All about cartridges for a drill

Without cartridge, the drill will not hold high quality in the design of the tool and perform the task. This element differs in design and characteristics, and in order to correct it correctly, it will be necessary to understand in one, and in the other.

What is it needed for?

The drill cartridge is an important detail that is responsible for reliable fasteners. Its design is arranged in such a way as to keep the drill tightly, without letting it even with a high rotating moment. Cartridge can be used to rotate a screwdriver or any other fixture.

The element with the key assumes that an additional component is used to replace. The key is manufactured in the T-shaped form, it is near the cartridge. When they turn, moves the gear, which makes the collar rotate around the castle responsible for opening or closing.

Sometimes in the design of the cartridge, the user turns the sleeve at the end of the drill to reveal and close the castle fists. Such a fastening is better holding a working tool, it is easy to tighten by hand, making less forces.

On some castles in the design of the cartridge, the number of cams reaching up to six, and what they are more, the more dense the drill on its place. 4 of them are needed to hold square bits. If the tool is used to solve homework, then the cam 3, and they are self-centered.


The user who often applies a drill must know and understand the size of the cartridges that is in the market. In addition, they differ in the diameter of the shank, some required to acquire a separate adapter or adapter.

At the maximum diameter of the shank, you can understand how widely the clamping petals are dismiss.

In this case, this is:

  • 0.6 cm;
  • 0.635 cm;
  • 0.65 cm;
  • 0.1 cm;
  • 0.13 cm;
  • 0.16 cm.

The first dimensions are rare, the rest – much more. Based on the power and size of a drill, the manufacturer selects and optimally affordable shank diameter. If this is a small tool, the power of which is only 300 W, it makes no sense to put the cartridge on 0.16 cm. If the user cannot hold the necessary nozzle to the existing cartridge, because the dimensions are not combined, then there is a need to choose another larger diameter.

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It is necessary to take into account and the minimum allowable value of the diameter of the shank, which can be 0.fifty.8, 1, 1.5, 2, 3 millimeters. It is worth noting that value 0.5 mm occurs on cartridges that have a maximum value of 6.5 mm, and so – by increasing.

From other characteristics to which you definitely pay attention when choosing a suitable cartridge – seat. It can be two types: threaded and conical.

Modern manufacturers prefer to use the first option in the instrument design, the second is applied on those tremers, where the maximum diameter of the shank 16 mm.

The threaded connection plays an equally important role. It can be:

  • metric;
  • inch (1 * 4, 3 * 8, 5 * 8, 1 * 2).

The most popular are the dimensions 3 * 8 and 1 * 2. They are used on the shank diameter 0.10 and 0.13 cm.

Metric carving is only one type – M12, it is used for cartridges, in which the diameter of the shank is 0.10.13, 0.16 cm.

    At the cartridges from the characteristics, you can still highlight the seat, which is indicated as:

    • AT 12;
    • B16;
    • B18.

    In this case, the numbers are a diameter that is prescribed in millimeters.

    Plays an important role and honing head, the design of which depends on the length and diameter of the opening.

    They are for holes:

    • short;
    • medium;
    • deep;
    • Deaf.

      The latter, but no less important place is the shaft, which can be stationary or flexible. The first is in the drill case, the second is screwed, in its design there is a flexible hose, it allows you to use the tool in hard-to-reach places.

      Constructive features

      The cartridge device is based on the use of cam or collet mechanism in its design. Thanks to the element on the instrument, you can easily clamp different in the form and diameter of the nozzle.

      Multiple parts are a cartridge:

      • cylindrical body shape;
      • rotating on the outside of the sleeve;
      • 3 clamping petals.

      The last element plays a very important role in the design of the cartridge, so it is made of high-quality and high-strength steel. All petals of the same size and shape when the sleeve performs rotation, they are closed, fixing the nozzle used.

      Such a mechanism is simply indispensable when using round drills, because it does not allow them to be checked inside the cartridge.


