11 best manufacturers of polypropylene pipes

Polypropylene pipes are becoming more and more popular every year in the construction industry. They are used for the device of water supply, heating systems, pipelines with the aim of pumping aggressive liquids, etc. d. A distinctive feature of PP-pipes is resistance to corrosion, resistance to changes in temperature and pressure, durability. On the smooth surface does not accumulate precipitation, so there are no problems with the maintenance of pipelines. To choose the most suitable polypropylene pipes, experts advise to pay attention to several parameters.

How to choose polypropylene pipes

Structure.All polypropylene pipes can be divided into three types.

  1. Single-plymade of pure polypropylene, such pipes are best suited for installation of cold water.
  2. Fiberglass reinforcementallows you to increase the strength of the walls, this type of products quite well cope with high pressure and temperature (up to 90 ° C). They are used for heating systems in private homes.
  3. Foil reinforcementallows you to reduce the thermal expansion of pipes, so these products can withstand fluid heating up to +95 ° C. They have the widest range of applications.

Installation. When choosing polypropylene pipes, it is important to know the nuances of their connection. Joints are welded using special soldering irons, and turns and branches are made by installing fittings. Pipes reinforced with aluminum foil are considered the most difficult to install. Experts recommend removing the metallized layer to the depth of welding.

How not to buy counterfeit.In the Russian market there are many fake products, so the potential buyer should know a few selection criteria. They will help reduce the risk of buying fake products.

  1. The first thing to do is to take a picture or remember exactly what the brand logo looks like. Note letter size, font, color, number of capital letters. Very often unscrupulous businessmen make elementary mistakes, redrawing the trademark of a well-known manufacturer.
  2. On the official website, you should study the product range. Knowing the location of the marking and the color of polypropylene, you can easily identify counterfeit.
  3. You should carefully inspect pipe samples before purchase. They must have the same thickness, close to the ideal circular cross-section. Not allowed the presence of depressions, swells and other signs of substandard casting.

We have selected the 11 best manufacturers of polypropylene pipes. Products of these brands are widely represented in the trading network in Russia. In compiling the rating we took into account the opinion of experts and feedback from domestic consumers.

What is better than metal-plastic or polypropylene pipes

Type of tube




+ corrosion resistance

+ long lifetime

+ minimum thermal expansion

+ easy assembly

– Low resistance to sunlight

– high price


+ resistance to corrosion

+ easy welding

+ reasonable price

+ wide application field

– high coefficient of thermal expansion

– a lot of fakes on the domestic market

Rating of the best producers of polypropylene pipes

Nominationlocationproduct namerating
Rating of the best manufacturers of polypropylene pipes1Wefatherm5.0
3WAVIN Ecoplastik4.8




10Blue Ocean4.1


Rating: 5.0


The German company Wefatherm has been manufacturing plastic pipes for over 30 years. During this time, the brand has won the respect of users from around the world. Russian consumer appreciates the polypropylene water supply systems Vefatherm for the optimal combination of price and quality. The manufacturer uses PPR-100 material as a raw material, which has high strength properties. Therefore, polypropylene pipes are resistant to temperature and pressure fluctuations, and their service life reaches 50 years. The internal surfaces do not clog for a long time, which reduces maintenance costs.

The brand becomes the winner of our rating for efficiency and ease of installation. The products are not inferior to the world leaders, favorably distinguished by the democratic price.


  • high-quality raw materials;
  • metal reinforcement;
  • low coefficient of thermal expansion;
  • combination of price and quality.


  • not found.


Rating: 4.9


Joint Russian-Italian company VALTEC was established in 2002, the Ministry of Economy of the Russian Federation. It specializes in the production of pipes and fittings for the construction of water pipelines and plumbing systems. To estimate the volume of sales in the domestic market, the manufacturer has a simple example. Every year the products of the brand are used to build more than 1 mln. kv. m premises. Polypropylene pipes have been used in historic buildings such as the Arcadian Palace in Odessa, the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Tchaikovsky Opera and Ballet Theater, and the Kremlin Theater. Mussorgsky. Water supply systems based on VALTEC products can be found in every fourth apartment.

The experts gave the brand the second place in the rating. Users note such disadvantages as high price and short-lived components. Convenience of installation.


  • high quality;
  • usability;
  • strength and elasticity;
  • aesthetic appearance.


  • high price.

WAVIN Ecoplastik

Rating: 4.8


WAVIN Ecoplastik, a Czech company, started its activities in the field of plastic materials production in 1990. From the first steps the manufacturer has chosen a clear focus on innovative technology. Today, this large group includes 40 plants operating in 29 countries. Experts give high marks to polypropylene pipes with a reinforcing layer of basalt. They are notable for thermal resistance, strength and wide scope of application. The material can be used not only for the device of water supply, but also for laying heating mains.

For European quality, the brand is in the top three of our rating. Users praise the products for their environmental friendliness and lightness, reliability and durability. The disadvantages include a modest appearance and high price.


  • European quality;
  • easy installation;
  • wide scope of application;
  • strength and durability.


  • high price.


Rating: 4.7


Inexperienced layman may be surprised to find the Turkish brand TEBO at the top of our rating. The products are sold on the domestic market at the lowest prices. Moreover, the range of polypropylene pipes is wide, both in terms of material composition and diameter (20-160 mm). Experts have not found any pitfalls in the products of the Turkish manufacturer. Moreover, the pipes are characterized by chemical resistance, which allows you to create a pipeline for the transportation of aggressive liquid compounds. High flow capacity in water pipelines is maintained for 30 years.

