7 best cordless circular saws

Circular saws with a battery allow you to cut boards, beams, sheets of plywood and other building materials remotely from a 220 V power source. It’s also convenient because it doesn’t have a hanging power cord, which makes it easy to use at height, like when trimming a fronton, for example. Our experts have figured out how to choose a cordless circular saw and which models are considered the best among users. This review will help even a beginner to quickly dive into the topic and decide on the right product for you.

How to choose a cordless circular saw

When choosing a saw it is important to be aware of its key characteristics. Here are the 9 main parameters to look out for.


In the case of a hand saw with battery, the operating voltage of the latter is equivalent to the power of the mains tool:

  1. 10.8-12 V are considered domestic and are suitable for occasional board trimming or garage work.
  2. The most common variant are saws for 18 V, which are optimal for work on the roof, professional fence installation, etc. d.
  3. Voltage 36-54 V is available only for the most powerful units, designed for work with increased loads (for example, for operation for 8-12 hours a day or for cutting of solid wood).

The more powerful the device, the less it will be warm to operate, and its speed will not drop from the pressure of the operator.

Charging time and capacity

Since the saw is battery powered, the battery capacity is important for the autonomy duration:

  1. Indicator 2.0 A / h is enough for household use, to saw the fence or branches in the garden.
  2. 3.0-4.0 A/h are suitable for occasional use during roof repairs and other short-term processes.
  3. Professional saws have batteries with a capacity from 5.0Ah, which provide long-lasting autonomous operation.

In addition to the capacity, the speed of charging is also important, so that with two batteries you can alternate their use and work continuously. The fastest battery charging speed 5.0 A/h is 100 minutes. As long as one battery is being used in the saw, the second battery can be charged. Charging a similar capacity in 180 minutes is considered to be a low benchmark.

Rotation speed and speed control

Speed of cutting depends on the number of revolutions. There are values from 1500 to 6000 rpm. The higher the number, the more powerful the saw is. The ability to adjust the rotation speed allows you to set the right indicator for cutting materials of different density, so as not to burn the ends of wood (if you saw pine at 6000 rpm, there is a black mark – the wood burns).

Engine type

Saws with brush motors cost less, but last less and periodically need to replace the graphite consumables. Brushless circulators have three times the life, but cost more.

Disc diameter and maximum cutting capacity

Depending on the size of the tool, the cutting depth performance depends on. Gear wheels of circular saws are available with diameter from 85 to 190 mm. Accordingly, cutting performance is also possible from 2.5 to 6.1 cm at 90º and 1.6-4.1 cm at 45º slant. If you often have to work with planks 40-50 mm thick, it is better to get a circular saw with a 165 mm blade or more.


The handheld circular saw accessory is put on a shaft with 15, 20 or 30 mm seat size. This determines what consumables you will be able to attach in the future (their cost and availability).


The weight of the handheld circular saw plays an important role when working with a circular saw for long periods of time and affects fatigue. The lightest models have a weight of 1.6-2.5 kg, the medium ones weigh about 3.5-3.9 kg, heavier up to 6 kg.


Having a variety of features increases the convenience of the circular saw and expands its capabilities:

  1. Backlight makes it possible to make precise cuts in dark places without the need for additional lighting.
  2. Laser pointer helps to keep the saw precisely on the marked line.
  3. Motor brake stops spinning faster after the trigger is released, increasing safety.
  4. Keyless blade change for easy and time-saving tool changes.
  5. Soft start avoids jerky starting and allows precise positioning of cutting element to the entry point.


Together with a saw, the manufacturer can supply additional devices that give everything you need to start working. Among them are: 1 or 2 batteries, battery charger, parallel stop, carrying case, adapter to the vacuum cleaner, keys. But there are also products without battery and charging station, sold in a box. This is relevant if you already have a battery of such a company, corresponding to the voltage, as well as your own roomy tool case.

