All about cobalt drills

Know everything about cobalt drills Very important to every novice master. Having studied their description by sobering with a tool of 14 mm for metal and other models, you can exclude a lot of errors and discover additional features. It is worth examining the reviews for similar products, as well as the order of their use.


The main feature of cobalt drills is High viscosity alloy. Where a simple tool will quickly overheat, the product with the additive cobalt guarantees much more stable operation. Competently organize everything is quite difficult and difficult. Cobalt drill works perfectly with vertically oriented billets. This is a practically universal tool suitable for a wide range of works.

The main structural material turns out to be steel high-speed brands. Thanks to the use of cobalt (up to 5%), it is possible to refuse the forced heat removal in most cases. Clarket angles drills (on top) 135 degrees. With their help, it is possible to drill even the extremely smooth surfaces without advance cencing – the drill will not leave the sideways (as they say belongs to the self-centritable type).

And also worth noting:

  • Obtaining particularly accurate on the size of the holes;
  • the lack of risk of the appearance of burrs and other deformations;
  • zero probability that the tool in the work area “snaps”;
  • Maximum wear resistance;
  • The passage of the channels is almost twice as fast in comparison with a simple steel drill.

The design of the cobalt group drill may relate to one-sided and bilateral categories.

  1. The first type implies the execution of the cutting part strictly on one side.
  2. In the second embodiment, actually a pair of tools is placed in a single case.

Both tips are performed with separate cutting parts. The advantage is that when damaged of any cutting edge can be processed to use the second, simply rearring the drill in the cartridge.

Marking and color

All cobalt drills carefully marked. First of all, the conditional letters of the elements are written, and after them indicate percentage. Almost all the brands of steel are indicated by several alloying elements. The most perfect brand R6M5K5 is:

  • tungsten – 6%;
  • Molybdenum – 5%;
  • Cobalt – 5%.
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It is worth noting that The tools are smaller than 2 mm far from always have such details in the marking. Most often, the designation of the chemical composition is practiced on the drill bit from 2 to 3 mm.

If the size of the product is even more, the marking may also contain a corporate trademark. The category of accuracy in the symbols is rare.

But, in addition to labeling, you must take into account Coloring of products. She will say an experienced look no less than a combination of letters and numbers. Combination Black and gold Polats testifies to the passage of “vacation”. Similar variation of heat treatment allows you to cope with internal mechanical stresses. Purely golden coloring shows the addition of not only cobalt, but also titanium nitride.

Such a component helps make steel stronger. The level of friction during operation will be less than usual. Black drills are obtained by processing overheated steam. Such an impact reduces natural technical wear. Gray The drill should be considered in the last place – such a tone says that there was no completion processing, and therefore the quality of products will be quite low.

Areas of use

Drilling tool with adding cobalt excellent Suitable for processing both viscous and solid alloys. It can be used on copper and metal with stainless properties. And also note the suitability of such devices for:

  • steel resistant to acid;
  • heat resistant metal;
  • processing of casting molds;
  • manipulations with corrosion resistant compounds;
  • processing alloy alloys;
  • cast iron passing;
  • Fast and accurate machining holes on metal equipment.

Wear resistance Cobalt drills allows for a long service life. You can not be afraid of negative consequences even with intense long work and significant warming up. Specially thought-out design makes it possible to accurately and carefully drill large holes. Additional accessories for such work will not be required. There is a groove, which is grinding for the maximum speed of chips.

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It is also worth noting the presence of a reinforced shank. He minimizes the threat of breakage. As a result, the normative term of use grows. Cobalt additive guarantees excellent drilling of viscous metal products. These include primarily lead and aluminum, but tin and copper also fall into this category.

Tips for choosing

Classic spiral type of drill with additive cobalt is rare. But if there are such products, then the structural basis is performed for them Steel brand HSS. Such substance perfectly cuts the metal. As a result, it becomes possible to make durable and long employees of the Brasters. Using Drills with conical (stepped) geometry Cutting surface can be easier to break the hole in a thin metal layer.

They also will help when adjusting defects left by the other cutting tool. The choice of a specific variant of stepped drills is determined by the type of metal. For dense billets, the golden color tool is optimally suitable. In domestic conditions, it is used quite rarely.

The only exception is when there is a workshop where you have to systematically drill a thin metal or work with soft varieties of materials.

Other thing – Coronated drill (it is the ring mill). Such a cutting device in shape resembles a cylinder. Cutting is performed by one of the edges. Energy consumption when using similar tools is multiple times less than in other cases. The reason is simple: the touch area is relatively small. Coroned drill helps break a large hole. But this advantage is not the only one: the quality of the edges is higher than when using spiral modifications.

Peroil flat drills have a replacing working edge. With their help, it turns out the flawless in size and smoothness of the hole. Many masters use precisely pen designs instead of spirals, while they are relatively cheap.

Most often cobalt drill refers to Tip R6M5K5. Popular I Mark R9K15 – It contains 15% cobalt. Imported products of the same type are indicated as HSS-E. It is necessary to take into account the dimensional series of structures. The main gradation is as follows:

  • short type (length from 2 to 13.1 cm when secting 0.03-2 cm);
  • extended type (1.9-20.5 cm and 0.03-2 cm, respectively);
  • Full-long drills (5.6-25.4 cm and 0.1-2 cm).
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Producing drilling work, it is necessary to navigate the depth of metal. Many household situations are quite enough thickness of 14 mm. Other popular sizes – 6.7×109, 4x75x43, 5x86x52 mm. Additionally, when choosing a modification of the drill, you must pay attention to the range of leading suppliers, such as:

  • Bosch;
  • “Bison”;
  • Rarity brands from the USSR (rarely found, but differ in the amazing parameters).

Terms of Use

There is no point in taking cobalt drill for weak metal. It will be the unproductive cost of the best tool resource. It is always necessary to use a fixture slightly less than the size of the required channel. Under the influence of shock force it will increase. But the depth of the passing hole will be less than the length of the drill. Requires carefully to control the view of the shank. It varies depending on the use for drills or perforators.

Important: The effectiveness of cobalt drills on flat rough surfaces is small. Inappropriately once again drilled material at high speeds. Reduced heating help with oleic acid or minor breaks.

Review reviews

Excellent results gives Model “Practice Expert”. Reviews notes that this tool is superior to 95% of mass industrial products. Also draw attention to the strength of bending exposure and long service life. The drill of this version is set exactly. He has no special flaws recorded.

Product under name Bosch HSS-CO also enjoys popularity. Does not interfere with even the fact that, according to some data, they are issued in China. As for comparison Fit and Keil brands, everything is not so unequivocal. Products Fit significantly cheaper. But u Keil More perfect sharpening. According to the redstomitivity, these brands are on a par.

In the next video, you are waiting for an overview of a set of cobalt drills 1-10mm from China.

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