10 best construction hair dryers

*Review of the best according to the editorial board. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. Before buying, it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

In different spheres of human activity construction hair dryers are used. They turn electrical energy into thermal energy, directing the hot air into the work area. With such a device, you can quickly heat any surface. The construction dryers are not only used in construction or repair of houses. Thermal blower can be found in car repair shops, which are engaged in painting work. Used by electricians when heating insulation or sleeves to soften the material. The hair dryer allows to join separate elements in a single whole by the method of soldering or seam welding. So the choice of the right tool should be based on the intended use. Experts recommend paying attention to several characteristics.

Criteria for choosing a construction hair dryer

  1. One of the main parameters of a construction hair dryer ispower. It directly affects the heating temperature and performance. The optimal power range is 800-3000 W.
  2. The important characteristic is not only the price of the vacuum cleaner, but also the quality of its performancemaximum temperature. When performing different works it is also necessary to set minimum modes (cold blowing). For a simple home operation will be sufficient device with a maximum temperature of 450-550 ° C, and professional models are able to work in the range of 50…800°s.
  3. Air volumebecomes the defining characteristic of performance. Flow rate varies from 150 to 600 lpm.
  4. In the heat treating process it is important to control the basic modes. It is best done with the help of the liquid crystal display.
  5. Construction dryers with nozzles are essential. They allow you to regulate and direct the flow of hot air on a specific area.

Our review takes a look at the best construction dryers. The following criteria were taken into account when compiling the rating:

  1. technical parameters;
  2. price;
  3. equipment;
  4. expert opinion;
  5. customer feedback.

Rating of the best construction dryers

The best construction dryers1Kalibr TP-2100DM Case3 399 €
2RYOBI EHG2020LCD Case4 999 €
3Interskol FE-2000E Case2 195 €
4ZUBR FT-1600 1600 W1 990 €
The best construction hair dryers on the price-quality ratio1RESANTA FE-2000EKD 2000 W !!!4 590 €
2Metabo HE 23-650 Control Case7 599 €
3Makita HG651CK Case10 010 €
The best professional construction dryers1BOSCH GHG 20-63 Professional Case 2000W7 390 €
2BOSCH GHG 23-66 Professional Case 2300 W7 989 €
3STEINEL HG 2320 E Case 2300 W14 590 €

The best inexpensive building dryers

To work at home is suitable for an inexpensive construction hair dryer. It can be used to remove old paint and other finishes. Of all the parameters buyers should pay attention to the temperature of heating and flow rate. The experts have chosen several suitable models.

Kalibr TP-2100DM Case

Rating: 4.8

Calibre TP-2100DM Case 2100 W

Construction dryer Kalibr TP-2100DM Case 2100W is an optimum combination of power and affordable price.Perfectly copes with the heat treatment of parts. The hair dryer comes in handy when drying wet surfaces, soldering parts, removing paintwork, etc. d. Device has smooth temperature and airflow control, LCD display. The maximum temperature is limited to 600 ° C, and the power of air flow is 500 l / min.

The case is made of durable plastic, which greatly increases the service life of the device. The manufacturer has packed the construction dryer pretty well. Includes interchangeable nozzles, squeegee, reflex nozzle, deflector nozzle, and flat nozzle.


  • reasonable price;
  • high power;
  • rich equipment;
  • ergonomic handle.


  • short cord.


Rating: 4.7

RYOBI EHG2020LCD Case 2000 W

The RYOBI EHG2020LCD Case 2000W, a powerful construction dryer for the construction industry. It has the highest operating temperature among competitors, which can be controlled by the LCD display. The model is equipped with an overheat protector that extends the service life. Construction hairdryer can also boast and high performance, the air flow can be regulated in the range of 250…500 l/min. The manufacturer used durable grooved plastic for the body. For ease of use there is a folding stand.

In the kit with a hair dryer supplied interchangeable nozzles, there is a loop for hanging and squeegee.


  • high power;
  • overheat protection;
  • stepless adjustment;
  • LCD display.


  • slow heating.

Interskol FE-2000E Case

Rating: 4.6

Interskol FE-2000E Case 2000W

An excellent home helper can become a construction hair dryer Interskol FE-2000E Case 2000 W. This device is also often used in professional applications where long term use is not required. Although the manufacturer claims the ability to use continuously for 14 hours. The model is almost inferior to the leaders of the rating. He has a high operating temperature (600 ° C), a decent performance (500 l / min). Only the minimum temperature of the device is higher than that of competitors (80 ° C against 50 ° C).