Domestic users consider Turkish pipes to be of high quality, reliable and durable. Of the disadvantages noted ovality of the section, as well as a modest range of fittings.


  • low price;
  • chemical resistance;
  • durability;
  • wide scope of application.


  • oval cross section of the pipe.


Rating: 4.6


Another Turkish brand made it to our rating. Using modern technology and European production lines Novaplast company produces high quality polypropylene pipe products. The raw material used is granulate from Denmark, which meets international environmental standards. The products are distinguished by excellent performance characteristics. With its help it is possible to assemble a water pipeline, a heating system or a pipeline for the transport of industrial fluids. The products have been supplied to Russia since 2009, and the users have come to appreciate the advantages and find the disadvantages.

The brand receives positive feedback for its affordable price, environmental friendliness and ease of installation. Of the disadvantages noted bloating of the pipeline when used in the heating system.


  • affordable price;
  • good performance characteristics;
  • easy installation;
  • environmental friendliness.


  • bloated pipes.


Rating: 4.5


Highly popular in Russia polypropylene pipes company Pilsa. The brand has earned the trust of consumers due to the durability, wear resistance and resilience of its products. The company was founded in 1972 and has taken a leading position in the Turkish market. Since 2008, the brand belongs to the WAVIN GROUP, high quality requirements favorably reflected in Pilsa products. If the water supply or heating system is assembled correctly, the service life of pipes exceeds 15 years.

The experts gave the brand the sixth place in the rating, listening to the opinion of consumers. The disadvantage of polypropylene pipes is complicated installation. Careful preparation of joints is required; there are deviations in the geometry of the cross-section, which can lead to deformation during operation.


  • wear resistance;
  • high durability;
  • elasticity;
  • good quality.


  • ovality of the section;
  • requires careful preparation of joints.


Rating: 4.4


The Czech company FV Plast was founded in 1990. All this time our employees have been developing and producing plastic pipes for water supply and heating systems. The Czech Republic was one of the first to use the gray polypropylene Hostalen. Thanks to German raw materials the brand produces high quality pipes. Experts note the close interaction between the manufacturer and installers. Taking into account their comments and wishes, the brand succeeds in achieving high results.

FV-Plast gets into our rating for the latest automated equipment, innovative technology and testing the products in certified laboratories. Domestic users rarely use FV Plast pipes, so there are very few reviews on thematic forums.


  • high-quality production;
  • modern equipment;
  • advanced technology;
  • cooperation with fitters.


  • Deficit of tubular products in Russian stores.


Rating: 4.3


One of the best Russian companies that produce plastic pipes is PRO AQUA. This company was able to prove to the skeptics that domestic products can be qualitative. The brand existed since 1997, since then the manufacturer has managed to more than double its sales. The company still does not catch up to the best German or Czech concerns, but in the medium price segment it competes with Turkish and Chinese brands. In addition to the optimal combination of price and quality, the Russian product impressed the experts with its environmental friendliness.

There are polypropylene pipes of the Russian company and weaknesses. The material does not long withstand high pressure and excessive temperature.


  • good quality;
  • affordable price;
  • resistance to aggressive media;
  • environmental friendliness.


  • low resistance to high pressure and temperature.


Rating: 4.2


In 1989 the domestic company “Plastik” started its activity. Its products under the brand RVC is an example of high quality. The manufacturer is considered an expert in the field of polypropylene pipes. The specialists see several reasons for the brand success. These are European raw materials, modern equipment, and highly qualified personnel. The company has many major partners known in the world, specializing in the installation of pipelines. The company has built its own testing laboratory, also has established cooperation with Russian institutes specially involved in the testing of materials.

To take a higher place in the ranking of the brand does not allow modest advertising. Not many installers have had time to try out domestic products.


  • European raw materials;
  • modern equipment;
  • qualified personnel;
  • reasonable price.


  • the brand is known in narrow circles.

Blue Ocean

Rating: 4.1


Of all the variety of Chinese polypropylene pipes experts trust only the products of the company Blue Ocean. The young brand was founded 10 years ago, the concern office is located in London, and production sites and representative offices are scattered throughout the world. Polymer products are manufactured from high quality raw materials on modern equipment. Polypropylene pipes are used in water supply systems, as well as in construction of the lines for pumping corrosive substances. There are several varieties of PP pipes, ranging from unreinforced to products with a layer of fiberglass.

For lightness, environmental friendliness and smoothness the brand gets in our rating. But up to European quality the Chinese have not yet reached.


  • wide assortment;
  • reasonable prices;
  • eco-friendliness;
  • low weight.


  • unstable quality.


Rating: 4.0


Dizayn Turkish factory was founded in 1987 and since its foundation the company has been engaged in developments in the field of water supply and heating. In 4 years already an innovative technology of combining plastic and iron at molecular level was introduced. Since 2010 the brand belongs to Mir Holding concern. Experts drew attention to the rationalization and scientific activities of the company, thanks to which the manufacturer manages to keep up with the times. Today Dizayn offers the buyer about 4 thousand products for various applications.

The brand could not rise higher in our rating because of critical consumer feedback. They are dissatisfied with the uneven layer of polypropylene, brittle pipes. Therefore, installers should use caution when making bends.


  • innovative developments;
  • advanced technology;
  • wide assortment;
  • affordable prices.


  • fragility;
  • heterogeneity.
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