17 best manufacturers of ceramic tiles

One of the most practical and durable finishing materials is ceramic tiles. It is used in the design, both residential premises and garages, warehouses, boiler rooms, swimming pools, etc. d. The tile surface is easy to care for, it has an elegant appearance. Today the domestic market is represented by ceramic products from different manufacturers. To make the right choice, you should listen to the advice of experts.

How to choose a ceramic tile

  1. Designation. To start the search for the most beautiful ceramic tile should be the purpose of the finishing material. Almost any collection will do for living rooms. But in bathrooms, bathrooms and other rooms with high humidity require moisture-resistant ceramics. If you have to decorate the surface on the street, the important property of the material will be frost resistance.
  2. Wall or floor.Ceramic tiles are produced taking into account the place of laying. Since floor models have a rough texture, many manufacturers apply a special anti-slip coating. On the packaging of floor tiles is denoted by a pictogram in the form of a human foot. On the wall choose a smooth tile, it is not designed for high loads. They are marked by manufacturers with a palm-shaped symbol.
  3. Figure.Ceramic tiles can be sold as with the same coloring, and with designs of different size. Buying wall ceramics, you should immediately select the finishing material and on the floor. Some manufacturers have collections that include ceramic tiles on the wall and porcelain tiles on the floor. It is important that the different batches have the same color shades.
  4. Geometric sizes. Today you can find small (5×5, 10×10 cm) as well as very large (100×300 cm) tiles on sale. Usually designers adhere to the following scheme. The smaller the surface area, the shallower the tiles are selected. In addition, it is customary to lay ceramic elements of smaller size on the wall than on the floor.
  5. Accuracy of manufacturing. If the consumer plans to do a seam finish with subsequent grouting with fugue, you can give preference to inexpensive collections. The geometric dimensions of different tiles may vary within 1-2 mm. After design, the difference will not be conspicuous. But if the tiles will be laid tightly to each other without gaps, then in this case it is not worth saving. Look for perfectly accurate ceramics in the premium segment.
  6. Additional items. Various additional elements help to create a complete ceramic tile pattern. Therefore, when choosing a finishing material, it is important to pay attention to the availability of inserts, skirting boards, corner elements, etc. d.

We have chosen the 17 best manufacturers of ceramic tiles. In compiling the rating considered not only the ratings of experts and users to the factories, but also the opinion of experts and consumers on the best collections.

What is better than ceramic granite or ceramic tile

Type of finishing material



Porcelain stoneware

+ high durability

+ resistance to moisture

+ Frost resistance

+ wear resistance

– high price

– Small selection of designs

– great weight

Ceramic Tiles

+ reasonable price

+ Great variety of collections and elements

+ a wide range of sizes

+ low weight

– limited durability

– Not all series have a moisture- and frost-resistant

– Not suitable for walking in shoes

Rating of the best manufacturers of ceramic tiles

The best manufacturers of inexpensive ceramic tiles1Kerama Marazzi4.8
The best manufacturers of ceramic tiles in terms of quality-price ratio1FAP CERAMICHE4.9
The best collections of premium quality ceramic tiles1LAMINAM Kanka4.9
2GRAZIA Vecchie Maio
  • che
  • 4.8
    3VALLELUNGA Foussana4.8
    4GRAZIA Venice4.8
    5EQUIPE Rhombus4.7
    7LAMINAM RUS I Natura
  • Marmi
  • 4.7

    The best manufacturers of inexpensive ceramic tiles

    Finishing premises with ceramic tiles is quite an expensive undertaking. It is often necessary to level floors and walls before laying. That’s why many domestic consumers find their tiles in the budget segment. There is stiff competition from Russian manufacturers with brands from neighboring countries. Here are the best brands of inexpensive ceramics.

    Kerama Marazzi

    Rating: 4.8


    A large share of the domestic market in the budget and medium price segment is occupied by Kerama Marazzi. This tile manufacturer wins popularity due to the combination of affordable price and Italian quality. The brand was launched in 1992 after the merger of the famous European company Marazzi and the Russian company Kerama. All production is located in the Moscow region, and the technology, equipment and development is provided by an Italian company. In the assortment you can find tiles associated with England or India, Italy or France, Spain or Scandinavia.