      There are several varieties of collet cartridges with cams inside:

      • quick-time;
      • key (cogwenty);
      • Mini-cartridges.
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      Fast-inspected use without an additional key, what is their main advantage. The user has the ability to replace the cartridge quickly and without additional tools. The clamp is automatically produced, which allows to significantly reduce the time to change the nozzles.

      From the disadvantages of the clamping cartridge – instability during long-term use. Over time, the mechanism is loosen and can no longer provide the necessary level of fastening, as a result of which round shanks turn.

      More experienced masters prefer key cartridges, because they are more reliable, to delay them manually. However, during operation it is easy to lose the key.

      No less claimed mini-cartridges that are installed on a small drill or boring apparatus. Most often, jewelers use small cartridges.

      These main types have subspecies:

      • self-sufficient;
      • turning;
      • angular;
      • with Morse cone;
      • With rattling.

        By mounting the cartridge can be:

        • conical;
        • Threaded.

        In self-arms, as well as at the quick-release, there are advantages: it does not need a key to use it. Unlike the second, where the clip is automatically occurring, with a self-apparatus cartridge you need to use the hand. Hand the user pushes an element on itself, thereby weakened the mount, and you can remove the nozzle. This position is held until you put another drill, then release, and the cartridge reserves the nozzle, tightly holding it. In the design, the role of the clutch is played by the blocker.

        The tapered cartridge is worn without the use of thread, respectively, the threaded screws onto the rod. This is their main difference.

        The lathe can be a manual three- or four-digit, as well as a mechanical two- or three-tank. Some self-centering models. They are installed on the front flange of the spindle or in the transition flange.

        Corner is used if necessary to make a hole at an angle of exactly 90 degrees or in a hard-to-reach place. It has the kind of specialized nozzle with key cartridge in design.

        Morse cone element is used for equipment with appropriate mount. Equipping must comply with the requirements of GOST. The main purpose is to reduce the radial beating of the drill and the distance on which the drill is fixed in the cartridge. Mandatory requirement that the size of the cone on the equipment and inside the cartridge coincide.

        Few members know what is a cartridge with a rattling, and what is his feature. The ratchet in the design is used to adjust the torque. It is thanks to her that the user gets the opportunity to adjust the depth, which includes drill or screws up the screw, which is very important when working with plasterboard when it can be easily skipped.

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        What are the cartridges for drills, look in the following video.


        Most portable drills are twisted on a threaded spindle that is connected to a drill, and then held on the spot using a lock screw. To understand which item must be purchased to change the old one, it is necessary to open the petals to the widest point and look into the base with the flashlight. If the screw is visible at the bottom of the cartridge, it is worth paying attention to the type of head. If it is missing, it is probably a conical spindle.

        When buying, it is also worth considering that the element is obliged to ensure proper fastening rigidity, taking into account the number of revolutions. More expensive models allow to reduce radial beating.

        Not in the last place and convenience of using the cartridge, In this case, the speed is on the first position, but when it comes to durability, it is better to buy with the key.

        If drills from a carbide material are used, then the cartridge must be self-centered, since such a snap is bad resistance to longitudinal bending. It is important to know that the rigidity of the attachment is always compared with the nozzle length and the material from which it is made.

        Operating tips

        In the process of operation, breakdowns often happen, for example, the cones may fall out. If the element flew from the tool, you can easily correct the situation. To do this, it will be necessary to heat in oil to a temperature of 110 s. After that we put on the cone.

        When jamming clamping petals from the user, you will need to remove the cartridge, disassemble it, clean and well.

          But in case of the appearance of a beat, it is better to replace the item to a new one, how to seek the cause of the breakdown, since it is often possible to restore the former functionality.

          It is worth remembering that the user depends on how long the cartridge will last.

          In addition, playing a role:

          • quality;
          • Features of operation;
          • How the user works with the tool.

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