6 best grinders Interskol

The Interskol brand is well known in our country for reliable and inexpensive tools. There are in the list of products and angle grinders. They are presented quite widely, in the catalog you can find both amateur and professional models. It will not be difficult to purchase the tool in Russia, and it is supplied to the markets of the CIS countries as well. In order to find the optimal model according to technical parameters and cost, you should get acquainted with the recommendations of our experts.

Recommendations for choosing a grinder

Power. The key characteristic of a grinder is the power it requires at work. This parameter is not only important for the duration of work and the magnitude of the load on the tool. The power consumption is also important in order not to overload the electrical network. The most powerful machines are equipped with motors 1.5-2.3 kW, in domestic conditions it is possible to work successfully with the revolving grinders of 0.75-1.3 kW.

Wheel speed. Another parameter should be linked to the power. This is the rotational speed of the tool.

  1. The faster the disc spins, the more productive the tool will be. But experts advise to consider the maximum diameter of the disk, which is allowed to install a grinder.
  2. As the diameter of the tool increases, the speed must decrease. This is done in order to ensure safe operation of the power tool.
  3. A powerful angle grinder, for example, has a permitted disc diameter of 230 mm and a speed limit of 6500 rpm. In small models, where it is allowed to put a disc diameter of 125 mm, the number of revolutions reaches 11000 pieces per minute.

weight.It is good to have a tool with power reserve, but as this parameter increases, so does the weight of the tool. And if you have to constantly hold a grinder in your hands or one hand, the large mass will quickly make itself felt. One hand can hold the machine weighing up to 2 kg. But with a 6-kg tool, you have to work with two hands.

Type of handle. For maximum comfort to hold a grinder with both hands, the tool is equipped with an additional handle. In modern grinders Interskol two- and three-position handles are used. The more options for installation, the easier to find the optimal position for the hand.

Functional capabilities. The domestic manufacturer keeps up to date, equipping their grinders with a number of modern features. But not all models have the full range of options.

  1. The soft start limits the amount of current at the moment of starting the tool. That way, you can reduce the load on the tool’s gears and the power grid. In addition, the gentle acceleration of the disc makes it safer to work.
  2. Overload protection levels out the destructive effect on the motor in case of jamming of the disc or during prolonged high-load work. The system immediately cuts off power to the electric motor.
  3. The locking of the power button prevents the start of the machine in case of accidental pressing. This feature will be especially important when there are children nearby. You can also lock the button during operation to avoid finger fatigue.
  4. When the grinder reaches the desired speed, the speed stabilization system maintains it, regardless of load or hardness of the material. The system raises or lowers the current proportionally, which maintains the performance at work.

We have selected 6 best grinders Interskol. You can buy them in all regions of the country, both in conventional stores and on Internet sites. When assigning the places, the editorial staff of expertology magazine drew their conclusions from the experts, taking into account the feedback from the users.

Rating of the best grinders Interskol

Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
Rating of the best grinders Interskol1UShM-230/2100M, 2100 W, 230 mm3 974€
2Interskol UShM-180/1800M, 1800 W, 180 mm3 073€
3Interskol MSHU-125/1400E, 1400 W, 125 mm3 705€
4Interscol ushm-150/1300, 1300 W, 150 mm2 620€
5Interskol ushm-125/900 516.1.0.00, 900 W, 125 mm1 969€
6Interskol UShM-125/750, 750 W, 125 mm1 464€

Interskol UShM-230/2100M, 2100 W, 230 mm

Rating: 4.9

Interscol UShM-230/2100M, 2100 W, 230 mm

In the model lineup of Interskol bolt cutters there is a powerful tool for professional use. This machine UShM-230/2100M. It is equipped with a powerful motor (2100 W), which is able to rotate a disc diameter of 230 mm. The disk rotates at 6500 rpm. As a result, it is possible to make deep cuts, forming niches in the base up to 70 mm. Despite the significant weight (6.6 kg), the experts liked the convenience of working with the tool. The manufacturer has installed a 3-position handle, soft start, adjustable safety guard, lock the power button. Model is a winner in our review.

Many advantages found in the bolster domestic users. They are satisfied with the power, the operating comfort and the cutting depth. Of the disadvantages can be noted a short cord and noisy operation.


  • high power;
  • deep kerf;
  • Soft start;
  • comfort handle.


  • noisy operation.

