7 best glass cutters

Glass, unlike metals and wood, is very fragile, and therefore cannot be cut with abrasive tools. Glass cutters that scratch the top layer have been developed for cutting such materials. After that, by pushing it flat, you can gently break off the glass or mirror, exactly along the cutting line. This tool can be used to cut shapes with smooth edges as well as arbitrary shapes. We have compiled a rating of the best glass cutters, dividing the models by category. Experts have analyzed user reviews and product characteristics, so the review will help to navigate and buy the right model for the tasks ahead.

Best Glass Cutters Rating

Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
The best diamond glass cutters1IGADIER Extrema559€
2Russia 87225211€
3Fit 16930286€
Best roller glass cutters1Stanley 0-14-040709€
2Kraftool Silberschnitt 336772 519€
3FIT IT 16921310€
4Truper CV-5 12953278€

Best Diamond Glass Cutters

Diamond is one of the hardest materials on earth, which is why it is effectively used in glass cutters for straight and shaped glass and mirrors. The carbon piece is fixed in the holder with silver solder and stays fixed. With a diamond tool, you can drive a cutting line of up to 10 km with a thickness of the material to be cut up to 10 mm. So spend once and you will get a product that will last for years to come. But it is more expensive than other types. By the shape of sharpening two variants are applied: pyramidal and oblique. The first one is chosen by professionals, the second one suits beginners better. As the diamond wears away, it is straightened on a diamond sharpening wheel.


Rating: 4.9


  • The diamond is firmly soldered into the holder;
  • cuts through glass the first time;
  • easy to draw a straight or wavy line;
  • It’s easy for a beginner to learn how to work with it.


  • High price in comparison with other models;
  • slips in the hand because of the lacquer;
  • sold without container (on a cardboard box in mica), so there is nothing to store and transport.

Russia 87225

Rating: 4.8

RUSSIA 87225.webp

The second place in the rating is occupied by the glass cutter Russia 87225, made in the form of a hammer. Metal part is chromium plated and will not corrode during operation or storage in a humid environment. The handle is made of plastic, but in contrast to the leader of the rating, it has a simple shape, gradually transforming into a flat. The holder has two slots for breaking glass. One for a 3 mm section and the other for 5 mm. Cutting element is an industrial diamond, characterized by high strength and long service life.

Our experts rated the model because it weighs 300 g and is shaped like a hammer, which can be used to tap the material to make cracks deeper. Although, according to its characteristics, it is designed for glass cross-section up to 5 mm, but in practice you can cut 8 mm with it too, by tapping on the line you passed. Masters agree with this in the reviews and the product is recommended precisely for thick materials.


  • affordable price;
  • it is weighty – it is possible to knock;
  • High-strength industrial diamond;
  • long working life.


  • Because of the large head, the cutting line is not well visible;
  • More suitable for straight cuts (for shaped cuts it is difficult to manipulate with a large holder);
  • clumsy appearance;
  • it is sold without a case.

Fit 16930

Rating: 4.7

FIT 16930.webp

The third place in the ranking category belongs to a Canadian brand that produces goods in China. The glass cutter is equipped with a beveled diamond and is designed for a material cross section of up to 5 mm. After the head, there is a brass insert with forks for breaking glass. Contains four different spacings to fit snugly around any material thickness and break without chipping. Handle is made of hardwood and has a comfortable grip. Suitable for both straight and curved cuts. The diamond used in the design is characterized by a high wear resistance. The product retains its attractive appearance for a long time due to the stainless metals and varnish coating.

This model is ranked by our experts, because it is a replica of the proven
igadier. Two times the price, you get the exact same tool. We recommend this glass cutter for beginners who want to master various glass cutting techniques, including shape cutting.


  • stainless steel header;
  • ergonomic handle;
  • attractive price for a diamond model;
  • four slots for material breakage.


  • Sold in a blister;
  • You can not cut a section of more than 5 mm;
  • diamond comes off quickly in some users.

The best glass cutters

Glass cutters are less expensive than diamond cutters, because their cutting element is cobalt-tungsten alloy. It is molded and sharpened with circles that scratch the glass surface for cutting. Depending on sharpening angle of 138 or 160 degrees, it is possible to cut material section of 4-8 or 9-19 mm respectively. The tool is available with one, three or six rollers, which affects the ease of handling and frequency of tool sharpening. Life expectancy for a roller glass cutter is 350 to 500,000 m total cutting line, depending on cutter quality. The product rating of this category contains both professional and amateur models.

