6 best video endoscopes

*Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. Before buying the need to consult with a specialist.

One of the most convenient ways to diagnose or inspect objects is a visual inspection. To view the interior of pipelines, tanks or closed vehicle systems, a special tool is required, which is called a videoscope (video endoscope). It consists of a video camera and monitor connected by a long flexible probe. To obtain a clear picture in hard-to-reach places, the presence of backlight will be a must. When choosing a device you should pay attention to several technical characteristics. Recommendations of our experts help you find the best price and quality video endoscopes.

Suggestions for selection

Purpose. You should start the selection of the diagnostic device with the destination.

  1. Professional models have a high image resolution, a wide viewing angle, built-in memory and reliable dust and moisture protection. However, the cost of some models is very high.
  2. Household video scopes allow you to do simple tasks in the home or garage. They have a small display, modest screen resolution and are reasonably priced.

Focal length.One of the most important parameters in a videoscope is the focal length. This characteristic shows at what distance the device will provide a clear picture. In narrow places, experts advise to give preference to devices with small focal length (30 mm). If space allows, you can choose a model with a focal length of up to 50 mm.

Camera diameter.The size of the camera lens can be a deciding factor when examining objects with a small aperture. The most compact cameras will be 5-6mm. Lenses of 15-20 mm are considered large.

Degree of dust and moisture protection. The interior of closed systems accumulates a lot of moisture, dirt and dust. Therefore, the durability of a videoscope directly depends on the level of protection. IP67 models are highly sealed.

Video Recording Function. Often the same section of the system to be examined several times. In this case, it is better to give preference to devices with video recording function. To store the files recorded requires internal memory or the ability to connect an external drive. The more memory you have, the more footage you can save.

We have selected 6 best video endoscopes in this review. All of them are sold in the Russian distribution network. When assigning the place, expertology magazine editors relied on the opinion of the expert community, taking into account feedback from home users.

Rating of the best video endoscopes

Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
Best Home Videoscopes1Laser
  • VideoScope Home
  • 13 205€
    2BOSCH Universal Inspect 06036870005 289€
    3ADA instruments ZVE 1602 990€
    The best professional video scopes1HAZET 4812-10/744 612€
    2CEM BS-15014 400€
    3ZUBR Professional BC-3007 581€

    Best Home Videoscopes

    Home Videoscope is a useful diagnostic tool for home maintenance or automotive repair. In stores appeared affordable devices, which have good technical characteristics. The experts have looked at several models.

  • ner VideoScope Home
  • Rating: 4.9

    Laser<li></div><p>The best video scopes available” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/2731666197081-856-.jpg” height=”378″ title=”Laser</p><li>VideoScope Home”><p>High quality workmanship and easy operation helped the German Laser videoScope</p><li>The ner VideoScope Home is the winner of our review. Experts praise the long probe tube (2m), high dust and water resistance (IP67) and the good resolution (320×240). The device is equipped with a 2x zoom with a step of 10%, thanks to this option expands the possibilities of visual diagnostics. Bright LED backlight provides a clear picture. Comfortable grip provides rubberized lining on the handle. Videoscope is powered by 4 AA batteries. Possibility to connect the device to an external monitor for a more thorough analysis.<p>Domestic users are satisfied with the quality of assembly, the clarity of the resulting image, convenience in operation. From the disadvantages noted the high price.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>European quality;</li><li>high degree of dust and moisture protection;</li><li>clear picture;</li><li>ergonomic handle.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>high price.</li></ul><h3>BOSCH Universal Inspect 0603687000</h3><p>Rating: 4.8</p><div style=BOSCH Universal Inspect 0603687000

    Quickly and comfortably you can inspect hard-to-reach places with a BOSCH Universal Inspect 0603687000 home video survey. The model compares favorably with competitors with a small diameter (8 mm) camera and reliable protection against dust and moisture (IP67). Cable length of 95 cm, which is less than the leader of the review. The device is equipped with a small color display (2.31 inch) with a resolution of 320×240 pixels. Experts liked the built-in memory (8 images), as well as the ability to install external drives (micro SD) with a memory capacity of 4 to 32 GB. Comes with a case for storage.

