Alkyd paint: Features of choice

The durability of many materials depends on the external factors affecting the surface. One way to extend the service life of metal or wood is the coating by their protective mixtures. They minimize the external effect on the top layer of the substance, thereby reducing the risk of its destruction. Among their analogues, alkyd paint solves these tasks.

It has unique technical parameters that allow it to be used both inside houses and outside.

What it is?

Alkyd paints appeared on the modern market for a very long time. Their history began a few more decades ago since a person learned to synthesize artificial polymers. The name of these mixtures is due to the presence of polyesters in their composition, which are called alkida. These products from oils and fatty acids, which combined into one group.

Such a compound made it possible to obtain high-quality fluid, which was then used as a solution for various paint-forming components.

The popularity of alkyd paints today is due to several of their positive parties:

  • Moisture resistance. The top layer is very well pushing the water, not allowing it to penetrate the surface of the coating.
  • High defense film density. This, in turn, also affects the wear resistance of the material. The substance is well tolerate abrasion and can persist for a long time.

  • Mechanical Damage Resistance.
  • The paint is not afraid of the effects of various chemical solutions. Therefore, it is used in industrial enterprises and in other specialized places.
  • High dried speed.

However, the products are not universal, since there are many harmful substances during drying in the air. Because of this, alkyd paints are considered unsafe for the environment. It should be noted that such an effect is observed only during the time when the paint dries.

Differences from ordinary enamel

Alkyd paints are a fairly wide mixture group, which includes the so-called enamel. It is these solutions that are often associated with alkidam-based mixtures. Another popular product is acrylic enamel used almost everywhere.

To understand which material is better, you should compare several of their characteristics:

  • Drying time. Alkyd enamel dries up to 2 days, which allows you to quickly and efficiently make repairs. Acrylic-based solutions are gaining strength from 2 to 30 days depending on the composition and place of use. Sometimes it brings some inconvenience, especially if time dates are pressed.
  • Life time. Alkyd paints can be operated both with positive and minus temperatures. The frozen mixture does not tolerate ultraviolet. Therefore, after 2-3 years, the alkid layer will simply crack, and it will need to be changed. Acrylic enamel of much more elastic. Its service life can reach up to 8 years. If she is covered with metal or plaster, then the upper layer will last up to 20 years.

  • Price. Acrylic-based paints are distinguished by a high price that exceeds the similar indicator of alkyd solutions several times.
  • Compound. The main component of acrylic paints is an acrylic polymer, as well as water acting as a solvent. Yet alkyd mixtures assume the presence of an alkyd varnish, as well as White Spirit. Both kinds of paint contain special dyes and plasticizers, but it already affects specific solutions.

Varieties and composition

Alkyd paint is suitable for solving many tasks.

It is manufactured on the basis of several main components:

  • Alkyd resins. Often the paints include varnish, which perfectly binds each other all the other components.
  • Solvent. Many manufacturers as this element use kerosene (White Spirit). But some apply other solutions related to this chemical group.
  • Fillers. The main element here is the granite or marble crumb. It is crushed to the size of flour, which allows you to evenly distribute the substance in solution.

Depending on the structure and composition of paints of this type, they divide large groups:

  • Oil. The main component of this solution is Olife. There are several stamps of such mixtures, among which can be allocated Ma-021, Ma-025 and others. Such solutions are quite rare, as they have a strong smell when drying, and also quickly fade under the influence of the Sun. But the cost of oil paints is relatively low, so many also apply them.
  • Emalevy. The main components here is an alkyd varnish, which forms a solid film on the surface after frozen. Depending on the main filler, the enamel can be divided into glyphthalic and pentaphthalic. The first group of solutions is hard hard. Use glyphthalic paints is desirable only indoors. Pentafthalic mixtures are more universal and very well repel water. There are several species of paints, among which can be allocated PF-115, PF-133 and others.

Depending on the structure of the surface of the alkidase-based mixture, can be divided into matte and glossy. Today there are paints completely odorless, which allows you to use them in the bathroom or in the kitchen.

An excellent alternative to this will be an aerosol mixture. Paint in the canopy is easy to apply, as it falls down a uniform thin layer. But it should be noted that not all alkyd compositions can be produced in the form of aerosols.

To change the physical properties of paints, many manufacturers are added to certain substances.

Depending on this, products can be divided into several types:

  • Alkudo-Uretteen;
  • styrene;
  • other.


Color palette of alkyd paints is quite limited. Especially popular with black, white and brown solutions. But manufacturers allow you to change the color of the paint yourself.

To do this, they produce a variety of colors (dyes). They are added to the paint acquired, and it acquires the desired color. Combining a few mixtures, you can get the right shade you.


The scope of using alkyd paints is quite wide, since the material easily forms a solid connection with almost any material.

Today, solutions of this type are used in various industries to solve complex tasks:

  • Painting of wooden surfaces. Very often, alkyd solutions are used for staining doors, furniture or floor. Note that not all formulations can be used in this case. For example, Paul from wood should be painted with mixtures that have increased abrasion resistance (PF-253).
  • Protection of metal parts. This group includes almost all types of alkyd paints. But here there is also a gradation of use, depending on the application. So, for painting heating radiators, the mixture of the PF-223 brand is suitable. It is intended only for internal works and is able to withstand high temperatures. Among the disadvantages, you can select a very caustic smell, so all work must be performed only in protective clothing.

  • Protection of concrete walls. Paints for these surfaces appeared relatively recently. To achieve high-quality results, they are recommended to apply with special primers. Use similar solutions in most cases for walls, since the floor coverings from concrete almost never face.


The production of alkyd paints today is engaged in many companies, among which can be distinguished by several brands:

  • Belinka. Paints are perfectly suitable for various surfaces. But the main direction is the manufacture of solutions for wood.
  • Tikkurila. Finnish company is the leader in the paint market. Here you can find high-quality alkyd products that meets all safety standards. Among the positive characteristics, you can allocate a long service life of the material and a large number of color shades (up to 120).

  • Alpina. The company is also widely known for its products. The market presents both alkyd and acrylic enamel. Materials are distinguished by high quality and ease of application.
  • Sadolin. Swedish brand present on the market for a long time. Releases several types of alkyd paints. Here you can find solutions for both wood and for metal. The color of many formulations may vary using caloring mixtures.

How to choose?

Alkyd paints today produces many companies, but not all of them differ in quality.

When buying such a product, you should pay attention to several characteristics:

  • Price. Cheap enamels are not capable of long and efficiently protect the surface from corrosion. We should give preference only to foreign stamps that have proven themselves in the market.
  • Purpose. All types of alkyd paints are used with concrete materials. Theoretically, the wood solution can be applied to concrete or metal, but it will not hold onto this surface for a long time. Therefore, it is better to use only specialized solutions.

  • Compound. For the manufacture of paint, only high-quality materials should be used. All this must be confirmed by the relevant documents. It is important to pay attention to the level of security, since some modifications can highlight very toxic components. Therefore, it is not recommended to work with them in domestic conditions.

Alkyd paints are universal protective solutions capable of extending the service life of almost any material. Apply them to everyday life, it should be limited to, as there are more secure analogues of such products on the market.

In the next video you will find an overview of alkyd paint for furniture Tikkurila Empire.

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