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The modern market of paint equipment is quite diverse, which is a consequence of the presence of different types of devices. Among these can be noted air and airless, which have differences that can make changes to the workflow. The second type is no less effective, and it requires more detailed consideration.

What is different from the air?

Based on the title, it is already possible to understand that airless models do not require such a device as a compressor. It is he who creates an air pressure that paints paint. In the case of an airless tool, the basis of the work is the principle of dispersion, that is, the crushing of the material and its issuance on the treated surface.

In addition, there are different differences. First of all, you can say about the collapse of paint. It is more efficient, as the disadvantage of air models is the wrath of material in the air when using paint materials. This percentage is much less among airless units, since the working mixture simply has nowhere to disappear, because it falls directly to the surface.

This method has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include high efficiency and quality of spraying, which is used in industry and construction. Among the disadvantages, the main thing is excessive straightness. Because of too high pressure, paint is released so quickly that it is better to handle simple details of the usual shape, without any bends and other design features.

And also the adjustment of the airless tool requires more accurate adjustment, since the material is applied to a flat strength. It is impossible not to say about the features of cleaning. This process is worth paying special attention, because its ignoring is much faster reduces the efficiency of the nozzle than the air spray guns.

Listing the differences in these types of sprayers, it can be said that airless more find application is not in everyday life, but in industry, for example, in car dealerships, shipbuilding and other directions.

This scope is expressed by the universality of airless paintopults, because they can process a large amount of materials, and regardless of their condition. Because of this, such aggregates are used in the furniture industry, where insufficient wood processing will not be a serious obstacle to dyeing. This can also be attributed to the use of airless pulverizers on the railway. It is the rough processing that makes this type most versatile, albeit more demanding.

Principle of operation and device

The main difference in the design of airless models, as already mentioned earlier, is the absence of a compressor. To the paintopult, or rather, his gun, the hose is connected, which gives paint through the nozzle. It has a small size so that the torch has clear boundaries and applied paintwork materials as close as possible, thereby reaching high efficiency. It is worth saying about the presence of a special safety system, the main purpose of which is to protect the user from high tool pressure, while not interfering with operation.

Design also provides a filter installation. It allows painting actions even in dusting rooms, if you do not have time to clean. Of course, it is better to work initially at a suitable place, but there is such an opportunity for instant operation without loss of quality. Painting in the nozzle is carried out through an electric motor that can be connected to different types of drives.

In general, the principle of operation does not differ from air models, with the exception of these features. Through the actions of the mechanisms, the coloring substances enter the nozzle and are distributed over the surface.

It is important to add that the main paint materials that can be used are alkyd, flame retardant, latex, textured and epoxy mixtures.


There are three types of airless paint sprouts, each requires special attention to understanding the exploitation and scope on the basis of technical features.


This type of drive feeds from the power supply system through the wire. This must be taken into account in order to ensure maximum safety and tool performance. Using this type of models, it is always necessary to have a number of power supply, which is best manifested when operating in living conditions. If you pay attention to electric pulverizers, it can be understood that they have not such a big power as the units of other two types.

This is due to the fact that the main advantages and features of operation are convenience and compactness. Optimal characteristics for performing medium painting, small dimensions and weight, simple transportation – all this can be attributed to the main benefits of battery assemblies.

We must not forget that work from electricity has its own peculiarity, since this type of devices is prohibited to be used in fire hazardous and too wet places. There may be short circuit or oxidize some mechanism.


The type of paintopult, which works on the most familiar fuel – gasoline. The main advantage can be called independence. You will not need to take care of having a side source. Just pour fuel, and use the tool. Gasoline models have a good power, due to which they most often find their use in industrial work. High efficiency can be attributed to the pros, but there are also cons.

First of all, these are exhausts from fuel. They are harmful to inhalation and, most importantly, require special operating conditions. It is very important to take care in advance that the work room is ventilated. Therefore, gasoline airless models are used in open areas, such as construction projects, where the presence of exhaust does not have serious consequences. Power also affects the transport capacity, which is a disadvantage of aggregate with considerable dimensions.


The most efficient type of drive, as it allows you to work with the materials of the large area. The basis of the work is a pneumatic installation created specifically for industrial scales. Usually, This type of paintopults is used in car services, on automobiles, in shipbuilding and other industries, where the time is very important. Naturally, pneumatic models have the highest price, but if you know how you will use a similar unit and can realize its power, it will pay off for a rather short time.

How to choose?

First, decide on the device type. Thanks to the assessment of advantages and disadvantages, as well as features of the design and operation, you can choose the appropriate model based on the tasks and work volume. Pay attention to individual parts of the collapse, for example, on the nozzle diameter. This characteristic is responsible for ensuring that the kraasopult can produce as much material as possible. Thus, the emulsion consumption increases, but the work can be performed faster. Conventional size that generates a torch diameter up to 80 cm, enough to perform a wide range of tasks.

Do not forget about the use of the maximum allowable viscosity. It must be 50-80 DIN so that you can use the paint of different consistency and independently adjust its condition by adding the required amount of solvent.

Before the choice will be useful to learn more about the design, or rather, the presence of various nozzles on the nozzle, about the handle and its structure. Among the technical characteristics, it is possible to note the importance of noise and power, because these two parameters determine the efficiency and convenience of equipment.

No less important selection of articraft manufacturer. In the modern market, a large number of companies are presented to provide their products to the consumer. The possibility of a wide choice in this case is determining, as you can proceed from your budget, specific preferences, compare the capabilities of the model with your tasks.

Best manufacturers

Information regarding good and proven manufacturers may noticeably help when buying. You can make a small rating that will include well-known companies with a good assortment.

Graco – firm that specializes in hand painted technology. Among the advantages can be noted a wide range that is built on the model line. That is, one unit has several variations that differ in their characteristics and package. Such a variety allows you to choose a paintopult based on the budget.

Bosch – Famous company producing various types of power tools. A sufficient amount of range in the most diverse performance allows the consumer to choose the technique of different levels and applications. Good quality and average price for a long time are valued by buyers, thanks to which Bosch model is easy to purchase in Russia. This also applies to spare parts that can be purchased separately.

Wagner – German manufacturer who is known primarily for its automated systems that are used in large industries. Pneumatic Wagner models are made using modern technologies, due to which the high quality and efficiency of the performance of different works is achieved. Of course, these systems have a high price, but they are designed for massive and extensive use that will be able to recoup the costs of equipment in the future.

“Bison” – Domestic manufacturer of inexpensive technology, among which there are and aggregates for coloring surfaces. The model range of the low and medium price segment, expressed in the optimal ratio of quality and cost, is best suited for domestic use. Simple operation, reliable design and the possibility of good feedback makes Kzubor Sprosters among the most preferred for their price. And it is also worth noting the low cost of spare parts and other components, due to which the cost of operation is reduced.

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