Stanley 0-14-040

Rating: 4.9

STANLEY 0-14-040.webp

First place belongs to the American glass cutter made in a factory in Germany. This is one of the highest quality products in the category. Six numbered rollers at a time. When one is blunt, you can turn the drum and immediately proceed to further cutting with the other. This configuration does not require sharpening even for a full day’s use. Nickel-plated shank to protect the steel from corrosion. Solid wood handle with classic shape and thick lacquer coat. Craftsmen reviewing the product like its sharpness and long service life. Experts compare it in quality with USSR glass cutters and say that this one is even better. Thanks to the sharpness of the rollers, the beginner can easily cut glossy and fragile material.

Our experts give it the top spot because of its cutting ability. In addition to glass and mirrors, it will be able to cut ceramic wall tiles of high and medium softness. It is very convenient for shaped cutouts around service lines, window and door openings, sockets and electrical boxes.


  • accurate breaking line;
  • Glass does not crumble along the cut, no breaking off of the tips;
  • 6 cutting elements;
  • presentable appearance – can be bought as a gift.


  • high cost;
  • nothing to tap the cut line with;
  • oiling of the roller before work must be done manually, in a container.

Kraftool Silberschnitt 33677

Rating: 4.8


The second place in the ranking is occupied by a German product. Cutting element made of tungsten carbide alloy for 50,000 m total cutting line. The head is nickel-plated to prevent metal oxidation. Handle is cast in brass and is notched to prevent slipping in sweaty hands. tool is tapered where it grips the fingers for a comfortable grip. The end piece is unscrewed and oil is poured inside the handle and automatically supplied to the roller. It makes it easier to guide and helps keep the sharpening.

We rate this cutter as the best for professional cutting of thick materials up to 12 mm. Most counterparts are not capable of cutting through such a section and are limited to a limit of 5 mm. craftsmen share that it is very comfortable to hold and does not require excessive pressure to cut glass. The model also comes in a carrying case, so if you frequently change jobs, it’s easy to store and carry with you, without fear of accidentally blunted roller or oil stains.


  • there is a built in oil supply;
  • rubber gasket to prevent lubricant from escaping when the tool is turned over
  • narrow head for shaped cutting;
  • sturdy and robust body;
  • long service life.


  • Very high price;
  • only one cutter roller;
  • No way to see how much oil is left in the handle;
  • no groove for breaking glass.

FIT IT 16921

Rating: 4.7

FIT IT 16921.JPG

The third place of the rating belongs to another professional glass cutter from the Canadian brand Fit. Model in black. Head is made of blued steel and has a screw for fixing the position on the axle. The fingers are protected by a brass bushing with ergonomic cutouts for a comfortable and secure grip. The tail of the handle is plastic and also painted black for a stylish finish. The cutting wheel is single and sharpened to an acute angle of 135 degrees. Capable of cutting glass up to 8 mm in cross-section.

Our experts rated the product because of the plastic bulb through which you can clearly see how much oil is left. This design means you don’t have to carry around a container to dip the glass cutter in, and you can always check for grease through the transparent walls. But users in the reviews advise not to press hard on the handle, because the plastic thread can easily break off. In this case, you will have to find a new handle, because the head is simply repositioned by unscrewing the screw.


  • Oil dropper included;
  • The materials are not susceptible to corrosion;
  • Automatic supply of lubricant to the roller;
  • cuts section up to 8 mm;
  • ergonomic finger-holding notch.


  • Sold in a blister – nothing to store and transport;
  • It is inconvenient to tap the line;
  • There is no fork to break off;
  • dangling head (backlash);
  • Only one cutting element.

Truper CV-5 12953

Rating: 4.6

TRUPER CV-5 12953.webp

On the fourth place of the rating is a product from the Mexican manufacturer. This is the original glass cutter cast entirely of metal. It has no axle to attach the head, so the tool is particularly rugged and will withstand any pressure from an inexperienced user. As a cutting element works roller, with a diameter of 6.5 mm. There are three grooves next to it for breaking small pieces of glass. The model is small – 12.7 cm, so it is inconvenient to work with large areas of glazing. This product is suitable for domestic use (replace the glass in the window, make your own aquarium). Due to the thin, specific design, professionals in reviews advise holding it between the index and middle fingers, rather than the classic way.

in our opinion, the glass cutter deserves a place in the ranking because of the large ball on the end of the handle. It is designed to gently tweak the cutting line to reinforce the scratch crack and make it easier to separate the glass.


  • three grooves for breaking the material;
  • does not break when dropped due to its one-piece construction (no threads, joints);
  • affordable cost in the category;
  • easy to tap.


  • Uncomfortable to hold because of its thin body;
  • lightweight, does not feel in the hand;
  • is sold in a blister;
  • short – 12.7 cm.
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