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Every year the popularity of dimmers is increasing. These are the devices that allow not only to turn on and off the light, but also to regulate the intensity of the light. Thanks to dimmers, it is possible to make a multifunctional room. For example, to turn a cozy room for watching TV into a bright room with a festive table. In addition, dimmers can save energy and extend the life of the bulbs. On the domestic market there are many dimmers, which differ in price and functionality. Our experts’ recommendations will help to choose the optimal model.

How to choose a dimmer

Variety. Several types of dimmers can be used in the lighting system.

  1. The mechanical models are classic potentiometers that use a simple circuit to control them. They are simple and durable in operation, are notable for their affordable price. But not always their appearance and the way of control suits modern consumers.
  2. Electronic dimmers allow you to adjust the light intensity by contact or proximity control. Most of all users are interested in models with remote control. Ultrasonic or infrared technology. The most advanced devices can be controlled over the Internet.

Power dimmer.When choosing a dimmer, it is important to correctly calculate the maximum power of all light fixtures in a single circuit. To do this, sum up the power of the bulbs, add another 20% to the result obtained. If a combination of two dimmers is planned, 25% more. Power reserve is required in order to avoid the appearance of an unpleasant buzzing of the dimmer or lamp at full load.

Type of control. All dimmers, which are actuated by contact, can be divided into three types.

  1. Rotary mechanisms are convenient and familiar in operation. But to turn the light on or off, you need to make a complete turn on the wheel.
  2. Models with rotary pushbuttons allow you to turn lights on and off by simply pushing the knob. And the intensity of the lighting is adjusted by the usual turn of a knob.
  3. Push-button dimmers do not have round handles. They do not differ externally from common pushbuttons. To change the brightness of the lamps, press and hold the button for a moment. On some models there is a second button, this allows you to fix several dimmer settings.

We have selected the 6 best dimmers in the review. All of them are sold in stores in our country. The expert community and consumer feedback were taken into account when assigning the spots.

Rating of the best dimmers

ADFRI Wireless dimmer (003.478.31)
Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
Rating of best dimmers1Schneider Electric SEDNA SDN22005211 278€
2Werkel WL01-DM600-LED/ Dimmer with light (white)1 497€
  • fe 300W
  • 2 960€
    4Schneider Electric Blanca BLNSS0400121 876€
    6IEK KVART EDK10-K01-03-DM, white241€

    Schneider Electric SEDNA SDN2200521

    Rating: 4.9

    Schneider Electric SEDNA SDN2200521

    The experts found the best value for money in the Schneider Electric SEDNA SDN2200521 dimmer. The French development is produced in different countries of the world (Hungary, China, Spain), thanks to which it manages to offer the consumers an attractive price. Light dimmer switch type rotary pushbutton designed for use in 220V, 60-500W household electrical system. Switching lights on and off is done by pushing the knob. The dimmer is easy to install, it can replace a normal switch, thanks to the quick-connect terminals the wire is easily attached to the controller, the bare ends are isolated from each other by a special separator. The experts gave the dimmer the first place in our rating.

    Users have no remarks to the price, quality and functionality of the switch.


    • high-quality construction;
    • affordable price;
    • two-channel design;
    • Quick-connect terminals.


    • not found.

    Werkel WL01-DM600-LED / dimmer with backlight (white)

    Rating: 4.8

    Werkel WL01-DM600-LED/ Dimmer with Light (white)

    The Werkel WL01-DM600-LED dimmer attracted the attention of experts for its practicality and stylish design. Swedish-Chinese device designed to adjust the light intensity of incandescent and halogen lamps. The mode of operation of the device is easy to control by the intensity of illumination of the LED-backlight. Rigid polycarbonate material, resistant to mechanical impact, is used by the manufacturer to create the enclosure. The modern look of the dimmer makes it versatile, it will fit harmoniously into any interior. The elegance and economic efficiency of its SMD LEDs won the silver medal in our rating.

    Domestic users praise the dimmer for its practicality, impressive backlighting and reasonable price.


