20 best shower cabins with a low tray

Shower cubicles with a low tray are popular because they are not difficult for a child or an elderly person to enter. They also look more aesthetically pleasing, because the glass walls start almost immediately from the floor. If you are not a fan of taking a hot bath, and you want to install such a vertical sanitary element, then consider the list of the best shower cabins, which were selected by experts based on the characteristics and reviews.

How to choose a shower cabin with a low tray

Before examining the top 20 shower cabins that have a low tray, let’s briefly touch on how to choose such a product. When buying a shower box, you need to pay attention to:

  1. Construction dimensions. The glass shower chamber can be from 80×80 cm to 200×130 cm. This affects the space occupied in the bathroom. It should be enough not only for installation, but also free access to other elements (sink, toilet, bidet, cupboard with towels, etc. d.). It also affects the comfort of the user inside. With dimensions of 80×80 cm will only be comfortable for a thin person under 70 kg with a height of 1.7 m.
  2. the geometric shape.Cabins come in square, rectangular, semi-circular, with a quarter circle. This determines the influence on the room’s interior and the place of installation (in the corner, in the middle of the wall, etc.). d.).
  3. The way the doors open.The shower doors can be sliding or hinged. In the second case, it is important to consider the presence of space on the side, so the flap can open at least 90 degrees.
  4. Type of cabin.Available as enclosed or open-type cabin. It refers to the space at the top. The presence of the ceiling helps to keep the heat, but will be uncomfortable for those who are afraid of closed space. Open ones are cheaper, but they are cooler.
  5. Type of control. There are mechanical controls, where the user faucet regulates the water flow, temperature and method of spraying (number and diameter of nozzles in the watering can). When electronically controlled, a display and push-button panel is provided. There is a combined type that allows you to turn on the functions with buttons, and regulate the water with a faucet.
  6. Additional Features.Additional features include overhead and side illumination, foot, back and shoulder massage, sauna, radio, Bluetooth hands-free, “Tropical shower”, ozonation, aromatherapy. All this makes the reception of water procedures more comfortable and varied, but increases the cost of goods.

Among other aspects of the choice there are many details on the technical part and materials, which can already be noted from our review and reviews. Expert observations and user evaluations will help you see which low tray shower enclosure is best for a particular situation. Overview based on technical details on the shower-cabin/ website.

Rating of the best shower cabins with low tray

Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
The best outdoor showers with a low tray1WELTWASSER Waise-1 100/100121 800 €
2IDO Showerama 9-5 90 cm*90 cm101 554 €
3Cerutti Mimi 90 cm*90 cm33 092 €
4Triton Orion 2 90×9024 700 €
5RGW OLB-207 120×9026 350 €
6River Tana 8024 600 €

olar 501 80 cm*80 cm

17 920

arly TM91190 cm*90 cm

11 006 €
The best enclosed shower cabins with a low tray1WELTWASSER Waise 100/100144 400 €
2Timo Elta 90cm*90cm92 000 €
3Cerutti SW-C9012069 449 €
4Luxus 535110 cm*110 cm63 000 €
5Grossman GR-227 120 cm*90 cm54 649 €
6Deto V801580 cm*80 cm58 600 €
7Luxus 023D 90cm*90cm33 300 €
8Triton Orion 3 90×90 cm25 700 €
9Niagara Lux 7715 90 cm*90 cm39 855 €
The best premium shower cabins with low tray and sauna1Orans OLS-SR-89106S 130 cm*130 cm340 000 €
2Banff S-20 L200cm*130cm253 000 €
3Frank F920 R 200cm*130cm235 000€

The best outdoor shower cabins with a low tray

This is the most affordable category. No ceiling in the box makes installation easy and suitable for people who do not like confined spaces. But it is a little colder to wash in them, because the steam immediately leaves the cabin (especially if the bathroom has high ceilings).

