10 best shower racks with a rain shower

*Overview of the best according to the editorial. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Must be consulted with a professional before purchase.

The shower bar is a very useful, yet simple sanitary product. It is not only a stylish design touch in the bathroom, but also a way to comfortably take a full shower. And what could be more pleasant than the feeling of rain on your skin? This is the effect created by the “tropical” shower option. How to choose the best product and what models to pay special attention to? Our experts have researched.

How to choose the ideal model

Quality of Execution

Choosing the right shower rack with tropical shower functions, it is important first of all to pay attention to the integrity of all its elements, the quality and reliability of the connection of parts, the absence of defects in the external coating, as well as the evenness of its layer. The way of fixing is chosen based on the individual specifics of a particular bathroom. Last, but not least, among the visual criteria is the design of the model.


The level of functionality directly depends on this factor:

  1. Design with hand shower– presented in the form of a special bar with a manual shower head, which can be moved on its surface. It is an economical option, which also allows you to use a variety of nozzles on the shower head. It is very easy to install and does not require additional water supply.
  2. A design with overhead shower– A shower bar with a vertical shower head in “tropical rain” mode. Such a shower system does not overload the space of the bathroom, as a rule, it has a self-cleaning system, looks very organic in any interior. One of the peculiarities is high water consumption, installation is possible only before tiling works in the room.
  3. Combination option– such models of shower racks include both hand and overhead showers, the design is completed with a mixer. Combined products are highly functional, equipped with many useful options and accessories, are represented by a wide model range.

More options

  1. Thermostat– Enables you to set the permissible water temperature limit. A very convenient option, especially for families with children.
  2. Automatic pressure adjustment– The force of the water jet can then be adjusted without your involvement. often combined with a thermostat.
  3. Self-cleaning– makes the product easy to care for and increases its service life. Particularly important for ceiling models.
  4. Silicone inlays on the jets– Protect your shower column from hard water and prolong its life span.
  5. Additional accessories– Sometimes manufacturers add shelves, extra jets, holders and more. Enjoyable and useful.

Tip. When selecting the right model it is important to pay attention to the minimum water pressure required by the manufacturer. Remember: as the size of the shower head increases, so does the water flow. High head is required for these systems to function fully.

10 best shower heads with rain showers

opic LM7002C
Top 10 shower heads with rain showers1hansgrohe Crometta E 240 1jet Showerpipe 2727100033 870 €
2AM.PM Gem F079051033 595 €
3WasserKRAFT Thermo A1130134 730 €
4Grohe Tempesta Cosmopo
  • tan 210 27922001
  • 28 340 €
    5Damixa Akita 40911100024 190 €
    6Oras Nova 7402U30 680 €
    16 550 €
    8Gappo G2407-819 530 €
    9AM.PM Gem F07900229 671 €
    10WasserKRAFT A0459 760 €

    hansgrohe Crometta E 240 1jet Showerpipe 27271000

    Rating: 4.9


    This brand name shower set from Germany stands for high quality, advanced technology and a long service life. It is also a great way to refresh your bathroom and maximize the comfort of your showering experience.

    The Hansgrohe mixer shower head is also distinguished by its functionality and ease of use. This thermostatically controlled shower set includes a reliable handheld shower head with a convenient 160 cm long shower hose.

    The system is equipped with a safety limiter, which is activated when the water temperature exceeds the 40° mark s. The shower head is entirely chrome-plated, the shower head and the riser pipe are both height-adjustable. It is controlled by turning the rotary knob.

    AM.PM Gem F0790510

    Rating: 4.8

    AM.PM GEM F0790510

    Functional design in action – each element of this shower system follows the same concept, from the perfect proportion of the design to the positioning of the jets. And all this in a trendy Dynamic Organic design. The shower bar is adjustable from 1m to 1.5m in height, making the shower bar very comfortable for users of different heights. The integrated ball joint lets you adjust the angle of the overhead shower holder.

    The faucet is equipped with a thermostatic cartridge with a sensitive thermocouple, a special stopper at 38 , Thanks to its immediate response to temperature and pressure fluctuations, even in the event of a sudden stop of cold water, the shower head can be reliably switched off.

    WasserKRAFT Thermo A11301

    Rating: 4.8

    WasserKRAFT Thermo A11301

    The wall shower set with rain shower head from the German manufacturer is one of the best models in its category. The shower head is made of safe and durable ABS plastic. The spray jets are made of silicone – a reliable protection against limescale deposits.

    Fastening to the boom thanks to a swivel joint with integrated net aerator for an even distribution of the water flow, with the possibility to adjust the angle of spray. The shower head position can be changed from 0-22.

    The shower column and shower holder can be adjusted to any user-friendly height. The design is equipped with a thermostatic cartridge to maintain a set temperature of water in auto mode. The working pressure is between 1 and 5 bar. The model is also equipped with a plastic aerator.

