Alkid enamel: properties and application

Alkyd enamel is one of the most popular types of paints, which can boast versatility and durability. Thanks to the unique properties, this material can be used even for the outer decoration of the premises.


Alkid enamel appeared relatively recently and in a short period of time was able to gain popularity, pushing out other types of paint coatings. This product is distinguished by its multifunctionality, due to which it is actively used not only for internal work (floor and wall decorations), but also for external repair.

The determining difference in alkyd enamel from acrylic is resistance to mechanical damage, as well as the ability to perfectly resist abrasion. Even after many years, the surface, decorated with alkyd enamel, continues to maintain its attractive appearance.

Thus, among the main features of the enamel of this species, it is possible to distinguish its impressive elasticity and durability. The material requires the minimum amount of time to dry, Due to which it can be used in any room.

Another advantage of this type of paintwork is that it does not turn yellow over time and does not lose its original color.


The unique characteristics of alkyd enamel make it possible to apply it during work on the street, since the material is not afraid of the effects of rain and snow, temperature drops and the rays of the Sun. The product includes ultra-modern components that ensure reliable protection of material from the corrosion process.

It is precisely because of this that it is actively used to finish the metal, as well as wooden items.

Among the most popular options, the following varieties can be noted:

  • Quick-drying. In most cases, it includes sequivos and various solvents. Due to this, the drying process takes the minimum amount of time, which makes alkyd enamel perfect solution for interior decoration.
  • Melaminoalkide. The peculiarity of such a material is that such a kind can boast of impressive adhesion, so the melaminalkide species are used for metal painting.
  • Alkyd-Urethunova. Is a mixture of pigments and target additives, which also includes special sequivations.

Alkid enamel is obtained by mixing alkyd varnishes and special solvents. However, other components can also be added to the paint: to give a certain color, to provide corrosion resistance and other additives.

If it is necessary to ensure the durability of the material to various fungal lesions and prevent the development of mold, antiseptics are added to the product.

It should be noted that, like most other paints and varnishes, enamel with long-term non-use can lose its properties and change the consistency, returning only when adding a special solvent.

Alkyd varnish is used as the main component in such enamels, which can be two types:

  • Pentafalian – This is a special resin composition to which glycerin and natural oils are added. The main advantage of a similar component is that it can boast its resistance to water.
  • Glyphthalian. The composition is characterized by a high speed of drying, which varies from 24 to 6 hours.


The modern market presents a huge number of alkyd enamels, which are based on their active ingredients, characteristics, use features and other points. Each Mark Enamel has its letter code, which, first of all, indicates which components are part of the material, as well as what it can be used.

Among the most popular species can be noted the following varieties:

  • Enamel, which is suitable for outdoor work. This material includes unique components that provide reliable protection against exposure to external factors.
  • For indoor use. Such kinds will dry far faster: usually this process takes about a day.
  • Enamel for temporary use, which is also called conservative.

  • Enamel that boasts resistance to moisture and water.
  • With the presence of special components. For example, the coating for scaring insects.
  • Resistant to electrical conductivity.

  • Heat-resistant. Actively apply to the finishing of industrial premises. Can boast of resistance to too high or low temperatures.
  • In recent years, aerosol enamel is highly popular in the market, which is an opaque glass composition in the balloon.

A similar mixture is applied using spraying, which allows the use of the composition in the most hard-to-reach places of the surface, where you can not get to the roller or tassels.

Depending on the classification of alkyd enamel, the following varieties can be distinguished:

  • GF-230. The basis of such material is gliftile components, so it is used to finish interior. In addition, GP-230 can not be applied on the street. Among the advantages can be noted a huge selection of color solutions and simplicity of application.
  • PF-115. The unique properties of such enamel allow it to be used for the exterior decoration of buildings and facades, for painting both wooden and metal surfaces.

Apply the PF-115 is necessary two layers, and the drying process takes about 30 hours.

  • PF-223. In most cases, it is used to finish painting battery radiators. There are only 18 colors. Such a composition is diluted using solvent. During drying, a rather specific smell may be distinguished.
  • Matte. Are famous for greater resistance to the effect of water and cleaning products. Material does not lose its properties even at extremely high temperatures.

Powerful material ensures its economical consumption.


There are certain norms of consumption of alkyd enamel per square meter of the surface.

In the process of calculating the norm on 1 m2, the following factors should be taken into account:

  • The viscosity of the substance is the thick of the substance, the larger the amount of fluid it can be diluted;
  • surface quality and number of layers;
  • What works are performed: internal or external.

On average, the consumption of alkyd enamel per 1 m2 is about 110-130 g. At the same time, it is mandatory to consider some important points. For example, if the metal surface is painted, the amount of material consumed can significantly increase. The use of enamel indoors will be large than for metal staining outside.

Staining the surface outside during bad weather conditions may also cause a significant increase in paint consumption. For that To ensure greater enamel efficiency, it can be diluted with the help of White spirit, solvent and other solvents.

Before applying each subsequent layer, the previous one needs to give 24 hours to dry.


The modern market presents a huge number of manufacturers who produce high-quality and reliable alkyd enamels. A large range of products allows each person to find for construction or finishing the best option. Below are the most popular manufacturers of these products.

Tikkurila Miranol – It is considered one of the market leaders. The range of the company includes enamels for metal surfaces and wood products, universal options that differ simplicity and excellent distribution over the surface. The company is one of the few who offers shock-resistant alkyd enamels that will become a good solution for painting, such as instruments or bike. The main advantage of Tikkurila Miranol is the presence of a huge selection of colors and color solutions.

“Express”. The company specializes in the release of modified enamels, which are intended for the finish color of steel elements. Most products include special additives in their composition, providing reliable corrosion protection, which makes the “Express” enamel excellent solutions for painting metal surfaces.

“Lacra”. The company offers high-quality alkyd enamels made on the basis of alkyd varnish. Among the advantages include unique decorative properties, excellent clutch with the surface and ease of application. In addition, materials are famous for their resistance to the effect of water and atmospheric precipitation.

Features of application

Due to its versatility, alkyd enamels can be applied for almost any surface. When internal finishing, this material is actively used to dye radiators. However, it is necessary to make sure that the product is able to withstand high temperatures so that during the heating season, the coating does not start crack.

Use this type of paintwork can also be for painting wood products. It should be borne in mind that it will dry the enamel on such a coating at least 30 hours. Also, the material is too far viscosity, so it is best to dilute it with a solvent.

Thus, alkyd enamel is an excellent finishing material, which is famous for durability, reliability and affordable price.

From the following video you will learn about the advantages of alkyd enamel in front of other types of paints.

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