WELTWASSER Waise-1 100/100

Rating: 4.9

WELTWASSER Waise-1 100/100 low tray 100cm*100cm

The WELTWASSER Waise-1 100/100 with 150 mm low sump, which has a generous interior size of 100×100 cm, comes in first place. It’s good for taller people 1.8-1.9 m with long arms, because they will not hit the walls with them. The cabin has a mechanical mixer control, where you can not only regulate the strength and temperature of the flow, but also direct it to a manual or stationary watering can. To wash your feet or not to stand while showering, there is a bench made of transparent plastic. In the reviews we can see that buyers like the peculiar design of controls and fittings, distinguished by square shapes.

Our experts put it on the list of the best showers because of the abundance of space for shower accessories. Most competitors have a slight shortage of horizontal planes for soaps, shampoos and creams. There are four semi-circular shelves (two on each side) and holders for four towels.


  • Watering can on a flexible hose and stationary;
  • High quality chrome finish;
  • 100×100 cm is quite roomy inside thanks to its dimensions;
  • chair made of transparent plastic.


  • hinged doors – there must be enough space on the sides;
  • to mount the box, you will have to drill a wall to fix the upper tube of the frame.

IDO Showerama 9-5 90 cm*90 cm

Rating: 4.8

IDO Showerama 9-5 low tray 90cm*90cm

In second place is a product from the Finnish brand IDO. The shower cabin has a low tray with a depth of 50 mm. Outside height is 150 mm and it is not difficult to overcome by users. The size of the box 900×900 mm is quite spacious. The enclosure is designed for corner installation. Customers in the reviews are pleased with the interesting shape of the box, where the outer side is not semi-circular, but faceted. It makes the design of the construction more interesting. This shower cabin is equipped with a hydro massage system with 6 jets, a tropical shower and a shelf. Sliding door does not take up valuable space in the room. The control is mechanical with two switches. The buyer is available to choose the glass option: transparent or with dark tinting.

We thought the product was the best because the Finnish manufacturer gives a 10-year warranty on the shower cabin. It is a long period (competitors often have 1-5 years), which the device will work properly, and any breakdown will be eliminated by the service.


  • The frame profile is made of aluminium;
  • tinted glass is used;
  • There is a “tropical shower”;
  • Hydromassage with six jets is available.


  • The model is no longer in production – you can buy only those that are left in stock or in the store;
  • it is sold without seat.

Cerutti Mimi 90cm*90cm

Rating: 4.7

Cerutti Mimi low pan 90cm

This shower cabin from Italian brand Cerutti. The open box is square and corner installation is presupposed. For this purpose, two of its walls are made of transparent tempered glass, and two have a decorative opaque coating. The corner shower panel has two mechanical control switches and slides smoothly into the overhead shower panel with tropical shower function. The shower head on the hose is in the individual design style and has a square shape. The low tray has an external height of 120 mm. A trap is supplied with a odour trap that prevents the penetration of odours from the sewerage system; – Triton Orion 2 90×90 Cerutti Mimi low tray.

Experts put the shower cabin in the review of the best because of the presence of a beautiful ornament on the back wall. This will appeal to those who don’t want to buy the transparent version, and they don’t like the different “florals”. The design of the Extra White finishes with small squares reminds one of an expensive ceramic tile. This enhances the beauty of the product. Owners share in their reviews that the cabin looks even better in person.


  • The function “Tropical shower”;
  • it comes with a mirror;
  • Steel swivel hinges;
  • polished aluminum profile.


  • hinged door can hit the sink or toilet – there must be enough space;
  • no hydromassage;
  • without a seat.

Triton Orion 2 90×90

Rating: 4.6

Triton Orion 2 90x90 low tray 90

Next Shower Cabin

Iton with 900×900 mm dimensions and 190 mm low tray. The model features a square shape with sliding doors. The flaps move along the grooves, inside which there are troughs for drainage – the water caught from the doors will not overflow over the edge, and flows into the tray. The long handles are easy to grip for a person of any height. The manufacturer offers a choice of back wall color – graphite or white. Glass thickness of 5 mm. In reviews, men like the swivel mirror, very convenient for shaving while showering. The manufacturer gives 5 years warranty on the model.