    • sturdy housing;
    • beautiful appearance;
    • affordable price;
    • easy operation.


    • none.

    LEGRAND Valena
  • fe 300W
  • Rating: 4.7

    LEGRAND Valena<li></div><p>fe 300W” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/7271666194351-866-.jpg” height=”400″ title=”LEGRAND Valena</p><li>fe 300W”><p>The LEGRAND Valena dimmer has the widest range of light fittings</p><li>fe. Not only incandescent and halogen lamps, but also fluorescent and LED devices. The power range is from 5W to 300W, which is slightly lower than the rating leaders. It also loses out in terms of price, the model is the most expensive in our review. Dimmer remembers the last setting, when you turn on the lights for 2 seconds there is a smooth adjustment of the lighting level. The device is installed into the standard niche of the switch, for the adjustment of the light intensity a rotary mechanism is used.<p>Users are satisfied with the versatility of the dimmer, the quality of its manufacture and reliability. Among the disadvantages are the high price and power limitation.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>high-quality assembly;</li><li>A wide range of dimmable lamps;</li><li>ease of connection;</li><li>durability.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>high price;</li><li>low power limit.</li></ul><h3>Schneider Electric Blanca BLNSS040012</h3><p>Rating: 4.6</p><div style=Schneider Electric Blanca BLNSS040012

    The dimmer Schneider Electric Blanca BLNSS040012 can work with low-voltage lamps. Total power of lighting fixtures is limited to 400 watts, it can be halogen, incandescent and LED fixtures. Rotary pushbutton design, mounts monoblock only in one junction box. No additional wiring is required for connection, the manufacturer has provided an electronic protection dimmer in case of overload. For the embossed rotary control experts included the device in our rating.

    Versatility of the dimmer is considered by many users as an advantage of the French device. But the Russian assembly is not always of European quality.


    • reliable design;
    • easy installation;
    • embossed regulator;
    • electronic overload protection.


    • power limitation;
    • Not always a quality assembly.

    IKEAADFRI Wireless dimmer (003.478.31)

    Rating: 4.5

    IKEA<tr></div><p>ADFRI Wireless dimmer (003.478.31)” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/67916666194351-996-.jpg” height=”400″ title=”IKEA</p><tr>ADFRI Wireless dimmer (003.478.31)”><p>IKEA has developed a whole series of devices for organizing lighting in accordance with the concept of “smart home”. IKEA wireless dimmer</p><tr>ADFRI works in tandem with “smart” lamps of the same series. Device can control 10 lamps at a time. Thanks to the magnetic base it is possible to mount the wireless dimmer on steel surfaces. The device is powered by battery power, the range is 10 meters. Experts included the development of the Dutch manufacturer in our rating for its innovative approach.<p>Users are still looking at the wireless dimmer. To get the full range of benefits from a modern device, it takes a serious investment to move to the concept of “smart home”.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>ease of operation;</li><li>magnetic fixing;</li><li>Long battery life (2 years);</li><li>can be set to communicate via the Internet.</li></ul><h4>Flaws</h4><ul><li>requires “smart” light bulbs.</li></ul><h3>IEK QUARTA EDK10-K01-03-DM, white</h3><p>Rating: 4.4</p><div style=IEK QUARTA EDK10-K01-03-DM, white

    Experience all the benefits dimmers can with the most affordable model IEK KVART EDK10-K01-03-DM. The Chinese manufacturer opted for a classic rotary dimmer design. The device is designed to control lighting systems up to 400 W. Budget dimmer has some limitations, it is not suitable for use with fluorescent and LED lamps. Modest-looking and internal device, the wires are fixed with clamp screws. The cross sectional area of the aluminum or copper conductor should not be more than 2.5 sq. mm. Experts included the dimmer in our rating for affordability and ease of operation.

    Users in reviews report the unreliability of the device, the most complaints come to the fixing clamps.


    • low price;
    • simple design;
    • convenient operation;
    • rugged case.


    • narrow scope of application;
    • unreliable clamps.
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