10 best vacuum cleaners for floor saws

*Review of the best according to the editorial board. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. Before buying you need to consult with a specialist.

The heroes of today’s review – construction vacuum cleaners (or vacuum cleaners for stubbing machines). This is a popular type of equipment, which is used in tandem with various construction tools – angle grinder, strobore cutter, circular saw, jigsaw and other equipment. The main task of the device – synchronous collection of construction debris during the operation of the connected tool.

For the rating we have selected the top 10 models of vacuum cleaners from leading Russian and foreign manufacturers. For the convenience of readers of all items were divided into 2 categories by price (up to 10,000 rubles and above that price).

As selection criteria, the emphasis was placed on the brand, functionality, build quality and equipment. One of the key factors of the selection was the practical part, namely, how the vacuum cleaners behave in real operation conditions.

To do this, we studied the reviews of real users posted on review sites, as well as on popular marketplaces (e.g., Yandex.Market). Also, information about the technique was taken from manufacturers’ official websites and other public sources.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner for strobot cutter

When choosing a vacuum cleaner for a stitch cutter and other tools, you need to consider the following points:

  1. Frequency of use.
  2. Functionality
  3. Type of power.
  4. Power.
  5. Completion.

If the vacuum cleaner will be used for household purposes, it is enough to buy an inexpensive model. If the equipment is needed for a team engaged in European-type renovations, then you need to consider models from the professional segment, which are designed for intensive use.

By functionalityIt is worth allocating models for dry cleaning, as well as vacuum cleaners with the ability to collect liquids. These are the so-called universal models, which are in high demand. Please note – this is not a washable vacuum cleaner, and all wet cleaning is reduced to only collecting liquids.

By type of power supplyIt is worth distinguishing between cordless and cordless models. The first group is more common and popular, but cordless vacuum cleaners have mobility.

Power– One of the key points in choosing a vacuum cleaner. For a vacuum cleaner to be able to effectively collect debris, its power must be at least half the power of the construction tool. For example, the power of stroblers is 1800 watts, while a vacuum cleaner may have 1000 watts or more.

Equipmentaffects directly on the functionality of the device. In most cases, manufacturers equip vacuum cleaners with a standard brush, crevice nozzle and extension cord (telescopic tube or composite plastic tubes). Additional advantage will be the possibility to buy an extended set of nozzles and accessories.

The right vacuum cleaner for your trencher will not only effectively remove debris but also last a long time.

10 best vacuum cleaners for stroborez

The best building vacuum cleaners to 10000 rubles5BOSCH UniversalVac 156 297 €
4Metabo AS 18 L PC Compact8 999 €
3KARCHER WD 3 P7 390 €
2Status ALS1031SF10 080 €
  • TECH PS 1235A
  • 9 833 €
    The best vacuum cleaners to 10000 rubles5Bort BSS-1440-Pro14 965 €
    4Makita VC2512L13 865 €
    3Hammer PIL50A13 499 €
    2KARCHER WD 6 P Premium20 890 €
    1Metabo ASR 50 M SC50 479 €

    The best construction vacuum cleaners to 10000 rubles

    In this category we have selected 5 models of vacuum cleaners from famous domestic and foreign manufacturers. The cost of each model does not exceed 10 thousand rubles, which makes the technique as accessible as possible.

    BOSCH UniversalVac 15

    Rating: 4.5


    Our review opens with a vacuum cleaner BOSCH UniversalVac 15 from the well-known German manufacturer of household appliances. The device is assembled in China and it is covered by a two-year factory warranty.

    The model is made of impact-resistant plastic in dark green. The model is distinguished by its versatility, which allows it to be used for cleaning construction debris and dust, and to collect liquids. There is a protective cover on the HEPA filter inside, which is located around the air intake. One of the design advantages is the presence of the float in the air intake. When the amount of water in the tank reaches a maximum level, the float closes the hole and the vacuum cleaner turns off. Tank capacity is 15 liters, and the device itself is quite compact dimensions.