We considered the product the best because of the quality low tray. It’s made of fiberglass, so it’s more durable. Even outside the material is coated with acrylic, which makes it snow-white and allows water to run off easily. The manufacturer endowed the work surface with anti-slip coating to prevent the user from slipping.


  • Sliding door type;
  • Height adjustment of the watering can;
  • swiveling mirror;
  • clever channel system for water removal.


  • The hand shower head comes with a very small shelf, on which nothing fits;
  • without seat;
  • no tropical shower.

RGW OLB-207 120×90

Rating: 4.5

RGW OLB-207 120x90 low pan 120cm*90

And here is an open shower enclosure from RGW with a low tray, having a depth of 70 mm inside. On the outside, the user will have to step over the 200mm edge. The German manufacturer produces a model in rectangular form with clear glass and a frosted stripe on the three walls. This is especially liked by buyers in the reviews, because it allows over time, when renovating the bathroom, to move the box to another corner or even install it by one wall. The frame is made of aluminum and covered with chrome. It comes with siphon, faucet, shelf and hand shower. To keep the product in the budget category, they had to “take away” hydro-massage, “Tropical shower” and the seat, which are available in the “older” models of the brand.

Pay attention to the special space provided in this shower cabin. The inner space of 1200×900 mm will be comfortable even for a person with a height of 1.9-2.0 m and weighing 100-150 kg. Given the low tray, it will not be difficult to move the foot. One of the largest cabins for a low price.


  • adjustable shower head location;
  • three transparent walls;
  • tinted insert in the middle of the box;
  • the presence of a mirror.


  • without hydromassage;
  • large swivel door;
  • small shelf.

River Tana 80

Rating: 4.4

River Tana 80 low tray 80cm*80cm

This is an open-type shower cabin from the domestic manufacturer. River Tana has a low tray that is only 40 mm deep and has an outer height of 150 mm. It is not difficult to step over it at all. Swing-type door fixed on steel hinges. Aisle width is 500 mm. It comes with a siphon, shower headset, mirror and shelf. Despite the budget category, the glass partitions have a section of 6 mm. The design is assembled from aluminum profile and is full-wall, so the installation does not require sealing the joints with the tiles. Manual control allows you to adjust the pressure and choose one of three options to simulate the jet.

It is a budget model with a low tray, which is suitable for a small combined bathroom and toilet with an area of 2.5 m². Dimensions 800×800 mm do not take much space and still have enough room to place the toilet bowl and washing machine. The presence of three glass walls allows you to install the cabin in the left or right corner.


  • there is a mirror;
  • provided with hooks to fix towels;
  • three transparent walls;
  • Anti slip base on the bottom of the tray.


  • 1 year warranty only;
  • no massage functions;
  • you need to monitor the siphon passability, otherwise you can flood the floor;
  • no seat.

olar 501 80 cm x 80 cm

Rating: 4.3

Polar 501 low tray 80cm

In the Polar range of open-type showers, the most affordable model is 501, which has a low tray with a depth of 50 mm. Quarter-circle shaped and designed for installation in the corner of the room. The cubicle can be entered via two sliding shutters. The design of the model refers to a full-wall. The outer panels are transparent and have decorative stripes. The back walls are matte white. On the central column is a shelf for soap and shampoo, as well as mechanical controls in the form of two “thumbscrews”. There is practically nothing to break. The height of the shower head is adjustable in three stages. Reviews show that the low tray has an excellent siphon, thanks to which the water is not retained.

The total height of the shower cabin is 2050 mm. Judging by reviews, it is ideal for installation in the bath with a low ceiling to refresh yourself after a hot procedure. Dimensions 800×800 mm will not take much space in such a compact room.