Interscol UShM-180/1800M, 1800 W, 180 mm

Rating: 4.8

Interscol UShM-180/1800M, 1800 W, 180 mm

Inferior in power (1800 W) to the leader of the review, the grinder Interskol USHM-180/1800M is a bit powerful. Almost half the weight (3,8 kg) and performance (8000 rpm). The maximum diameter of the disk is 180 mm, respectively, and the cut will be obtained modest. Of the functional features, the experts drew attention to the soft start and a locking trigger. The handle has three positions, which allows you to choose the most comfortable grip. High-quality construction combined with an affordable price make the grinder a popular tool in our country.

Domestic consumers are flattered by the performance of the machine. They are pleased with the performance, lightness, ergonomics, durability. On the downside, they cite a stiff wire and noisy operation.


  • high performance;
  • comfortable grip;
  • affordable price;
  • soft start.


  • a rigid wire;
  • noisy operation.

Interskol MSHU-125/1400E, 1400 W, 125 mm

Rating: 4.7

INTERSKOL MSHU-125/1400E, 1400 WATT, 125 MM

Rich set of useful features has a grinder Interskol MSHM-125/1400E. The manufacturer has equipped its product with overload protection, speed stabilization system, soft start, hood with adapter for dust extraction. 1400 W electric motor spins shaft to 9500 rpm. The maximum disc diameter is 125 mm, the drive width is 22 mm. The machine weighs 2.4 kg, with a three-position handle can choose a comfortable grip. The experts were pleased with the long mains cable (3 m), reliable protection of the motor from dust. The model takes third place in the review.

Users praise the grinder for the solid build, good performance and unkillability. Some owners report a failure of the power button in the warranty period.


  • large functional capabilities;
  • good performance;
  • unpretentiousness;
  • long wire.


  • the power button is not durable.

Interscol ushm-150/1300, 1300 W, 150 mm

Rating: 4.6

UShM-150/1300, 1300 W, 150 mm

Judging by the number of user reviews on Yam, the most popular grinder from Interskol is the model USHM-150/1300. Experts explain this fact by the combination of affordable price and technical parameters. The tool is powered by a motor 1300 W, which spins the disc up to 8500 rpm. Cutting or scraping discs up to 125 mm in diameter can be used as accessories. The seating size of the accessories must be 22.2 mm. The grinder can not boast a rich functionality, there is only a power button lock and a spindle lock. Due to the low weight (2.9 kg) and ergonomic handle, the tool is easy to work with.

The model has few disadvantages, users are not satisfied with the short and stiff wire, as well as uncomfortable attachment of the protective casing.


  • reasonable price;
  • convenience in operation;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • unpretentiousness.


  • tough short cord;
  • inconvenient protection cover fastening.

UShM-125/900 Interskol 516.1.0.00, 900 W, 125 mm

Rating: 4.5

INTERSKOL USHM-125/900 516.1.0.00, 900 WT, 125 MM

The universal tool in the house or garage can be a grinder Interskol UShM-125/900. This compact and lightweight (1.85 kg) model is equipped with a 900 W electric motor that accelerates the disc to a frequency of 11000 rpm. Cutting discs or scraping discs up to 125 mm in diameter can be used as accessories. The mounting size is 22,2 mm. The machine is very simple and reliable, as is confirmed by experts and users alike. No other advanced functions in the tool besides the spindle lock. The asset of the tool should include a good quality of assembly and ergonomics.

Domestic consumers like the affordable price, availability of spare parts, compact size. From the disadvantages noted difficult to turn on the button, the hood attachment with a screwdriver.


  • lightness and compactness;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • repairability;
  • affordable price.


  • few functionalities;
  • bad power button.

Interskol USHM-125/750, 750 W, 125 mm

Rating: 4.4

Interskol UShM-125/750, 750 W, 125 mm

The lightest (1.75 kg), compact and affordable is the grinder Interskol UShM-125/750. The manufacturer has equipped it with a high-speed (11000 rpm) motor (750 W). The model is in steady demand among Russian consumers, which is explained not only by its low cost. Experts praise the machine for its ease of operation, it can be easily held with one hand. Equipped with a ø 125 mm grinder disks with a 22 mm planting hole. The on/off button can be locked and the spindle can be secured. To hold the tool with two hands, the machine is equipped with an additional two-position handle.

Among the disadvantages of the product users mention a short hard wire, weak screws on the gear housing and short-lived bearings.


  • low price;
  • lightness and compactness
  • comfortable grip;
  • performance.


  • few useful features;
  • short-lived bearings.
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