    The cover with a motor is held on two plastic latches, which can be easily unfastened if necessary. On the cover is a button to turn on the vacuum cleaner in a protective plastic cover.

    The set includes the hose, 2 plastic extensions, crevice nozzle, universal adapter and main brush. All nozzles are connected to the hose with a clamp. For the collection of dry construction debris is used disposable paper bag.

    Engine power is 1000 watts, while air flow rate is at 65 l / min. It is also worth noting that the vacuum cleaner can blow out, which enlarges its range of use.

    All accessories can be located in a special recess on the body and the hose is wrapped around and secured with two rubber mounts. The vacuum cleaner takes up little space when assembled.

    Owners rate as positive the good suction power, reasonable price and simple construction. Among the disadvantages worth mentioning is the lack of power regulation and the plastic compound extension cord.

    Low price, well-thought-out construction and reliable performance allowed the vacuum cleaner BOSCH UniversalVac 15 to take one of the leading positions in its product group.


    • Tank volume 15 liters.
    • Airflow rate 65 l/s.
    • Convenient storage of accessories on the body;
    • Suitable for dry and liquid pickup.


    • Basic configuration.
    • Only one speed.
    • Plastic extension cord.

    Metabo AS 18 L PC Compact

    Rating: 4.5


    Continues our review Metabo AS 18 L PC Compact from the popular manufacturer of professional tools from Germany. Vacuum cleaner is assembled in China and comes with a three-year warranty. The model was a novelty in the summer of 2021.

    Battery powered device is a distinctive feature of this model. Suitable for all 18v batteries. It allows you to use one or two power supplies with your Metabo cordless tool .

    The device is compact and easy to carry on the shoulder.

    Delivered with a robust hose, an extension cord made of three plastic tubes, a 120 mm long brush nozzle, a crevice nozzle, a coupling, and a bag for dry dust collection. The volume of the dust bag is 6 liters.

    To protect the motor from dust there is a large flat paper filter, which is kept on two clamps and one screw. The filter is equipped with a self-cleaning system, which is important when working with fine dust.

    Vacuum cleaner has 2 speeds, allowing you to choose the right mode for the type of debris you need to vacuum.

    When working with concrete debris, it is recommended to place it directly in the container, and when working with wood chips it is better to collect them in the bag.

    The advantages of the vacuum cleaner are its compact size, two speeds, high suction power and high-quality construction. Among the disadvantages, some users note the lack of battery in the kit and irregular supplies of consumables.

    We recommend the Metabo AS 18 L PC Compact for users who want a compact and powerful cordless vacuum cleaner for cleaning various dry garbage or collecting liquids.


    • Two speeds.
    • All Metabo 18-volt batteries are suitable.
    • Compact size and light weight.
    • Garbage and liquid collection.


    • No battery included.
    • Difficult to buy supplies (according to user reviews).


    Rating: 4.6


    The next model in our review is the KARCHER WD 3 P from the legendary German manufacturer of professional cleaning equipment. Vacuum cleaner is assembled in Hungary and is covered by a one-year warranty.

    The model has a compact size and good maneuverability due to the four wheels which rotate around its axis. The housing is collapsible, consisting of two parts – the waste and liquid container, and the top cover with the motor and electronic components.

    A distinctive feature of the model – it has its own socket. This allows you to connect a variety of building tools up to 2000 watts. Also included is a special hose that connects to a hammer drill, strobore cutter, grinder and other equipment. When a tool is connected to the vacuum cleaner, the two devices are synchronized. Vacuum cleaner runs automatically with tool and shuts off a little later, picking up debris and dust.

    The basic kit includes two plastic extension tubes, a flexible hose, a second hose with an adapter to connect to the tool, a standard brush for garbage and liquid collection, and an adapter.

    On the inside there is a bag holder and pleated filter for air duct. In water collection mode, bag and filter can be removed. Float-type safety switch trips if liquid reaches a critical level in the tank.