  • The design is simple but robust;
  • Easy, intuitive operation with two “thumbscrews”;
  • Adjusting the position of the frame with the legs;
  • Doors do not spontaneously open.


  • In the glass chamber, only a skinny person can feel comfortable;
  • no seat;
  • without hydromassage and “Tropical shower”;
  • small handles.

arly TM911 90 cm * 90 cm

Rating: 4.2

Parly TM911 low shower tray 90c

The product from Parly completes the category of outdoor shower cabins. The geometric shape is a quarter circle with sliding panels. Mechanical control is implemented in the form of a single mode switch. Despite the low-budget nature of the product, it comes with a special triangular-shaped designer shower head. The low tray has a depth of 70 mm with an external dimension of 150 mm. 4 mm frosted glass shields the user from prying eyes. Reviews show that the shower enclosure frame is quite strong, and the low tray does not “play” under the user while showering. Owners also note the rapid ventilation of the box, so it does not get mold in it.

Experts considered the shower enclosure better because of the easy closing of the doors. They close by pressing with one finger. The flap joint is very tight and does not allow any water droplets to come out. This is very important if the floor in the bathroom laid laminate, which can absorb liquids.


  • frosted front glass with grooves;
  • Sliding doors do not “steal” usable space;
  • it is not crowded inside;
  • Nothing wobbles – assembled with quality.


  • small door handles – if you grab with wet hands, they can jump out;
  • without a mirror;
  • thin glass of 4 mm.

The best enclosed showers with a low tray

The enclosed type allows for better warmth due to the presence of a ceiling. “Roof” over the head serves to fix the lights, additional watering can, ventilation system. But this type needs good airing after showering, otherwise mold will appear.

WELTWASSER Waise 100/100

Rating: 4.9

WELTWASSER Waise 100/100 low sump 100

In the first place in the category of enclosed shower cabins, the product from Weltwasser. Model with low tray, outer height of 150 mm, has a spacious chamber 100×100 cm. In the box is: thermostatic mixer, touch screen, 8 heads for whirlpool massage, a function “Tropical shower. Regular and decorative lighting is provided. The manufacturer has given four shelves for storage of shower accessories. According to reviews, the installation of the shower box is really done without silicone – you only need to bring the water supply and organize the drain. Radio with powerful speakers very much like music lovers.

According to experts, the shower box is the best because of the low tray made of artificial marble. This material retains heat longer than metal, and is much stronger than plastic. Users in reviews report that splashing water does not ring when falling on it, there is almost no noise effect. Standing on it is a pleasure.


  • 8 hydromassage jets;
  • the ozonization function;
  • you can listen to the radio;
  • built-in forced ventilation.


  • high price;
  • you need enough room in height to accommodate a 2200mm camera;
  • hinged type opening.

Timo Elta 90 cm * 90 cm

Rating: 4.8

Timo Elta R low shower tray 90cm

Timo’s slimline enclosed shower enclosure has a low tray with a depth of 50 mm and a light in the ceiling. Glass walls are made with a section of 6 mm and they are difficult to damage by accidental impact of the hand. The following is available: vertical massage, whirlpool back massage, “tropical shower”. The device provides touch control with a display. You can connect a CD player through the audio jack of the box. Feedback from owners show that the shower chamber is assembled qualitatively, without creaks or rolling. Buyers especially like the large hand shower head, made in the form of a huge letter O. This creates a directed volumetric flow, which speeds up the process of washing away the foam.

Experts marked out the shower box due to the presence of aromatherapy. it has a special place for capsules with oil, which gives a pleasant smell during water treatment. It is soothing and helps to relax after a busy day.


  • Beautiful multifaceted shape;
  • Low tray is coated with acrylic;
  • touch screen control panel with backlighting;
  • glass thickness 6 mm.


  • hinged doors;
  • small shelf;
  • The right-hand cabin is not suitable for every bathroom.

