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Grinding machines today were widely distributed not only among professional, but among home masters. With their help you can handle a variety of items and materials. One of the popular manufacturers of such tools is Bosch, which is producing, in particular, rechargeable models.

The assortment of the manufacturer shows tape and eccentric tools. In addition, if necessary, you can choose a grinding machine for both concrete or wood and metal or a universal model. On the intricacies of the choice and the peculiarities of such aggregates will be told in the article.


The German Bosch car of this type has gained wide recognition worldwide. It is a universal model and is suitable for performing grinding of various surfaces for a long time. At the same time, continuous operation is possible precisely due to the presence of battery.

This type of food makes it possible to use the device not only in hard-to-reach places, but even where, where, in general, there is no electricity. An important feature is that the presence of a special Flexible Power system makes it possible to install on grinders and other batteries that have the same system. The presence of a replaceable battery allows you to use the tool in fact without stopping.

There is a German manufacturer’s tool and another unique feature. With it, you can not only grind or polish certain surfaces, but also perform actions such as:

  • cut plastic, wood and metal;
  • clean or make a blank;
  • Remove rust.

As you can see, the sphere of such battery grinding machines is very large.

Varieties and their characteristics

Today, Bosch offers its buyers many types of professional equipment.

  • Eccentric tool, Second Title – Orbital Grinder Bosch. Such a tool has a major working surface – this is a round disk, on which the grinding nozzle itself is attached using special lipuchk. The protective sole allows not only to avoid injuries while working, but also to protect the tool itself from ingestion of alien particles.
  • Deltaid tools have an iron form, and they are used only to perform work in the most hard-to-reach places. They have low productivity and compact size. Therefore, the processing of large areas with their help is practically not carried out due to large temporary and physical costs.

  • Ribbon models Use exclusively for works associated with wooden surfaces. They received their name due to the principle of operation: the tape is tensioning between two rollers and when turned on, it starts to move actively. Basically, the grinding and polishing of wood are the main works. It is important here to perform all the works in slower, otherwise the tape is knocked down, and it is necessary to turn off the device in order to fix it.
  • Angle Grinder – It is essentially standard Bulgarian. If necessary, you can additionally purchase a semicircular disk and a special nozzle to it. With their help, you can not only grind, but also cut the surface.
  • Vibrating (flat octiculipal) machines equipped with a working surface of a rectangular shape. It is on it that they attach a special grinding sheet. Here, the processing of the working surface is carried out precisely by the powerful vibration, and not by manual to clean the upper layer.

Such a wide range of even experienced masters makes seriously think about the same type of grinders to give preference. In order to facilitate this choice, we suggest familiarizing yourself with the mini-rating of popular tools for each type.

Best models

In each model range of a certain type of such a tool, there are aggregates that enjoy the greatest popularity of buyers. It is for them first of all to pay attention when choosing a tool.

  • Rechargeable Eccentric Grinder GSS 18V-10. This is a multifunctional model, also related to the category of combined, since simultaneously has a vibration. Battery power 18 V, the tool is ideal for work in hard-to-reach places. Designed for continuous operation within 4-6 hours. The presence of a special dust system makes the work process as convenient, fast and safe.

  • Corner model GWS 18-125 V-Li It is considered one of the most powerful grinding machines presented today in the global market. Battery power 18 V, duration of work without recharging about 5 hours. Warranty service life 3 years. The tool has a small weight (just over 2 kg) and compact size, which allows you to use it in hard-to-reach places with ease, without much fatigue and voltage. The manufacturer offers two types of configuration of this tool: Standard with a protective casing or extended with replaceable nozzles.
  • GGS 18 V-Li – Direct tool model. It is implemented in three different equipment: with 1 additional battery and two keys, with two standard keys and with keys and protective casing included. A distinctive feature of this tool lies in its compact dimensions and minimum weight, so even when performing large volumes of work there is no fatigue feeling.

But it is important when choosing a specific model of such a tool, also take into account the type of material for the processing of which it will be used.

How to choose?

If most of the upcoming work is associated with the processing of various wooden surfaces, it is necessary to choose exactly the model of the instrument, the main purpose of which is precisely wood processing. The same should be taken into account when purchasing a model for working with stone and concrete surfaces.

The main selection criteria should be several factors.

  • Battery life. The more often the tool will be used longer, the greater the power of it should be. This will depend not only the time of continuous activity, but also its quality.

  • Weight – than he is more, the faster there will be to tire hands while working. Therefore, for the processing of large areas of concrete or wood, it is necessary to choose models weighing no more than 3 kg. And it is better to give preference only to direct grinders – with them work will be performed faster and easier.
  • The presence of replaceable disks. An important characteristic of such a tool. It is better to spend a little more, buying a universal device, suitable for work and with concrete, and with a tree than to acquire two different grinding machines.

As well as professional masters recommend choosing only those tools that have a rubber pad on the handle. They are more comfortable in their work, do not slide in the palms, and therefore, and more secure. Straight grinders Bosch almost all such.

Operating tips

In order for the newly acquired tool to serve for a long time and fulfill its purpose qualitatively, It is important to remember several rules.

  • Lubrication used for its periodic processing must meet the requirements of the manufacturer. It is best to purchase it at once along with the purchase of the tool.
  • Be sure to follow the instructions of the manufacturer. If it is indicated that the tool can be used only for processing concrete or dry wood, then only for processing such materials it can be used.
  • Be sure to contact a specialized service center, if the tool began to climb during operation or began to perform its work.
  • While performing any work using this tool, it is important to wear protective gloves and glasses.
  • It is impossible to allow strong pollution of grinders or its complete or partial blotting.

Following these simple recommendations will help for a long time to maintain a good performance and the appearance of the German brand sandmars. Bosch.

In the next video you will find an overview of the Bosch GBS 75 AE ribbon grinding.

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