    On Marketplace Yandex.Market this model has a rating of 4.8 points, as well as the prestigious “buyers’ choice” rating. The model is recommended to buy 97% of consumers. Benefits include simple design, good suction power, its own power outlet and synchronization with the tool. The disadvantages some users have classified as too short a hose.

    The KARCHER WD 3 P vacuum cleaner is present on the Russian market for more than 5 years. During this time, this model has become one of the best-selling not only in its line, but also among competitors. This indicates high consumer confidence in the equipment.


    • Simple and robust construction.
    • Own socket for power tools.
    • For dry sweeping and water collection.


    • Basic configuration.
    • A short hose (according to consumer reviews).

    Status ALS1031SF

    Rating: 4.6

    Status ALS1031SF

    The next model Status ALS1031SF from the Italian manufacturer. Vacuum cleaner is assembled in China and covered by a two-year warranty.

    The stainless steel housing (tank) is a distinctive feature of the model. It is used for picking up refuse and liquids. In the first case you need to install a disposable paper bag and a round folded filter. Bag and filter are removed for the collection of liquids, and for the protection of the motor uses a special screen, which is put on the air intake. For quick drainage of the tank there is a technical hole.

    Vacuum cleaner has its own socket, so it can be synchronized with power tools up to 2000 watts.

    Includes telescopic metal tube, crevice nozzle, hose and standard flat brush.

    The owners of the equipment note the presence of a powerful motor, reliable design, stainless steel tank and convenient operation. The disadvantages, according to some consumers, include the lack of suction power adjustment.

    We recommend the Status ALS1031SF for home and small construction applications.


    • High power (1600 watts).
    • Stainless case.
    • Own socket.
    • Synchronization with power tools up to 2 kW.


    • No power regulator (according to consumer reviews).

  • TECH PS 1235A
  • Rating: 4.7

    E<li></div><p>TECH PS 1235A” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/19616666195491-6410.jpg” height=”421″ title=”E</p><li>TECH PS 1235A”><p>Completes the category of construction vacuum cleaners in the price category to 10 thousand rubles model E</p><li>TECH PS 1235A from the Russian manufacturer of power tools. The device is assembled in China and covered by the official two-year service.<p>This cleaner is made in a standard form factor with a detachable body into two parts. Bowl and top lid made of plastic. 35 liter capacity. Among the features of the model, it is worth noting its own power outlet, in which you can connect strokbar cutter and other power tools with a capacity of up to 2 kW.</p><p>Another feature of the device is the 3 meter long hose. This will allow you to effectively remove debris when creating a mortise on the ceiling or at a height. Includes two floor brushes (dry and liquid collection), five paper bags, crevice nozzle, plastic extension and adapter.</p><p>The bottom of the tank has an emergency drain hole with a twist-off cap.</p><p>The owners of the technique to the positive points include a good quality build, a large tank capacity for compact size of the body, its own power outlet and a fairly quiet operation. There are no fundamental drawbacks, but some users note the poor quality of paper bags and the lack of a cord winding mechanism.</p><p>Optimal balance between price, quality and functionality enables the E vacuum cleaner</p><li>TECH PS 1235A takes one of the leading places among the analogues in its price group.<h4>Advantages</h4><ul><li>Synchronization with the power tool.</li><li>Tank capacity of 35 liters.</li><li>Hose length 3 meter.</li></ul><h4>Disadvantages</h4><ul><li>Poor quality paper bags.</li><li>No device for winding the cord (according to consumer reviews).</li></ul><h2>The best vacuum cleaner for stubbing machines from 10000 rubles</h2><p>This category includes vacuum cleaners for stubbing cutters and other tools costing more than 10 thousand rubles. We have selected 5 best models of different classes from Russian and foreign manufacturers. Each nominee has its own unique features and advantages, which makes it the best in its product group.</p><h3>Bort BSS-1440-Pro</h3><p>Rating: 4.7</p><div style=Bort BSS-1440-Pro

    Opened this category vacuum cleaner Bort BSS-1440-Pro from the famous Russian manufacturer of power tools, cleaning equipment and related accessories. The model is assembled in China and it comes with an extended factory warranty of 5 years.