Cerutti SW-C90120 120 cm x 90 cm

Rating: 4.7

Cerutti SW-C90120 low tray 120cm*90cm

Shower box in a rectangular body 1200×900 mm is made of a powerful profile and transparent glass walls, the section of 5 mm. Low sump 16.5 cm is not difficult to step over for users of any age. Temperature control and jet simulation via touch screen. Thanks to the ventilation inside it does not accumulate damp. Top and decorative multicolor lighting make the design of the chamber more attractive. Users in reviews are pleased with the reclining seat, which does not take up useful space when washing standing up, and it is easy to unfold to sit down. There are also four shelves, so there’s plenty of storage space for shampoos and gels.

This low tray shower cabin will appeal to lovers of whirlpool massage. Here the manufacturer has placed 19 water jets at once, so the user’s body is exposed to abundant pressure from different sides. As regards functionality, vertical massage, back, foot massage and neck area massage are available.


  • sliding doors;
  • High handles for people of different heights;
  • there is a radio;
  • sliding seat;
  • four shelves.


  • high cost;
  • There is a lot of stains on the walls;
  • requires complex regular maintenance.

Luxus 535 110 cm * 110 cm

Rating: 4.6

Luxus 535 low tray 110cm

And here is a huge shower cabin with the dimensions of 1100×1100 mm. It has a low tray with a total height of 160 mm. The model has a shape of a quarter of a circle for angular installation. The full-wall chamber is made of 6 mm glass. A stationary seat is poured into the tray. On the left and right side walls there is a shelf and a towel holder. the column contains 10 hydromassage jets. There is a touch panel above. The overhead illumination provides excellent visibility inside the shower chamber. Feedback from our customers shows that the low pan could support a person weighing up to 250kg.

Though the shower cabin 535 of the brand Luxus, but users feel like calling it Lexus in their reviews, because it reminds of an expensive car. Top quality equipment in its area: in-room shampoo dispenser, speaker phone, radio, all kinds of massage through 10 jets, ventilation and decorative lighting. Semicircular tinted glass with doors only add to this fashionable image.


  • The walls are 6 mm thick;
  • there is a seat;
  • tinted glass;
  • electronic control panel with a screen.


  • The seat doesn’t fold down and rests a little on the leg;
  • The package contains a lot of small items for assembly, which is important to check when you receive it – they can forget to put something in it.

Grossman GR-227 120cm*90cm

Rating: 4.5

Grossman GR-227 low tray 120cm*90cm

Model GR-227 is designed for spacious bathrooms and has the dimensions of 120×90 cm. It is a rectangular shower enclosure with a single door that slides to the side. Inside, there is a touch panel with lighting and a small screen. The user can choose between the “Tropical” or normal shower, radio, back massage or vertical massage, turn on the ambient light. Additional arrows on the panel help you to set the intensity of each mode. Customers are satisfied in the reviews with the embossed surface of the low tray, imitating a stone floor. It is not slippery to stand on.

The highlight of the shower cabin is its design, which is dominated by black. Aluminum frame has a black anodized finish. The windows have a dark tinting. Large, full-width mirror, visually increases the size of the interior space.


  • large rectangular lamp illuminates the interior space well;
  • sliding sash mechanism with metal rollers;
  • the raised surface of the low pan;
  • three shelves for accessories.


  • No speakerphone;
  • there is no foot massage;
  • without a seat;
  • high cost.

Deto V8015 80 cm * 80 cm

Rating: 4.5

Deto V8015 low tray 80cm

The Finnish manufacturer produces the shower cabin in a square design, designed for corner installation or at one wall. Entrance to the box is located in the front, not on the side, which increases the versatility of the place of installation. On the ceiling there is a watering can for the “Tropical shower”, around which are mounted lamps of illumination. Electronic mode control with touch buttons and small screen. But the setting of water temperature and pressure is mechanical, carried out by a classic faucet. Includes a mirror and two stainless steel towel holders. According to reviews, the paint on the frame does not peel off after years of use.