A review of the best cordless circular saws

The top 7 best circular saws with battery have collected products that have already been tried out by users and evaluated in reviews. Editorial team of expertology magazine in cooperation with rankqua experts

  • paid attention to equipment performance, endurance and cost.
    Ratedseatproduct nameprice
    Our reviews of the best cordless circular saws1Milwaukee M18 CCS55-502C58 600€
    2Metabo MKS 18 LTX 58 5.5Ah x2
  • HD Metaloc
  • 41 499€
    3DeWALT DCS520NT33 060€
    4BOSCH GKS 18V-57 G 5.0Ah x2 Box31 639€
    5DeWALT DCS576N18 660€
    6Makita HS301DWME13 400€
    7RYOBI R18CS7-012 799€

    Milwaukee M18 CCS55-502C

    Rating: 4.9

    Milwaukee M18 CCS55-502C

    The first place is occupied by a saw from an American brand Milwaukee, the battery of which produces a voltage of 18 V. The manufacturer provides in the kit two batteries with a capacity of 5.0 A/h, so the tool can be used continuously. the battery is suitable for all other tools of the company, whose voltage is also 18 V, so when choosing a grinder or rotary hammer for the next purchase, you can already save. The saw is equipped with a brushless motor and a disc with a diameter of 165 mm. In a minute, the circular saw makes up to 5,000 rpm and cuts up to 55 mm deep at right angles and 41 mm deep at 45º. According to reviews, owners like in the saw intelligent system Red

  • nk Plus, which protects the motor from overloads.

    Experts liked the saw for its relatively low weight 3.2 kg, as well as an accelerated charging time. With Battery 5.0Ah capacity replenished in 100 minutes. Competitors with the same battery pack take up to 180 minutes.


    • magnesium alloy soleplate;
    • Charge level indicator;
    • Compatibility with all of the manufacturer’s 18V batteries;
    • rugged carrying case.


    • high cost;
    • key tool changer;
    • not available everywhere.

    Metabo MKS 18 LTX 58 5.5Ah x2
  • HD Metaloc
  • Rating: 4.8

    <img width="421" alt="Metabo MKS 18 LTX 58 5.5ach h2
  • HD Metaloc ” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/351666193551-557-.jpg” height=”309″ title=”Metabo MKS 18 LTX 58 5.5Ah x2

  • HD Metaloc”>

    Second place went to the saw from Metabo, which also has two batteries included, but their capacity is slightly higher than that of the leader – 5.5 Versus 5.0 Ah. This model is also capable of cutting through depths of up to 5.8 cm (with the same size blade), which is 3 mm more than the competitor described above. But the Metabo loses out in terms of cutting speed, as it reaches 3,600 rpm versus 5,000 rpm. Feedback from customers shows that they are happy with the brake, which brings the tool to a quick stop. It increases safety and makes it easier to move from one place to another for cutting. It also has soft startup, which eliminates blade jerk on startup.

    The cordless hand saw is considered the best because of its ability to work not only with plywood and wood but even with metal. The Metaloc prefix in the name confirms this. Choose it if you will be cutting nail-covered boards to keep the blade from blunting.


    • accumulators 5.5 Ah included;
    • cutting height 5.8 cm
    • there is a smooth start of rotation;
    • Engine brake.


    • very high price;
    • 108dB volume operation.


    Rating: 4.7


    Continues the review with a 165mm blade saw, equipped with a rubber-covered main handle and an auxiliary full handle. Brushless motor and cast metal base plate. Robust cover securely protects blade and allows hose connection to a vacuum cleaner. Comes in a large carrying case with latches for easy transportation. Owners in reviews like the fact that the speed of the disc can be adjusted from 2500 to 4200 rpm, adjusting to the specific density of the material.

    The experts singled out the saw as the best because of its power of 54 V. It allows you to confidently cut thick wood like oak or ash without losing rpm under load. It also has a plunge type disk, which helps to start cutting not only from the edge of the board, but even in the middle of the plane. This is useful for cutting a hole in a tabletop or an opening in a vertical wooden liner. But if you want to work from the edge, the blade can be locked in the extended position, after which the saw will take the form of an ordinary manual circular saw.


    • It has an adjustable rpm;
    • Cuts through up to 5.9 cm;
    • roomy case;
    • Handle is fully rubberized.


    • weighs 4.7 kg;
    • high cost;
    • has huge dimensions;
    • no battery and charger included.