    One of the features of this device is a fully stainless working tank with a capacity of 40 liters. Minimum plastic and maximum metal to categorize this model as a professional appliance. Vacuum cleaner is versatile and can be used not only for dry vacuuming, but also for picking up liquids.

    Flat platform with four rotating wheels provides the robot high stability and maneuverability. The bottom of the body has grooves for storing accessories and supplies. To remove static electricity is provided for the grounding of the body in the form of a movable steel chain.

    Another feature is the 4-meter long working hose. This allows you to comfortably remove dust when working with the tool in the pre-top area. On the body is a separate socket for power tools up to 2 kW with the possibility of synchronization of both devices.

    Vacuum cleaner owners commented positively on the quality of the product, practicality and functionality. The disadvantages some users have identified the lack of delivery of disposable bags for collecting dry waste.

    Good power, smart design and versatility allowed the vacuum cleaner Bort BSS-1440-Pro to take one of the top positions in our ranking and in its product group.


    • Stainless steel tank of 40 liters.
    • Powerful 1400 W motor.
    • Own socket for power tools.
    • Grounding.


    • No disposable bags included (according to consumer reviews).

    Makita VC2512L

    Rating: 4.7

    MAKITA VC2512L

    The next model in our review is the Makita VC2512L from the famous Japanese manufacturer of household and professional power tools. Vacuum cleaner is assembled in China in a certified factory with multi-stage quality control.

    Model has a fairly compact size, while the capacity of the working plastic tank is 25 liters. Cleaner is equipped with 1000 W motor, which is considered a standard for the equipment of this level. One of the features of the model is its own socket, designed for power tools up to 2600 W. Most vacuum cleaners have a power limit of 2000 watts, so the Makita has the advantage of working with a floor saw, grinder, rotary hammer or other high-powered devices.

    Two pairs of wheels on the bottom – two large-diameter swivel wheels ensure stability, and two small swivel wheels ensure high mobility.

    One of the features of this model is the protection of the motor filter from rocks, crumbs, sand and other debris, which at high speed falls into the tank. A wide plastic guard is installed in front of the inlet, which covers the filter.

    In addition to the various attachments and adapters for the tool comes with 2 bags – one disposable for dust, and a second polyethylene reusable for water. The vacuum cleaner can also pick up dry dust and liquids without bags, but in this mode of operation, the filter wears out faster. It is recommended to remove the HEPA filter for working with water.

    The device has the following advantages: good suction power, powerful self-priming outlet and multi-purpose application. There are no critical disadvantages, but some consumers note the lack of a device for winding the cord.

    Makita VC2512L justly occupies a leading position in its product group in terms of value, reliability and functionality. One of its features is perfect compatibility with almost all Makita power tools.


    • Socket outlet with up to 2600 watts supported.
    • Dry and liquid collection.
    • Good equipment package.


    • No cable winding.

    Hammer PIL50A

    Rating: 4.7

    Hammer PIL50A

    Continues our review of vacuum cleaner Hammer PIL50A from the Russian manufacturer of power tools, garden equipment and related products for home maintenance. The device is made in China, as all products of this brand.

    The vacuum cleaner is made in a standard form factor with a separate body – the upper part is a motor with an electrical part, and the lower part is a stainless steel garbage tank. The tank capacity is 50 liters, which allows you to clean a lot of debris in one go. It can also pick up liquids.

    The distinguishing feature is the reusable polypropylene motor filter, which does not need to be removed when cleaning dry garbage or liquid. Most analogues have a paper folded filter that gets soaked under the influence of moisture.

    1400 watts motor power, own power socket supports connection of power tools up to 2000 watts.

    The package is standard, as in most models of this category – a flexible hose 3.5 m, crevice nozzle, adapters, standard brush, telescopic tube.

    Vacuum cleaner owners note the good quality of the assembly, large tank of 50 liters, high suction power and the ability to synchronize with a variety of power tools. No critical disadvantages, only some consumers would like to see a reusable bag for collecting dry waste.

