All about cork boards

Cork boards have different destinations, they linen floors, woven walls, ceilings. There is a kind of office boards that hang as an information shield, the plug easily includes various types of stationery invisible, carnations, studs, holding sheets of paper with information. In the article, we will tell you where this miracle stop is where it is unusual, what properties have, where and how.


Cork – Unique material, probably, everyone had to see it as a item clocking wine bottles. Today in construction, for cladding of houses and apartments, boards made from traffic jams are used. This material has a natural origin, it is extracted from cork oaks growing in Africa, Portugal, in some Asian countries. From a tree age for at least 25 years, the bark is removed, which goes into production.

The plant itself does not suffer, it is not a living bark from it, and the one that dried and spontaneously flashes. For complete restoration, the oak will be needed up to 10 years, then he will again become a cortex donor. Shot from oak material left for half a year without use, during this period, certain processes occur in it.

Collection, stretched in time, affects the final cost of the product.

The peculiarity of the cork material is its biochemical properties. In fact, the bark consists of large cells covered with membrane. Each cell contains organic acids such as lignin and suberin, as well as gaseous substances – oxygen and nitrogen. Having the presence of gas in the composition, the material is light, porous and at the same time durable. Cork coating is endowed with many advantages, these include the following characteristics.

  • Heat insulation. Thin cork board holds heat better multi-layered brick wall.
  • Soundproofing. The material perfectly protects against outsiders.
  • Safety. Environmentally friendly natural product does not cause allergies, completely non-toxic.
  • Antistatic. Cork does not attract dust, so it does not create problems with cleaning.
  • Tactile sensations. To the touch – warm, soft, spring material, according to which it is pleasant to walk bare feet.
  • Easy mounting. Cover the floor and walls by the cork board can be independently, but if there is no confidence in your own power, it is better to trust a professional, as the material is expensive.
  • Hides flaws. To install finishing boards, the walls do not need to be perfectly prepared, the cork layer is easy to hide fine surfaces of the surface.
  • Fire resistance. Despite the fact that the plug is made from the bark of trees, it is practically not lit.
  • Decorativeness. Cork trim in the interior looks very attractive.

Unfortunately, the material contains some drawbacks, they are in the following.

  • Cork is inferior to the strength of parquet.
  • Reacts to temperature differences by expansion and compression.
  • Having attached some effort, it can be damaged.
  • It is the material relatively expensive.

Review of species

Production produces products from solid bark and its residues recycled in crumb. Passing the heat treatment and press, the plug turns into materials of different types. In the construction market you can find the following products.

Whole veneer

Removing the bark from an oak – the work is painstaking, it is not always possible to delay one-piece layers, but they are highly valued, the rest of the material obtained by fragments is processed and pressing. Of the neatly removed large layers are made by one-piece veneer for panels, boards and other finishing material.


The process of removing the solid reservoir of the cortex is accompanied by chips, shot down by small fractions, chips. They are collected and processed into the crumb. The material obtained in this way goes to the manufacture of cork boards, rolls, plates, it has a budget price and prevails in the construction markets.


During the production of solid veneer panels, fragments remain connected with small crumbs. All this is pressed and get the material in the form of homogeneous boards with inserts of large pieces of cork. The product in terms of cost is superior to the agglomerate, but is inferior to whole veneer. On the combined boards is often an adhesive basis on which a facial decorative layer of different textures is planted.

  • Oak veneer with transparent protective vinyl layer. Such a board becomes stronger than the usual tube, its wear resistance increases.
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  • Veneer that produce from other tree breeds, Usually apply expensive exotic species. They are protected by vinyl coating.

  • Varnishing. Combined cork boards glued veneer, which is covered with three layers of varnish, getting a beautiful decorative shine.


First let’s talk about cork boards for the floor. They are a multi-layer “pie”, each layer of which has its own parameters. All layers collected together, determine the total thickness of the material. It is small, but perfectly copes with its heat-insulating and noise absorbing functions. Layers are arranged in order.

  • Natural facial veneer – 0.8-0.5 mm.
  • Pressed plug layer – 2-6 mm.
  • HDF with lock – 6.8 mm.

The total thickness of the board may be different. In places of frequent visits, it is better to choose a more durable material, with several layers of pressed traffic jam.

        The size of products in width and length differ depending on the manufacturer. As for the demonstration cork boards, the dimensions for them are not provided for, and the variety of dimensions is due to various purposes.