This model has several features that have led experts to recognize it as the best. First, there is a sliding door, but it does not work along the wall, but in a rotary-departure way. This gives a full 80-cm-wide opening and no clearance on the outside. Even a wooden planking is included with the low tray. Standing on it is warmer and softer for your feet than on plastic.


  • well works the drain;
  • A strong frame;
  • reliable fittings;
  • No leakage at the joints.


  • little-informative 10-page user manual for all models;
  • No hoses for water supply included;
  • weak lighting;
  • the cabin is attached to the low tray with only three screws.

Luxus 023D 90 cm * 90 cm

Rating: 4.5

Luxus 023D low pan 90cm

This shower enclosure from the Czech brand is available with several options for the front glass, which can be clear, tinted or fluted. The dimensions of the shower box are 90x90x215 cm. Base shape – quarter circle. Inside available: hydromassage from 6 nozzles, “Tropical shower”, radio, illumination. Controls are electronic and the faucet type is classic. A curved mirror harmoniously complements the design. In the reviews, users are satisfied with the functions, everything works properly, but they strongly recommend not assembling the shower cabin on their own – there is no clear instructions, and the “gauge method” takes a lot of time.

The experts liked the model with a low tray and the well-thought-out arrangement of the shelves. Here one surface is provided at the knee level and is convenient for washing while sitting (on the seat), and the second is provided closer to the ceiling. It is convenient to reach it standing up, and being at the same level with the shower head does not let the water splash on the shelf. This allows you to put there not only shampoo, but also watches, jewelry, etc. d.


  • front walls with a thickness of 6 mm;
  • Back and foot massage;
  • ventilation and radio are provided;
  • the doors fit snugly so liquids do not leak out.


  • no clear instructions for assembly;
  • flimsy rollers to move the doors (not designed for their weight made of thick glass);
  • the low tray begins to creak under the user with a mass of 90 kg.

Triton Orion 3 90×90

Rating: 4.4

Triton Orion 3 90x90

The square shower cabin 90x90x230 cm with two sliding doors. Has a stationary shower head for a “Tropical shower” and a removable on the hose. The low tray is equipped with height-adjustable feet to set the level and allow the water to drain away spontaneously. There is a shelf and a towel holder inside. Fully mechanical control. The low tray is covered with a thick layer of Austrian acrylic, so the fall of the shower head will not cause cracks. Optional hydromassage and radio, but you will have to pay extra for this. Users are advised in reviews to choose translucent walls, as they are less visible stains from hard water. More owners like the door seals with magnets, which exclude leaks.

In our opinion, the shower enclosure with a low tray is distinguished by long handles placed along the entire height of the doors. This solution is convenient for a 5-year-old child, as well as a person with a height of 2 m. Total height of chamber 2.3 m is suitable for taller people.


  • sealed box;
  • Good backlighting;
  • powerful hydromassage;
  • Low tray does not “walk” from the weight of the user.


  • Does not catch all radio channels;
  • Some lack the number and size of shelves.

Niagara Lux 7715 90 cm * 90 cm

Rating: 4.3

Niagara Lux 7715

The manufacturer “Niagara” offers a cabin with a low tray 15 cm, which is made in the shape of a quarter of a circle and has one door, sliding to the side. The front walls are 5 mm glass. Due to the wide metal profiles the frame is rigid and stable. electronic control via touch screen panel with a screen to activate the “Tropical shower”, hydromassage with 3 jets, radio and ventilation. The temperature and pressure can be adjusted by means of a classic mixer tap. Two large mirrors on the sides make the camera even larger visually. In reviews, buyers are satisfied with the price of the shower cabin and simple assembly – if a person liked to play with the constructor as a child, he can cope with the installation with his own hands.

The design of this model is unique. Metal profile and back walls can be painted in silver or gold. Backlighting makes the interior of the box look even cooler. Ornamentation on the panels makes the shower cabin look much richer.