    Home craftsmen like the build quality, ease of operation, compactness and portability. The disadvantages they include a small screen, a rigid and short probe.


    • the ability to store snapshots;
    • small chamber diameter;
    • high degree of dust and moisture protection;
    • backlighting of the working area.


    • small display;
    • hard, short probe.

    ADA instruments ZVE 160

    Rating: 4.7

    ADA instruments ZVE 160

    At the most attractive price sold on the domestic market Asian videoscope ADA instruments ZVE 160. The model is suitable for inspection of the interior of pipelines, equipment or engines. Experts praised the device for its large color monitor (3.5 inch). Power source is 4 AA batteries. The manufacturer has provided the ability to connect to an external monitor or TV. Under the screen is installed push-button panel, operation of the device is intuitive. But the chamber diameter is larger than in competitors (12 mm). Inferior model in such aspect as the minimum focal distance (50 mm).

    Users think the Hong Kong-Chinese product is a worthy device for home use. They are happy with the low price and large display.


    • low price;
    • big screen;
    • External monitor can be connected to the telescope;
    • portability.


    • large camera;
    • High weight (670 g).

    The best professional video scopes

    When it is necessary to examine in detail hard-to-reach areas with a high level of resolution, professional video scopes come to the rescue. Extensive functionality and excellent dust and moisture protection. Professionals liked several models.

    HAZET 4812-10/7

    Rating: 4.9

    HAZET 4812-10/7

    Wide use in car repair shops finds a video endoscope HAZET 4812-10/7. Due to the long probe (1 m), small camera diameter (5.5 mm) and improved illumination the device is optimally suited for diagnosis of the chassis of the car. The large screen (3.5 inches) clearly shows the picture in real time. Experts praised the model for its sturdy body, which can withstand serious mechanical impact. As a power source uses 4 AA batteries, if necessary, you can get power through the USB connector. Thanks to the recording function and a 4GB SD card, the footage can be stored for a long time. The device becomes the winner of our review.

    Users liked the convenience of diagnostics, the presence in the kit of case, flash drive and hook with a magnet.


    • high quality;
    • small camera;
    • big screen;
    • rich packaging.


    • High price.

    CEM BS-150

    Rating: 4.8

    CEM BS-150

    In various branches of the economy used videoscope CEM BS-150. The limiting factor may be a large diameter of the camera (17 mm). The model is equipped with a built-in battery of 2000 mA/h, 3.2-inch color display. Internal memory of the device is 68 MB, as an external storage device can be a micro SD card. Praise from the experts earned the videoscope for the wide viewing angle (180 degrees) and high resolution pictures (640×480 pixels). The manufacturer has provided the ability to connect the device to a TV or monitor. Flexible waterproof probe length of 1m provides delivery of the camera in hard to reach places.

    Chinese videoscope ranks second in the review, t. k. users are dissatisfied with the frequent freezing of the device.


    • built-in battery;
    • large viewing angle;
    • high resolution;
    • rich set.


    • often freezes.

    ZUBR Professional BC-300

    Rating: 4.6

    ZUBR Professional BC-300

    Professional device ZUBR Professional BC-300 can be purchased for the price of household video scopes. Domestic development has earned praise from experts for shock resistance, which is achieved thanks to the rubberized casing. The diameter of the camera is 12 mm, inaccessible places it delivers a flexible tube length of 1 m. The power source is 4 AA batteries, one set can be used for 3 hours. You can view the picture on the display (3.5 inch), as well as on an external monitor. To obtain a clear image in total darkness, the videoscope has two super-bright LEDs.

    Users believe that the strengths of video scopes are their low price and adjustable backlight. From the disadvantages noted large focal length (50 mm).


    • low price;
    • Economical power consumption;
    • adjustable backlight;
    • high degree of dust and moisture protection (IP67).


    • long focal length.
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