        Boards for ads in the workshop, for information in the office and the schoolboy over the table can have different parameters. It comes on sale a wide range of cork products – from small, 45×60 cm, to large – 1800-2000 cm. Most often there are models with dimensions of 60×80 cm, 60×90 cm, 100×50 cm, 90×120 cm, 100×150 cm.

        Design options

        Cork is organically embedded in the interior. Its natural colors and an unusual surface are suitable for many design. There are products with an upper decorative layer, it is distinguished by a variety of texture and drawing. The color of the film can have all the shades of black and white, as well as a color palette. We offer to familiarize yourself with the selection of photos reflecting all the beauty of interiors decorated with cork oak material.

        • The walls of the bedroom in ecosyl are placed with warm chocolate finish resembling oak bark.

        • The kitchen is fully made of cork material. Even the decor is represented by a transparent container filled with plugs from bottles.

        • For children’s rooms, artistic techniques of wall decoration, using natural coatings.

        • With the help of traffic jam you can create beautiful interiors with zoning.

        • Spectacular cork floor with colored decorative coating.

        Use of use

        Cork board, like plates, panels, rolls, used to finish the rooms. It is installed on the walls, gender and ceiling. But there is a board and other destination – the stationery, information that is used to demonstrate records, notes, photos, ads and other information. You can not draw on the plug product, for this there is a marker model, the cork is not intended for stickers, for them we produce boards with smooth surfaces. Let us dwell on the products that decide different tasks.

        For walls

        Walls decorated with cork finish look aesthetically, non-standard, can be used for eco- and ethnomials, styles of steampunk, country. A similar board is well drawing up children’s rooms, they will be warm and safely, since the material is non-toxic, with good natural energy.

        Considering the soundproofing properties of the plug, products from it are drawn up rooms having the focus of home theaters, dance stations, karaoke, sound recordings. This finish helps to avoid complaints of the neighbors for excessive noise.

        Unlike rolls, a traffic board is used in baths, pools and saunas. She keeps warm, tolerate well, does not rot, does not collect mold and fungus.

        Wall coating has a wide range of shades – from light sandy to the color of chocolate, which makes it possible to choose the material to the most demanding designs. Often porous extruded boards decorated with veneer of different types of trees, thereby expanding the choice of the necessary coating to a particular interior. We offer to familiarize yourself with some non-standard designs using a wall plug.

        • Sometimes in cold rooms, cork coverage is used for all inner walls of the house.
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        • It looks good in the interior built-in fragments of decorative material, as well as panels from it.

        • Two cabinets with cork walls become a warm headboard bed.

        For floors

        Paul, in contrast to the walls, is subjected to active loads. For him choose cork boards with greater thickness. Confidence The user gives the material covered with a protective layer of varnish or transparent vinyl. Such gender is not subject to abrasion, has long-term operational properties.

        The relatively inexpensive type of floor covering contains as the basis of MDF, the intermediate layer is an extruded cork crumb, and the top – oak veneer or any other tree. The most expensive material can be considered solid plates in size 6×6 m.

        Unlike crumb, there are no chemical connecting compounds, they are solid natural material. Paul with such a coating looks monolithic and expensive.

        For the basis of the Fiberboard with locks, all three types of coating are used – solid, agglomerate and combined. Lacquer or wax is used as a protective layer.

        Evaluate the warm cozy beauty of the floor will help examples of interiors with cork coating.

        • One-piece veneer covering the entire floor surface, resembles a bark of trees.

        • A lock plug with a decorative coating is distinguished by an unusual color and structure.

        • The sandy color of a beautiful veneered floor brought as a basis in interior design.


        You can decorate the interior not only the trim of walls from cork oak, but also a demonstration wall or desktop board. Despite its maximum simplicity, postcards, photos and other items located on the surface can be decoration. In addition to decorative functions, it has a practical purpose. On the board are fixed using the stationery buttons, needles, pins Schedule lesson, reminders, notes, culinary recipes, favorite sayings and many other useful information.

        The board itself may look different. The simplest option is a rectangular canvas without frame. Than it is thicker, the more button injections can withstand.

        Often the cork surface is taught in a frame of wood, plastic or metal. Release and curly boards in the form of a cat, hedgehog, clouds.