    Experts gave the brand first place in the ranking for high accuracy, quality manufacturing and a rich lineup. Thanks to the developed sales network, you can buy tiles in different parts of Russia.


    • reasonable price;
    • high precision;
    • high quality production;
    • good assortment.


    • not found.


    Rating: 4.7


    One of the best manufacturers in the former Soviet Union is the Belarusian company KERAMIN. Its products have been well known to Russian consumers since Soviet times. The company has undergone a major upgrade, establishing a partnership with Italian company “SACMI”. That is why today, tiles of this brand compete on equal terms with the world’s famous manufacturers. In addition to ceramic tiles, the company produces high-quality sanitary ware.

    In the catalog of the Minsk factory you can find interesting designs, ranging from romantic “Venice” to landscape “Sakura. You can choose a tile in the kitchen, bathroom or corridor. The brand gets the second place for its inaccurate geometry, which is sometimes found in the collections of.


    • rich assortment;
    • A wide range of design solutions;
    • strength and durability;
    • acceptable price.


    • dimensions are not always precisely matched.


    Rating: 4.7


    Well known to the European consumer ceramic tile Polish firm CERSANIT. This large manufacturer manufactures products at 12 factories, which are equipped with the latest technology. Our market is supplied with tiles and sanitary ware. And at the enterprise near Moscow unique glass borders are produced. CERSANIT ceramic tile differs from its competitors by original design. Different collections feature both monochrome elements and abstract patterns. The quality of ceramics is not inferior to manufacturers from Italy or France.

    Domestic users are satisfied with the design solutions, a wide range of ceramic tiles. High price and deviations in geometry did not allow the brand to take a higher place in the ranking.


    • wide assortment;
    • original design solutions;
    • resistance to abrasion;
    • wide range of colors.


    • high price;
    • there are deviations in geometry.


    Rating: 4.6


    Russian consumers have a good reputation for ceramic tiles Azori. It is made in St. Petersburg at the company KeraMir. The high demand for the products of the Russian brand is due to the unique design, which makes any room unusual and comfortable. The young manufacturer (10 years on the market) has managed to establish an extensive distribution network, not only in our country, but also in neighboring countries. Both Russian and leading foreign specialists take part in the development of new collections.

    Users like the beautiful appearance, affordable price, ease of installation and operation. The disadvantages include poor packaging, which causes the glaze to be scratched.


    • a variety of collections;
    • beautiful design;
    • reasonable price;
    • exact dimensions.


    • unreliable packing.


    Rating: 4.5

    GOLDEN TILE.webp

    It is not easy to penetrate the markets of neighboring countries for Ukrainian brand GOLDEN TILE. The products come from the assembly line of the Kharkov tile factory, which was put into operation immediately after the end of the war (1946). Ceramic tile is not once in the top list of the best products in Ukraine, and the brand in 2005 hit the TOP 100 manufacturers. The company has undergone several upgrades, the last of which took place in 2007 with the participation of the Italian company “SACMI. Experts praised the quality of tiles and the rich assortment. Collaboration with Italian designers has allowed to create more than 60 beautiful collections.

    Russian consumers speak flatteringly of interesting design, decent quality, a wide range of collections and affordable price. The disadvantages are imprecise geometric sizes and scarcity in Russian trade network.


    • stylish design;
    • good quality;
    • wide assortment;
    • reasonable price.


    • inaccurate dimensions.


    Rating: 4.4


    UNITILE offers Russian consumers inexpensive ceramic tiles. Back in 1954 began work “Voronezh Ceramic Products Plant”. By now the small company has grown into the Group of Companies (Shakhtinskaya Ceramika, Voronezh Ceramika, Markinsky Brickyard). Due to its own raw materials, the manufacturer manages to maintain low prices, increasing the range of ceramic tiles. Today Spanish and Italian designers are working on the development of new lines. Experts note bright colors and Italian names of many collections.

    The brand could not rise higher in our rating because of its average quality. Users in reviews complain about the brittleness of the tiles, differences in size and shades.


    • a rich lineup;
    • bright colors;
    • reasonable price;
    • Extensive distribution network.


    • Inaccurate dimensions;
    • differences in shades of tiles from the same collection.

    The best manufacturers of ceramic tiles in terms of price-quality ratio

    The best design and quality stand out European manufacturers of ceramic tiles. And the higher the quality and more luxurious the décor, the more money the consumer should be prepared for. Italian, Spanish and French brands set the tone in the Russian market. Experts liked the tiles of the following manufacturers.


