no connection to the power supply.

    Worth paying attention to popular models.

    “ENCOR LME-4 330 457”

    The model of the Russian manufacturer weighs only 1 kg with power in 330 W. During operation, the device is quite noise at 92 dB. At maximum speed reaches 520 revolutions per minute. The dust capture system has been implemented, it is possible to connect a vacuum cleaner.

    Replace the abrasive ribbon is quite simple, additional devices will not need.

    Makita 9031

    The ribbon grinding machine of this manufacturer refers to the category of professional. 550 W Engine allows you to use a different number of revolutions in the range of 200-1000 m / min. The device weighs only 2.1 kg. There is a button that activates the continuous operation mode. The model is perfect for those cases when it is necessary to treat a flat surface with a lack of space. The last factor rolls the movement, so the device is compact and accurate.

    Tilting angle may vary up to 100 °.

    Fein BF 10-280 E Start

    It is noteworthy that the set of nozzles on the USM is included. After the acquisition, you can immediately start work. A high-quality engine can maintain a stable number of revolutions for a long time. Console unfolds 180 °. Use and care for the tool as simple as possible and clear. In the set there are even ceramic tapes that allow you to clean the seams after welding. Regulating the speed of rotation occurs smoothly, without jumps. The width of the tape can vary in the range of 3-20 mm. This allows you to get even to hard-to-reach zones. If necessary, you can smoothly turn on the device.

    And also during the change of tape should include self-starting lock.

    FLEX TRINO FBE 8-4 140

    Adjustable console can be used with ribbons size 520-533 mm. The model is suitable for both industrial and domestic use. When the power drop is triggered by re-enabled. And also provides protection against overload. Such an option extends the service life. Winding with triple protection significantly prolongs the life of the motor, protects it from premature wear. Grinding head can be deployed 140 ° for more comfortable work. Smooth start is complemented by gradual increases.

    The tachogenerator is able to hold a constant number of rotations.

    When choosing, it is important to pay attention to the characteristics of the electrical appliance. Quality models are equipped with a hermetic electronic module that does not suffer from dust and moisture. It is always important to take into account the features of the tasks to be performed. For rare home repairs, it makes no sense to acquire an expensive model.

    But on a professional instrument should not save.

    Tips for choosing

    First you can pay attention to the manufacturer. Famous firms are more worried about quality. Even budget models from popular brands acquire not so dangerous.

    Ribbon ENGLISH file should be selected taking into account certain nuances.

    1. Power. Directly affects the productivity of the tool. Household models are usually not more powerful 600-700 W. A tool of the middle category will have a motor for 1000-1200 W. Powerful engine allows you to quickly process the surface. In this case, it is less heated, which means one session of processing before turning off can last for quite a long time.

    2. Width abrasive tape. Much depends on the features of using the tool. 60 mm width ribbons are enough if narrow parts are working. Abrasive surfaces width 100-110 mm are used for larger products. Inaccessible places are processed by special nozzles with the maximum narrow working area in the range of 15-20 mm. Usually they can be adjusted in height for greater comfort and better access.

    3. Length tape. Size should be chosen only taking into account the characteristics of the model of the electrical instrument. The long product serves longer, gently wear out.

    4. Number of revolutions. The speed of work depends on this characteristic. Household model for home use may have 150-350 m / min. Professional and industrial files, the upper limit comes to 700 m / min. More subtle work is carried out on low revs. This allows you to shoot a layer by layer, avoid errors. It is also worth considering that the material with a low density is polished faster.

    Dimensions and weight also matter. The professional model must be severe, because it ensures the stability and accuracy of the work. Budget devices are always easier. On the one hand, it does work less comfortable. That’s just an easy and compact tool much easier to transport and store.

    Scope of application

    Electric file refer to the discharge of universal tools. That is why it can be used in almost any field. It is only worth considering the features of the model itself and the presence of additional nozzles, options.

    These are the main features of the electron.

    1. Treatment of cylindrical elements. Usually it is about pipes of a variety of diameter. The file must have a free sagging tape. Thanks to this feature, the area of ​​swing becomes more, the work passes faster. Ribbon that saves can be used for all curves with bends.

    2. Grinding of welded seams. Usually, there is a saving tape. This allows the processing of all types of seams after welding, any form.

    3. Preparation of metal edges. With the last stripping, it is important to remove all pointed zones, polish the plane. The tape electric file allows you to spend this work as quickly and efficiently as possible. At the same time, you can select a console based on the features of parts, blanks.

    4. Grinding of internal surfaces. The removal of all burrs and irregularities is of great importance after cutting works. Particularly neatly behave with materials with thin walls. Using electronage or soft stripes.

    5. Sharp. The ribbon file in some cases is not worse than a full-fledged machine. All sorts of fine details can be sharpened with it. The electronicle will allow return the sharpness of both kitchen knives and fishing gear.

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