        The plug has the ability to restore, more than 90% of the surface after piercing takes the former shape. Thus, it can be used for many years, it all depends on the intensity. Lightweight product allows you to fix it even on thin partitions. We offer in the examples to familiarize yourself with the variety of demonstration models.

        • Creative people with a good fantasy can not buy a standard board, but make it yourself. To do this, you need to collect corks from bottles and lay them on a solid base vertically, horizontally or in the form of any pattern. It remains only to put work in the frame, and the original product is ready.

        • For the children’s room, the information board can be supplemented with a narrow shelf or stationery clips, which can also store notes and records.

        • Young children are better to purchase a figured thematic board depicting various objects or animals. Good looks product in the form of a plump cute cat.

        Secrets of Montaja

        In this chapter, we offer two master classes: First we will tell you how you can collect an office board yourself, and then talk about the flooring of the floor covering.

        Assembling information board

        Made a demonstration board on their own for various reasons: someone loves to do everything with their own hands, wants to perform a curly product in his sketch or need a model corresponding to the overall design. For the manufacture of the simplest boards of rectangular shape in a construction store, you should buy a cork panel of the desired parameter, a thickness of at least 12 mm. If the appropriate size failed to find, you can purchase two thin panels and connect them with a special glue purchased in the same store.

        If the dimensions do not match a bit, you can shorten them using a building knife. In order for the design to be removable and could change its location, the plug is on the basis, for example, a phaneer or any suitable artificial polymer. The finished product can be issued by a frame collected from baguette.

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        The board that needs to be stylized under the interior can be covered with a cloth in the appearance of the coinciding with textiles in the room. To buttons do not pull the threads from the canvas, the fabric is chosen with rare weaving. On the back of the board, on the top of the baguette, two overhead loops are mounted. Their location should be imperceptible with the front side of the product. Before hanging on the wall, you should make marking and prepare fasteners.

        Installing cork floor

        To mount the cork board, you need to prepare the surface, make a perfectly smooth screed. Choose glue should be for the floor. The strongest in fixation is the composition based on polychloroprene rubber. But it has a sharp smell, work will be in the respirator, in a well-ventilated room. In addition to glue, a varnish is purchased in advance, intended for the cork surface (“any” will not fit). Boards from traffic jams can not be installed immediately after delivery, they need to be revealed and leave for 1-3 days (the accompanying instruction indicates the adaptation time).

        While the material passes adaptation, sorted it. Due to the sensitivity of the natural product, it can have some flaws. Completely whole boards lay aside, they will be most. Then form two stacks: one goes with a slight damage, to another – with noticeable defects. From the first laying of the board are mounted in places where they are less noticeable – under the furniture, near the plinth.

        Material from the second tab will take on the cut, it will be needed where the tile fragments are needed.

        Installation of the cork board occurs in the following order.

        • The room should be divided in half and start styling from this line. Installation of tiles are made with shifting of seams (rotary). The shift step is ½ or 1/3 of the board, it is not changed throughout all stamping works. After fitting the tiles on the screed adhesive.
        • A velor-based roller samples the back surface of the cork material and leave half an hour or for the time specified in the instruction, each composition can be. Working with glue, you need to try not to fall on the facial surface of the material, and if it happened, immediately remove the special solvent.
        • Next, the board is glued to the floor and rolled over it with a rubber roller for improving adhesion. Installation should occur on marking made according to the scheme. You can adjust on fresh glue, dismantle it will not be possible.
        • There should be a gap of 5 mm between the wall and cork coating, since the material reacts to the temperature fluctuations in the expansion. In the last row of tiles, you may have to shorten. Cut is needed with a sharp construction knife, laying under the material a solid surface.
        • After the installation of the cork coating on one half of the room is moving to the installation of the second half.
        • At the end of work, the entire surface of the floor should be rolled with a rubber roller.
        • After drying the glue, the surface of the floor is cleaned from dust and any saroke, preparing it for varnishing.
        • Varnish all surface covered 3-4 times. Each layer must thoroughly dry before the following coating is applied.
        • After a complete bathrinking of the floor proceed to the installation of the plinth. It is better to immediately buy lacquered products in order not to cover them with varnish on their own.

        So that you choose as a cork finish – the floor, walls or ceiling, the room will be cozy and will acquire a special charm. But it must be remembered that the mines of the material almost as much as the advantages. Therefore, we should weigh all “for” and “against” before you start repairing.

        About the installation of cork floor Look in the video.

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