6 best tool boxes

To store pliers, cutters, wrenches, screwdrivers and various accessories in one place, a good craftsman needs a special box. This helps you not to look for the right tool for a long time and not to lose anything. You can carry a case like this in the trunk of your car so you’re ready for all kinds of situations on the road, and you can change the drive belt or the spark plug yourself. Mobile crews need the case even more for everyday work and transporting supplies from site to site. Presenting you the rating of the best toolboxes, collected by expert analysis of product features and owner reviews. This helps you find the right product for your garage, car, or professional job.

Best toolboxes

Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
Rating of the best toolboxes1STANLEY 1-95-6142 690€
2LOCKER Boombox
1 309€
3STANLEY STST1-80151 Essential Rol
  • ng Workshop
  • 3 517€
    4Idea Gefest 181 059€
    5locker Grand So
  • d
  • 1 049€
    6FIT 65572435€

    STANLEY 1-95-614

    Rating: 4.9

    STANLEY 1-95-614

    First place in the ranking is a product from the American brand Stanley. The size of the drawer is 26 inches, or 662x293x222 mm. The entire design is made of plastic, but it’s durable and doesn’t crack. The metal latches on the carrying case keep the lid in place. There are two holes cut out on the front where you can install a padlock to prevent tools from being stolen. The surface of the lid has grooves that prevent objects put on top from slipping, so some craftsmen use the box as a workbench, placing the details on it. Features an insertable tray for small tools and fasteners inside. The corners of the case are rounded so you won’t injure yourself on them accidentally.

    Our experts liked the capacity of the case. One of the longest variants, it can hold a grinder and tile cutter as well as a hammer drill and many other small parts. The product got into the rating of the best and because of its durability – some experts tell in reviews that it can withstand their weight (75 kg), so it will come in handy as an improvised stand.


    • There’s a compartment for loose change;
    • increased capacity;
    • Sturdy, can take a lot of trips;
    • sturdy handle does not fall off from the weight;
    • yellow inserts help you quickly find it among the building materials.


    • high cost;
    • weight of empty box without tools – 3.2 kg;
    • Takes up a lot of space in the trunk;
    • not airtight – will get water inside in the rain.

    BLOCKER Boombox

    Rating: 4.8

    BLOCKER Boombox</div><p>3941″ src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/62316666194701-926-.jpg” title=”BLOCKER Boombox <br />3941″></p><p>In second place in the rating is a product from the brand Blocker, which is a replica of the American Stanley drawer</p><li>ne Toolbox. Model Boombox <br /> Is much cheaper than the original, but almost the same quality. The plastic in it is just as sturdy, and there is an insert tray inside for placing adapters, sockets, screwdrivers and other small things. The shelf does not take up the entire area, so you can get large tools from the bottom tier without taking out the tray. Bright orange overlays make it easy to find the box with your eyes at a construction site. The case is 19 inches diagonally and measures 480x268x236 mm. Customers praise the product in reviews for the stability achieved by the drawer opening limiter.<p>Our experts added the drawer to the rating because of the additional large compartments in the lid, rarely seen in competitors. On the outside, there are two flip-up containers to hold drills, drills, nails. The case is worth considering for those who often work with screwdrivers and drills, and regularly have to change accessories or take out fasteners. This toolbox also leads the way in cost, helping you save almost twice as much as branded models.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>plastic does not stink – no need to air it out before use;</li><li>sturdy construction;</li><li>insert tray;</li><li>Supports the weight of the user.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>Handle needs to be reinforced with a bolt and nut if you plan to carry more than 20kg;</li><li>steel pins in the handle rust – requires lubrication;</li><li>empty drawer weight 1.9 kg.</li></ul><h3>STANLEY STST1-80151 Essential Rol<li>ng Workshop</h3><p>Rating: 4.7</p><div style=STANLEY STST1-80151 Essential Rol<li></div><p>ng Workshop” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/97616666194701-226-.jpg” title=”STANLEY STST1-80151 Essential Rol</p><li>ng Workshop”><p>The third place of the rating belongs again to the product from the United States. This time, the manufacturer has released a transformer drawer. The design consists of three modules: a base-case with wheels, a middle compartment-tray and an upper case with a handle for rolling. All elements assemble into a column and snap together for rigidity. Top unit has an additional handle, allowing it to be carried separately. It has an organizer for small tools and fasteners, metal double lock. When you get to the job, you can collapse the design into three drawers for easy access to the contents of any compartment.</p><p>This product is marked by us in the rating as the best for installers. Holds all the big tools you need for building or dismantling walls (hole punch, grinder, screwdriver, wood gouging machine). Craftsman reviews like the box’s mobility on wheels, which helps relieve your back after a day’s work.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>leader in capacity;</li><li>metal lock;</li><li>convenient wheels with a diameter of 7 inches;</li><li>Disassembly into modules at the workplace.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>High cost;</li><li>only for industrial environments with flat floors;</li><li>If the wheels break, it is uncomfortable to carry in the hands;</li><li>Takes up a lot of storage space.</li></ul><h3>Idea Gefest 18</h3><p>Rating: 4.6</p><div style=Idea Gefest 18