    Rating: 4.9


    Those who appreciate Italian style and quality, should take a closer look at FAP CERAMICHE products. The main part of the tile is designed for bathrooms, but in the catalog you can choose a suitable finish for other rooms. The range of ceramics is not the widest, it includes 30 collections. But if we consider that all tiles are made at the Italian company in LaFab, we can’t forget that LaFab’s products are the result of strict quality control at every stage of production. Sassuolo, it is clear that the brand stands for style and quality. Tiles are perfect due to the strict control system at each stage of production.

    Domestic customers are pleased with the design and quality of tiles, great appearance even after years of use. The brand becomes the winner of our rating. Only the price does not cause much excitement.


    • Stable quality;
    • stylish design;
    • environmental friendliness;
    • Durability.


    • not detected.


    Rating: 4.8

    LAFAB</div><p>ICA.webp” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/34716666194061-6417.jpg” height=”384″ title=”LAFAB<br />ICA.webp”></p><p>The world leader in the production of ceramic tiles is the Italian company LaFab<br />ica. For many years the manufacturer manages to hold a leading position at the expense of the highest quality and a wide range of products. The ability to create unique interiors attracts Italian products to domestic buyers as well. Durability and strength of ceramics has been tested for years, no wonder that a lot of positive feedback comes to the brand from all over the country. The different collections show traditions of countries from all continents. While ASTRA represents the Italian classics, Kauri takes the consumer to New Zealand.</p><p>Experts and users have no complaints about the quality and appearance. The brand is in second place in the rating, inferior to the leader in price.</p><h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>highest quality;</li><li>Various designs;</li><li>durability;</li><li>unique texture.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>high price.</li></ul><h3>Italon</h3><p>Rating: 4.7</p><div style=ITALON.webp

    Italon, a joint Russian-Italian company, produces stylish tiles at affordable prices. Corporation’s production site is located in the Moscow region. High-quality products with exquisite design are produced here. Large elements in pastel colors hint at the aristocratism of the interior. The main part of ceramics is designed for walls, as a floor covering the manufacturer offers a durable porcelain stoneware. For the strict classics and excellent quality the experts gave the brand the third line of the rating.

    Strict users have their own opinion on ceramic tiles Italon. They are happy with the appearance, pleasant to the touch texture, dimensional accuracy. But the durability of the top layer leaves much to be desired.


    • sophisticated style;
    • unusual texture;
    • ease of installation;
    • high strength.


    • wipe off the top layer.


    Rating: 4.6


    The oldest French ceramics manufacturer has been on the European market since 1864. Due to a merger with the Italian corporation Marazzi Group, original tiles with Italian overtones come out of the factory conveyors. In a highly competitive environment, the brand tries to conquer new markets through competent pricing policy. The range includes products for all walks of life. Ceramic tiles are made from white clay, which is once fired. This is one of the reasons for the brightness and unusual texture.

    The brand is one step away from the top three in the ranking, t. k. Experts found a deficit of products in russian retail network. Therefore, very few reviews from consumers on thematic forums.


    • identity;
    • Original manufacturing technology;
    • wide assortment;
    • reasonable price policy.


    • Shortage in the Russian retail network.

    The best premium collections of ceramic tiles

    Many manufacturers have premium ceramic tile collections in their assortment. They meet the most stringent demands of customers with high incomes. Experts praised the following series of expensive ceramics.

    LAMINAM Kanka

    Rating: 4.9


    When the final estimate for the interior is a secondary consideration, the experts advise to pay attention to the ceramic tiles LAMINAM Kanka. The uniqueness of the Italian collection is to imitate nature. The products are not inferior to natural stone in aesthetics. Shades of oxidized metal gives the design state of autumn nature during the fall of leaves. Tiles not just a unique design, it easily withstands Russian frosts, retains its attractiveness for many years, has the ability to self-cleaning. In the catalog you can find products for different interior styles.

    The experts gave the laurels of the winning collection for the originality and high quality. Only the price can be a barrier to purchase.


    • frost resistance;
    • ease of installation;
    • durability and wear resistance;
    • self-cleaning during use.


    • high price.

