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Each car owner needs in its garage at least 1 jack. Sometimes the question arises – to do with a simple automotive, which comes with the machine, or get something better and more reliable? In today’s article, we will consider the Bottle Jacks and their principle of operation.


The jacks of the described species most often prefer people who professionally engaged in car repair. This is facilitated by the following factors that undoubtedly relate to the benefits of such a mechanism.

  • Large loading. Due to this, the jacks of this type can raise from 3 to 100 tons. Such power of the mechanism allows you to maintain cargo, agricultural and military equipment with it and is sometimes used at a construction site for a small displacement of heavy metal structures.
  • The product can work even at low temperatures. Thanks to the working fluid that does not freeze even at low temperatures, the device works regularly even in the winter season on the street.
  • Convenience and easy operation. During the lifting of the cargo with a similar mechanism, force from the operator is necessary only for pressing the pump drive, so that the oil from the expansion barrel falls into the working cylinder. More powerful models are equipped with an electric drive or a pneumatic supercharger, in this case, no effort will be required from the user.
  • In contrast to common rack models, bottle Have better stability. The working cylinder is combined with a flat metal reference platform of a large area. Thanks to such a support, the whole design will be very stable.
  • The rise is carried out very smoothly. This is due to the smooth supply of oil into the working cylinder. During the lifting there will be no sharp jerks. Similarly, lowered. The smoothness of the stroke eliminates the likelihood of cargo drops and injury to the user.

Like any device, this kind of jacks has its drawbacks. It is worth noting the main.

  1. Correctly transport and store a jack of this type only in a vertical position. Flip or put a side can not be due to the probability of oil leakage. Transportation in the trunk machine must occur in fixed form to avoid tipping on turns.
  2. It is necessary to monitor the level of fluid, to add it on time and in the event of the need to produce its complete replacement. It is important to change the old oil only on a special hydraulic. Normal motor or transmission will not fit.
  3. Height of pickup. Vertical design does not allow you to install the device under the machine with a lumen less than 15 cm.

If we speak essentially Listed disadvantages are not significant, Considering the technical direction of this product. If you chose the tool correctly and care for it with knowledge of the case, he will last you for many years without any problems.

Such a device has widespread use in all garage workshops For inspections of cars, replacement and removal of wheels, raising heavy elements. They can be found in many stations to repair and maintain any types of transport. They do not have to be the main tool, but their presence always helps.

These devices Love garage masters not only for small dimensions and cost, but also use in many products where great pressure is needed on the part. They are recycled by various pressure gauges, bypass valves and locks.

Of these, garage craftsmen very often produce hydraulic presses for repair purposes in a garage. Sometimes they are used for car repair.


The product described does not have many types of its execution, as the design is very simple and reliable. Nevertheless, some differences are still present. In addition to the obvious lifting difference, products may differ in different heights in the raised state. In order not to increase the minimum pickup height, but increase the maximum rod departure, the engineers decided to make a rod consisting of 2 and even 3 sections that are moved one to another, as in the retractable antenna. Conditionally bottled jacks can be divided into:

  • one-stroke;
  • two-stream;
  • Three-stroke.

In addition to the number of rods, sometimes you can meet The jack of the described view with the screw pump. These are quite rare models, but they also deserve attention. They can come in handy if they need to be installed in an uncomfortable place and swing the usual pump is very difficult. In this case, a metal cardan comes to revenue, which comes with the jack.

Such devices are included in some SUVs, who have places for the support of the jack on the frame too far away from the car threshold. In this case, install and work with jacks of other species is simply not possible.

Bottle Bottle DVP 16 presented on the video further.

Rating models

Consider the most common and selling models of bottled jacks.

  • AutoProfi DG-8. This model has a grapted height of 200 mm, and if your car is lower, then the tool will not work. The rest of the car owners will appreciate this product and will be pleasantly surprised how easy it is a small device raises the cargo. The jack is designed for the maximum weight of 8 tons, the maximum lifting height is 400 mm. In operation, he showed itself pretty good, although it is considered to be budget. High-quality processing of the working surface of the cylinder reduces the likelihood of premature wear of the sealing ring, and the safety valve eliminates its extrusion during excessive load. The metal heel of the retractable rod still made her spoonful of tar. So as not to damage the metal and do not contemb the paint, you will have to put something softer between the body and the jack than the metal.

  • “Bison” 43060-12. His ability to raise 12 tons has become at the same time the advantage and disadvantage. The fact that he can raise a lot of weight is a certain plus, but no one has canceled the hydraulics laws and it will have to download him for a raising for a very long time and persistently. The height of the pickup is not small here – 230 mm, and the height of the lift is 465 mm. This model is suitable for heavy work, as evidenced by the extension lever complete with the device. Given the low cost, this product will find its buyer in the form of small repair shops that work with trucks.

  • Matrix Master 50756. The jack of this company has a durable case in its configuration and is equipped with a safety valve, which allows it to cope with weights up to 5 tons. The minimum height of the pickup is 216 mm, and the maximum lifting height is 413 mm. This budget model will allow repair work with small trucks and small agricultural machinery. Moderate combination of price and quality will allow such a product to be provided in various fields and places of application.

How to choose?

Choosing a similar tool, you need in advance Determine with the height of pickup and maximum lifting height, But of course with necessary weight, which will raise your jack. Based on these values, you can start choosing. Acquire similar goods need in specialized stores, Where you not only consult, but will give a guarantee for the goods sold.

Ask staff Quality Certificate on purchased goods. If for any reason you do not show this document or can not show, then it is better to give up from buying in such an institution. Be sure to examine the goods before purchase. On sealing cuffs there should be no visible damage, and on the stock – scratches and cracks. If this managed to detect, then ask to replace the goods.

Sometimes oil leaks may be present on a new jack of a bottle type. This is not always a marriage, most often a constructive feature. The main thing is that in the process of operation it was not detected.

How to use?

Jack is a fairly simple device, each can cope with it. If it is necessary to use it, then take the device, install it under load, which you want to raise, for example, a car. Before starting work, check whether the spa valve is closed on the product. For this special tip on the lever, turn the bolt clockwise until you stop. Now you can proceed to the rise.

If your device is equipped with a pickup adjustment bolt, and the car itself is much higher than the jack in folded form, then unscrew the bolt to reduce the distance to the load, but do not twist it completely, otherwise you risk damage to thread. It is necessary to leave 4-5 turns for reliable fixation.

Next, start swinging the oil from the expansion tank to the working cylinder. As it pumps a certain amount of oil, the stock will be extended, and the load will start the rise. Having achieved a certain height, stop feeding the oil, and the device will remain in the specified position. Before starting repair work, be sure to remove the lever from the pump, as it may be dangerous to health. An excess influx of oil can provoke a change in the position of the car when it is undesirable.

After completing all the work, it’s time to lower the load back, for this you need to send the oil back to the expansion tank. To do this, we need to weaken the bypass valve, unscrewing a bolt slightly.

Under the weight of the machine, the oil will go back, and the load itself drops. Before starting work, read the description of the device in the instruction manual.

Review reviews

Owners of the jacks of this type celebrate Construction reliability and smoothness of the product. If the product is purchased with a reserve, then there is no problem with the height of the lifting. She always grabs. It is worth noting that such a device undesirable to store indoors with high humidity. This will certainly lead to the emergence of corrosion on metal, with which many users not excluded by these facts.

Consumers noticed that the models that are shipped without special cases are much harder to transport and transfer.

According to the reviews of many buyers, it happens that a malfunction of the bypass valve arises. Because of this, the jack does not hold the weight in the specified position.

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