    Grohe Tempesta Cosmopo
  • tan 210 27922001
  • Rating: 4.7

    Grohe Tempesta Cosmopo<li></div><p>tan 210 27922001″ src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/43216666195541-8310.jpg” height=”449″ title=”Grohe Tempesta Cosmopo</p><li>tan 210 27922001″><p>GROHE is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of sanitary fittings. Consumers associate the brand name with quality and high functionality. The rain shower system is equipped with a number of advanced technological features. The TurboStat option allows you to “fix” the desired temperature, so that it remains constant even if the water pressure drops.</p><p>SafeStop button limits the temperature to a comfortable 38 <su></su>C – for example, children can safely use the shower, even without adults. If necessary, you can increase the temperature above a specified figure. Another distinguishing feature of this model is the DreamSpray option: the water pressure from each nozzle will be the same.</p><p>The hand shower has two functions: Enveloping and regenerating. Thanks to the aquadimmer, the water can be turned between the overhead and hand showers simultaneously. The entire design has a durable multi-layer coating that will retain its original shine for a long time.</p><h3>Damixa Akita 409111000</h3><p>Rating: 4.7</p><div style=Damixa Akita 409111000

    The unique shower program of the Scandinavian brand distinguishes itself not only by its aesthetics, but also by its great possibilities. Great functionality, exclusive design and high quality materials – this is Akita 409111000. The shower head is designed in a modern style and is easily mounted on the wall. The mixer tap is enriched with an integrated thermostat which allows you to set the temperature according to your preferences.

    The overhead shower has three operating modes. If necessary, you can adjust the height of the shower head to make showering as comfortable as possible. The Damixa shower head is also incredibly easy to operate and maintain. The Rub Clean function deserves special mention – only a couple of minutes and no need to disassemble the faucet or use cleaning products. Simply wipe the rubber surface of the shower head or sprinkler with a soft nozzle and all plaque is gone.

    Oras Nova 7402U

    Rating: 4.7

    ORAS NOVA 7402U

    Finnish wall mounted shower head is suitable for any interior. Equipped with two handles – for temperature and water flow control. If desired, the user can adjust the distance of elements from the wall. Maximum safety is ensured by the thermo cool function – the body of the fitting is practically not heated in the process of operation of the shower bar.

    The design of the Oras Nova shower system is timeless. The model is ideal for any bathroom. The ergonomics, painstakingly thought-out by experts of the brand, is represented by anti-slip handles, smooth soft corners and a special button for protection against burns. One of the most delightful features of the shower column is the EcoFlow flow limiter: it gives the user a comfortable shower, while conserving precious natural resources.

    Lemarkopic LM7002C

    Rating: 4.7

    Lemark<tr></div><p>The “/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/31616666195541-3710″ src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/316666195541-3710″.jpg” height=”496″ title=”Lemark</p><tr>opic LM7002C”><p>The Czech manufacturer has invested all its capabilities in creation of advanced, functional and very easy-to-use shower racks of the series</p><tr>opic. In the model from the brand Lemark strict lines combined with smooth transitions are perfectly embodied – maximum ergonomics and comfort.<p>The counter includes a hand shower head and an overhead shower – both elements work in the same mode. The construction is made of brass. It is a rugged, durable and corrosion-free material. Chrome coating preserves the aesthetic look of the shower counter throughout the entire operating life of the product.</p><p>This shower head will not be damaged by any leaks – all thanks to the mixer with integrated ceramic cartridge. Conceived for bath (swivel spout). The angle of the overhead shower can be adjusted to the user’s preferences. The handspray is supplemented by a handy hose whose construction avoids the risk of causing any tangles in the water.</p><h3>Gappo G2407-8</h3><p>Rating: 4.6</p><div style=GAPPO G2407-8

    The shower system of this series is a reference product, which fully meets the high demands of the modern market. Gappo G2407-8 is made in rectangular forms, and the chrome color gives the shower counter a more aesthetic look, allowing this sanitary element to fit seamlessly into any interior. This model will fit even in a small shower/bathroom space.

    The shower system creates a complete set for comfortable and high quality hygienic procedures. Its quietness and quality of use is guaranteed by the model’s most important component – a single-lever mixer fitted with a 35mm cartridge.

    The device boasts the ability to hide the gooseneck under the faucet body if necessary – thanks to its short swivel-type design. The structure is mounted on the wall by means of eccentrics and fasteners.

    AM.PM Gem F0790022

    Rating: 4.6

    AM.PM GEM F0790022

    All elements of the shower stand present a tandem of visual perfection and high functionality. From the proportions of the showers to the pattern formed by the jets on the showerheads, every detail is accounted for in the Gem design concept.

    One of the model’s impressive features is its ability to provide large amounts of water even when the system is under pressure – thanks to its Air In feature, which doubles the pressure and reduces the water consumption by a third. You can experience the real pleasure of a tropical shower – and you are also protecting the environment.

    The impressive diameter of the shower head (upper shower head 220 mm and hand shower head 110 mm) allows you to enjoy the high tropical shower functions even in small bathtubs. The extra long handle hose (1.75 m) guarantees freedom of movement. If desired, you can adjust the height of the telescopic rod, which makes the model universal – it is suitable for people of any height.

    WasserKRAFT A045

    Rating: 4.5

    WasserKRAFT A045

    Our experts didn’t accidentally include another shower stand from the German brand WasserKRAFT. A045 is made of solid, durable brass, which is more than half copper. Chrome-nickel coating does not tarnish, quick and easy to clean, gives the product an aesthetic appearance.

    Ceramic rotary switch works even at low system pressures – for up to 300,000 operating cycles. To switch the shower, simply turn the knob by 180 any way. The overhead shower has an optimal angle of inclination – from 0 to 15. The silicone jets are easy to clean and don’t care about limescale. The integrated aerator provides an even distribution of the water jet. The shower head can be turned by 180° if desired and adjust the height.

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