    The reasonable price, good quality, reliability and usability allows us to recommend the Hammer PIL50A for intensive use.


    • Stainless steel tank capacity of 50 L.
    • Dry and wet cleaning.
    • Its own socket.
    • Motor power 1400 W.


    • No reusable bag included (according to user reviews).

    KARCHER WD 6 P Premium

    Rating: 4.8


    In our review we have one more model from the German manufacturer KARCHER WD 6 P Premium. This is a vacuum cleaner of a premium segment, which can work in conditions of intensive use. The vacuum cleaner is assembled in Italy.

    The device is equipped with a stainless steel tank of 30 liters, and is designed to collect liquids and any debris. This versatility greatly expands the range of applications for the vacuum cleaner – from simple garbage collection in the garage, car or house, to joint work with a hole cutter or other power tools.

    The design of the pre-motor filter is a distinctive feature of this model. Unlike most analogues, the filter element is not mounted centrally inside the tank on the motor itself, it is located in the housing cover on the back side. Filter is never in contact with dust or water, so it lasts significantly longer.

    It also has a filter element self-cleaning system. For this purpose, it is necessary to put the hose with nozzle into the special opening in the cover, turn the motor on and press the special lever several times. The air flow causes the dust from the filter to fall to the bottom of the tank.

    The design of the hose allows you to connect directly to a variety of nozzles, without using a rigid extension cord or adapters.

    Own socket allows you to synchronize the vacuum cleaner with power tools.

    According to the resource Yandex.Market, the vacuum cleaner was marked “buyers’ choice” and has a rating of 4.5 points.

    The advantages of the model should include a reliable design, a unique filter cleaning system and synchronization with the power tool. Among the disadvantages – the lack of stoppers on the wheels (relevant for rooms with sloping floors) and no device for pulling the cord.

    The high construction quality, reliability and flexibility of use, allows us to recommend the KARCHER WD 6 P Premium for home use.


    • Stainless steel tank for 30 litres.
    • Power tool connection.
    • Infinitely variable power control.
    • Unique filter cleaning system.


    • No wheel locks.
    • No device for winding up the cord (according to user reviews).

    Metabo ASR 50 M SC

    Rating: 4.9

    Metabo ASR 50 M SC

    We finish our review with another vacuum cleaner from Metabo, the ASR 50 M SC. This is a premium segment device, the flagship of the manufacturer’s line, made in Germany.

    In fact – it is not a vacuum cleaner, but the whole cleaning machine with a tank capacity of 50 liters. The key difference of the model from all reviewed analogues – it’s filtration class “M”, which provides effective retention of nearly 100% of fine dust inside.

    The feature is a dual suction circuit, which eliminates the overheating of the motor in case of blockage of the hose or suction opening. The next advantage is the smooth adjustment of power, which allows you to optimally adjust the vacuum cleaner to perform specific tasks.

    The model is equipped with its own socket, so it can be synchronized not only with a floor saw or a rotary hammer, but also with more powerful equipment (for example, stationary circular saws).

    It also has the Self-Clean filter cleaning system, which is activated by a switch on the body. The cleaning principle is vibratory (dust from all filters goes back into the tank), the procedure can be carried out in between.

    Vacuum cleaner is equipped with antistatic system that makes it safe during operation. When the tank is full, the technique will automatically shut off.

    The owners of the vacuum cleaner to the advantages of the device unambiguously include high quality build, reliability, practicality and functionality. Disadvantages were not identified, only some consumers talk about the high cost of the product.

    We recommend the Metabo ASR 50 M SC as one of the few multifunctional building vacuum cleaners that can work in intensive use on any construction sites and in the home.


    • Reliability and quality assembly.
    • Filter class “M”.
    • Self-cleaning filters.
    • Synchronization with various power tools.
    • Power adjustment.
    • Large tank of 50 liters.
    • Two suction loops.


    • High price.
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