    BOSCH GKS 18V-57 G 5.0Ah x2 Box

    Rating: 4.7

    BOSCH GKS 18V-57 G 5.0Ah x2 Box

    Another good circular saw has BOSCH brand. The tool is equipped with two batteries 5.0 Ah and a 165 mm blade. The maximum cutting depth at right angles is 57 mm. Saw head can be tilted up to 45º if needed. The circular saw can be held with one or two hands. Cutter develops up to 3400 rpm and cuts through wood with confidence. The protective cover here is minimal in size, providing excellent visibility to the operator, but the bottom of the disk is not covered, so extra caution is required during operation.

    Feedback from owners is that the saw’s stated cutting depths match their actual cutting depths. More users report fast battery charging saws and quality backlighting. If you want to trim in a dark place, you can see everything clearly and do not need to worry about the organization of additional lighting.


    • fast battery charging;
    • Compliance with the stated characteristics;
    • The ability to attach a guide bar;
    • good equipment.


    • weight 4 kg;
    • no protective shroud on the bottom;
    • The hexagon constantly comes out of the handle from the vibration.

    DeWALT DCS576N

    Rating: 4.6

    DeWALT DCS576N

    The model has a brushless motor and works with a rechargeable battery

  • -Ion, but no battery included. But the cost of the saw is half as much as competitors, and if you already have a cordless tool DeWALT, you can save. The circular has a speed up to 5800 rpm and cuts steadily without slowdown. The position of the saw blade can be changed by 45º, after which it will be possible to cut a thickness of up to 4.3 cm. This cordless saw is one of the most popular among customers and has gathered dozens of user reviews. Owners praise the product for its power, good grip, disc brake and well-balanced body.

    We, on the other hand, considered the best saw in terms of cutting depth 61 mm, which is possible thanks to the 190 mm diameter disc. This feature allows you to cut a 60×60 mm timber in one pass with a straight cut and no burrs. If you often have to work with materials of this thickness, then you should definitely choose this saw.


    • More affordable price than competitors;
    • marking on the soleplate;
    • brushless motor;
    • protection of the blade from below by a sliding cover;
    • fully rubber coated handle.


    • disc change with a wrench only;
    • the speed is not adjustable;
    • Some have a curved parallel stop;
    • there is the soleplate backlash;
    • without battery.

    Makita HS301DWME

    Rating: 4.5

    Makita HS301DWME

    The Japanese manufacturer manufactures a cordless one-handed saw that operates on a 12 V battery with a capacity of 4.0 Ah. The torque is created by a brush motor, and the maximum RPM is 1,500 per minute. As a cutting element is used a disk with a diameter of 85 mm, which allows you to cut at right angles to a depth of 2.5 cm, and under the bevel 1.6 cm. Comes in a rugged case that also fits the carrying. To change the tooling, you will need an Allen wrench, fixed to the body next to the motor. It helps not to lose inventory and is easy to change wheels. Users in the reviews are pleased with the quality of the disc from the kit and the presence of two batteries at once, although the cost of the saw is much lower than analogues.

    In our opinion, the best tool for manipulation in awkward places, where you have to trim boards (trim roofing boxes, trimming battens, etc.). d.). One-handed operation is very comfortable thanks to its compact size and weight 1.6 kg.


    • ergonomic grip;
    • convenience of working with one hand;
    • low weight 1.6 kg;
    • disk protection from below.


    • It is impossible to regulate the speed;
    • brush motor;
    • Small cutting depths;
    • slow charge.

    RYOBI R18CS7-0

    Rating: 4.4

    RYOBI R18CS7-0

    Saw from RYOBI also belongs to the universal series ONE + and cooperates with any battery of this manufacturer, voltage 18 V. Brushless motor has almost unlimited life. The model works with 184 mm discs with 24 teeth, which provide a fast cut. Maximum depth at right angles is 5.5 cm, and at 45º it is 4.2 cm. LED backlight provides acceptable visibility in the dark. If you use a battery of 5.0 Ah, one battery charge gives you 110 m of cutting through 1 m thick plywood.3 cm. But this circular saw is sold without battery, so you have to buy batteries separately.

    Experts considered the saw to be the best because of the laser pointer. Colored beam makes it easier to guide the saw blade to the marking line, which improves cutting precision. Use this saw when cutting critical workpieces where dimensional accuracy to within 1 mm is a priority.


    • connection possibility for vacuum cleaner;
    • brushless motor;
    • ergonomic handles;
    • 3 year warranty.


    • sold without battery and charger.
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