  • Folding seat;
  • there is a powerful hydro-massage;
  • large towel holder;
  • two mirrors;
  • sturdy low tray.


  • only three jets;
  • small shelf.

Best premium shower enclosures with low tray and sauna

This category of products belongs to the premium segment and allows you to steam through an abundant supply of steam. Home sauna relaxes and helps to recover after a day of work. For this purpose, shower models have a built-in steam generator or stove (depending on the type of sauna).

Orans OLS-SR-89106S 130 cm x 130 cm

Rating: 5.0

Orans OLS-SR-89106S

First place in the category of shower cabins with a sauna given to the German brand Orans. The model stands out for its original multi-faceted shape with even walls and anodized finish on the profile. The central shower column is equipped with a decorative blue illumination. Inside there are towel holders, two shelves, seats. Turkish bath quickly builds up steam without unnecessary temperature. Ventilation helps you feel comfortable, and you can turn on ozonation if you want. All controls are electronic. Users in reviews especially like the soundproofing. When someone takes a shower, you won’t hear them outside the bathroom.

Experts noted this shower cubicle as the best for taking water procedures for two. There is a huge 130×130 cm space and two seats for this. There is also a choice of glazing options for buyers, where there is transparent, tinted and mirror. If you buy one with a reflective effect, you can’t see what’s going on outside.


  • beautiful decorative lighting on the bar;
  • walls of 6 mm glass
  • ozone saturation of the air;
  • fully electronic control.


  • Very high cost;
  • The hinged design requires more space.

Banff S-20 L 200 cm * 130 cm

Rating: 4.9

Banff S-20 L

A huge shower box measuring 200x 130 cm, with separate shower and sauna areas. The model is fully electronic through a touch screen panel. You can choose between a handheld shower head with 5 functions, a relaxing tropical shower and a six-jet hydro massage. A wooden planking is included in the low shower tray to make it comfortable for your feet. The second bath compartment is fully finished with wood to keep the temperature better and create a certain cozy atmosphere. The abundant lightning helps to see all the objects around.

The shower cabin is unique due to the possibility of modeling the microclimate inside. If the user wants a good steam, but without straining the heart, you can run the mode “Turkish bath”, with high humidity, but moderate temperature to 45-50 degrees. Warm-up lovers will love the “Finnish Sauna” mode, with 70-degree dry air that makes it easy to breathe.


  • Lots of light inside;
  • Ample space for users of all sizes;
  • Aromatherapy;
  • A protective crate for the heater is provided;
  • beautiful interior woodwork.


  • high cost;
  • hinged doors can be broken if they bump into other plumbing fixtures.

Frank F920 200 cm * 130 cm

Rating: 4.9

Frank F920 R

Another German model from Frank completes the category of premium shower cabins. The letter R in the name implies a right-handed location of the compartment with a sauna. Shower boxes are available with the index L, where the bath will be on the left. The two cabins are separated by a glass partition, and to pass from one compartment to the other would require going outside. Thanks to the inner dimensions of 200×130 cm the user is not crowded. The chamber is made of 6 mm tempered glass. The low threshold of 14 cm is not difficult to cross, but such a rim is enough to prevent water overflow. The capacity of the heater is 4.This model has a power rating of 5 kW, and the steam generator is 3 kW, so you do not need to lay a cable with a larger cross-section to connect the box.

Experts noted the shower cabin as the best in terms of the safety of taking a sauna. it has a temperature timer. You can set the ideal time for yourself in the sauna, after which the heating and steam will be turned off automatically.


  • Two wooden benches inside;
  • a reliable ventilation system;
  • durable sanitary acrylic;
  • wooden finishing, which creates a cozy atmosphere;
  • airtight doors.


  • high cost;
  • The product only with clear glass;
  • in order to get from the shower room to the sauna, you need to go outside.
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