    GRAZIA Vecchie Maio
  • che
  • Rating: 4.8

    GRAZIA VECCHIE MAIO<li></div><p>CHE.webp” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/13716666194061-4617.jpg” height=”420″ title=”GRAZIA VECCHIE MAIO</p><li>CHE.webp”><p>Italian ceramic tiles Vecchie Maio can be a unique decorative finish</p><li>che Ceramiche Grazia. The product represents a new approach in the field of cladding materials. Professional designers have worked hard to implement in one project a lot of exclusive solutions. Italian ceramics will fit in any interior, from a room in the house to the premises of the showroom. Experts appreciated the conciseness and elegance of the tiles, the freshness and airiness of the motifs, the variety of colors. The collection takes the second place in the ranking. The high price of not only the entire series and each element did not become a winner. In terms of quality and design, experts and users are satisfied with Italian tiles.<h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>an innovative approach;</li><li>the originality of collections;</li><li>versatility of application;</li><li>high quality.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>high price.</li></ul><h3>VALLELUNGA Foussana</h3><p>Rating: 4.8</p><div style=VALLELUNGA FOUSSANA

    Italian Ceramica Vallelunga’s history confirms the limitless possibilities of human friendship. In the 1950’s, a group of like-minded people decided to pool their financial means and built a small ceramic tile factory. Ceramica Keraviv was born and later transformed into the famous Vallelunga brand. The production facilities of the company are concentrated in Benin, Algeria, Morocco. Nepi, located in the Italian province of Viterbo. This double fired tile is designed for floors and walls. To keep up with the times, the company regularly upgrades, updates the design of collections.

    The collection hits our rating for exquisite style, the adherence to Italian traditions and excellent quality. Users love the beauty of ceramics, perfect evenness and durability.


    • exquisite style;
    • Italian quality;
    • strength and durability;
    • Heat resistance.


    • high price.

    GRAZIA Venice

    Rating: 4.8


    Another collection of the famous Italian manufacturer Ceramiche Grazia hits our ranking. The Venice line created a sensation at the Cersaie 2014 trade fair in Bologna. Bologna. Its uniqueness lies in its stained glass style. Ceramics is designed for bathroom decoration. The different elements of the collection will be a real decoration for corridors, entrances, etc. d. The manufacturer offers the domestic consumer decors Pannello Fenice size 80×40 cm, as well as three kinds of skirting, corner pieces and skirting boards. Their use allows to emphasize the classic style of the created interior.

    The collection is located close to the troika, t. k. can not boast a variety of decors. And the quality and durability of ceramic tiles meets Italian standards.


    • The unique stained glass style;
    • high quality;
    • strength and durability;
    • versatile use.


    • small selection.

    EQUIPE Rhombus

    Rating: 4.7


    Spanish factory Equipe Ceramicas works in the market of finishing materials since 1999. The company was originally involved in the production of decorative elements, but since 2005 the main activity was the production of small-size ceramic tiles. The EQUIPE Rhombus collection was presented to the public at the 53rd Casa Decor exhibition. It has a rhombic shape with the size of 24×14 cm. Tiles allow you to creatively design floor and wall surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to the anti-slip coating, the collection becomes an excellent option for floor design in bathrooms and toilets.

    The fact that a brand name appears in our rating is a logical consequence. The world leader in the production of small tiles.


    • Colorful solutions;
    • original forms;
    • high-quality production;
    • long lifespan.


    • Fewer choices.

    VENIS Madagaskar

    Rating: 4.7


    Another Spanish brand VENIS appeared in our rating. The factory appeared in 1987, as a subsidiary of the famous company Porcelanosa. The purpose of the new division is to master new types of tiles and experiment with design. In order to produce the highest quality ceramic tiles, the manufacturer uses only white clay. High strength, reliability and durability achieved by the strict observance of technical discipline. The VENIS Madagaskar collection imitates natural stone very closely. The series takes its name from a well-known island in the Indian Ocean, where natural stones such as limestone and sandstone are found.

    Users appreciate the Spanish ceramics for luxury, individuality, exclusivity. But the choice of tiles in our country is quite limited.


    • durability and wear resistance;
    • high quality;
    • exact dimensions;
    • Luxury and elegance.


    • modest selection.

    LAMINAM RUS I Natura
  • Marmi
  • Rating: 4.7

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