    Fourth place in the ranking is the product of a domestic manufacturer. The model for storing and carrying tools is made of durable plastic and has the dimensions of 43x23x25 cm. According to the simplified system is designated as 18 inches. Users in the reviews like it for the ergonomic handle that makes it easy to hold a filled case. In addition to the main compartment, there is a sliding tray and 4 additional compartments. Fastens the case on two metal latches, and there is an additional hole for a padlock. The black color is not staining and is good for the garage where hands are often in the oil.

    This toolbox has the best rating for the number of extra compartments. Only the top lid has three compartments, two of which are divided into small cells. Keeps self-tapping screws, nails, screws and nuts organized and accessible. In addition, there is a recess at the bottom, divided into 4 segments. Bits, earplugs, etc. fit in there very well.


    • hole for a padlock;
    • metal latches;
    • the cost is lower than competitors;
    • organizer with a separate handle inside.


    • It is impossible to stand on the drawer because of the thin lids of the boxes;
    • you have to pull out the tray to get to the big tools;
    • The bottom of the drawer narrows, which reduces its capacity;
    • not available everywhere.

    Blocker Grand So
  • d
  • Rating: 4.5

    Blocker Grand So<li></div><p>d” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/61516666194701-996-.jpg” height=”445″ title=”Blocker Grand So</p><li>d”><p>The fifth place of the rating is taken by another product from the company Blocker, but this time from the Grand. The size of the case is 58x32x28 cm and comes in two colors: black and gray. For easy detection among building materials, the cover is equipped with a red handle and overlays. Underneath, there are three additional compartments for small tools. Users in reviews praise the product for its lightness, as the model weighs a little over 1 kg. This makes it easy to carry by hand, but the lightness had an impact on the thickness of the plastic, so become on the case feet do not.</p><p>The experts ranked the box as one of the best for two reasons. First, it has side openings for a shoulder strap (almost no analogues). This makes the suitcase more convenient to carry for long distances, so it is less likely to overload your hands, especially if you then have to neatly work with electrical or small fasteners. Secondly, the toolbox has a solid upper compartment (across the entire length), in which a long drill (up to 500 mm) fits. This will allow you to quickly remove the tooling and easily replace it without disassembling the suitcase.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>drawer itself weighs 1.14 kg;</li><li>affordable price;</li><li>A non-marking case color and a bright cover for detection;</li><li>roomy main compartment.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>It is not possible to buy everywhere;</li><li>You can not stand on top;</li><li>A shoulder strap is not included.</li></ul><h3>FIT 65572</h3><p>Rating: 4.5</p><div style=FIT 65572

    In sixth place in the ranking drawer from the Canadian manufacturer. The product itself is produced in the production facilities in China, so the price is much lower than the competition. The model is made in the size of 410x220x195 mm and belongs to the category of 16 inches. There is a replaceable tray inside, and there are three additional compartments on the lid. Craftsmen in the reviews like that in addition to the shallow compartments in the organizer, there are 18 holes for bits. It makes it possible to carry the tooling without mixing it up. But the budget has affected the quality of performance, so the latches of the drawer are plastic. The organizer niches have no hinges at all – just flexible plastic. But the main hinges of the leaf full and reinforced, so the case, with careful handling, long life.

    The product made it into the ranking of the best because of its cost. Practically impossible to find cheaper. Despite the low price, the drawer has three additional external compartments and hinges for a padlock. It is the best choice for keeping tools in the garage or house in one place. The lower compartment is big enough for a small impact wrench.


    • Lots on sale;
    • reasonable price;
    • Lugs under the lock;
    • There are holes for bits;
    • non marking color of the body.


    • plastic latches;
    • The polypropylene on the walls is thin;
    • easy to break if dropped;
    • The casting is uneven and with a bump.
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