Of the additional options and accessories experts note the protection against overheating, a set of nozzles, long cable (2 m).


  • high-quality assembly;
  • a pleasant design;
  • case for storage and transportation;
  • low cost.


  • it is difficult to regulate the temperature;
  • no cold blowing option.

ZUBR FT-1600 1600 Watt

Rating: 4.5

ZUBR ft-1600 1600 W

Construction dryer ZUBR ft-1600 is rather simple in control and will approach not only for skilled users, but also for beginners. As for the motor power of this model, it is 1600 W. The construction dryer is equipped with two thermal protectors, ensuring the safety and reliability of the device. The model has a step temperature and airflow rate adjustment, which are adjusted from 350 to 550 degrees and up to 550 l / min.

The device has a protection against ingress of foreign bodies in use. Included with the hair dryer itself comes 3 nozzles to adjust the airflow – reduction, glass guard and flat. For convenient location of the tool in the workshop, the body of the hair dryer has a loop for hanging. The tool weighs only 660g and has a comfortable, ergonomic handle.


  • protection against foreign bodies;
  • two thermal fuses;
  • The step-by-step regulation of temperature and speed;
  • loop for hanging;
  • small weight.


  • heats up quickly.

The best construction dryers for value for money

The medium-priced technical hair dryers can be used at home and in professional work. These models have a stepless temperature and airflow rate regulation. Several models received high marks from professionals and amateurs.

RESANTA FE-2000EKD 2000 W !!!

Rating: 4.9

RESANTA FE-2000ECD 2000 W!!!

Construction dryer Desanta FE-2000ECD is designed for hot air treatment of different surfaces, removal of paint layer, molding of plastic products, as well as for heating shrink tubes. Also suitable for softening glue joints and defrosting plumbing pipes. Equipped with a 2000 W motor. This construction dryer allows you to achieve the maximum performance. The device is equipped with a display that informs about the temperature and airflow rate.

This model is equipped with double insulation, to ensure safe operation. The device is simple enough to operate and equipped with a step switch, with which you can select one of three modes of airflow – from 300 to 500 l / min. The tool is used at ambient temperatures from -10 to +40 degrees, the relative humidity of no more than 80% and excessive dusty air. For convenient transportation this model is delivered in a special case.


  • suitable for most jobs;
  • three modes of airflow;
  • Operated at -10 to +40 degrees;
  • is equipped with a display;
  • overheat protection;
  • carrying case.


  • no automatic blowing for cooling.

Metabo HE 23-650 Control Case

Rating: 4.9

Metabo HE 23-650 Control Case 2300 W

The Metabo HE 23-650 Control Case 2300W technical hair dryer has a high performance and an affordable price. the device is equipped with a powerful heating element (2.3 kW), which can increase the air temperature to 650 ° C. Lower limit is 50° C. The strength of the air flow can be adjusted up to 150…500 l/min. With such a heat gun you can remove old paint, dry painted surfaces, weld seams, defrost pipes.

No problems when working with a hair dryer. LCD display allows you to monitor the settings, the choice of 4 programs. Overheat protection is provided by a fuse.


  • high efficiency;
  • wide range of applications;
  • ease of use;
  • reasonable price.


  • have not been detected.

Makita HG651CK Case

Rating: 4.8

Makita HG651CK Case 2000 W

A worthy competitor to the leaders of the rating is a thermal blower Makita HG651CK Case 2000 W. Although it has a lower capacity, it can heat up air in the range of 80…650°s. The airflow rate can be adjusted from 200 to 550 l/min. The device is easy to work with thanks to its compact size and low weight (0,8 kg). Professionals note the wide range of applications for the construction dryer, from removing old paint to the soldering of plastic materials. The user can select one of 14 preset programs, the preset mode is supported by an electronic system. Comes with all necessary tools for work, pressure roller, welding nozzle, reflector nozzle and carrying case. The hair dryer deservedly entered into the three leaders of our rating.


  • electronic regulator;
  • large selection of settings;
  • low weight.


  • no cold blowing;
  • no russian language in the menu.

The best professional construction hair dryers

For serious tasks, which are solved by professional craftsmen, fit a reliable and productive heat gun. These models are characterized by high power, a wide range of adjustments, rich equipment, as well as additional options that facilitate the work of. The attention of experts has attracted the following professional hair dryers.

BOSCH GHG 20-63 Professional Case 2000 W

Rating: 4.9

BOSCH GHG 20-63 Professional Case 2000W

The model under consideration is perfectly suited for removal of even the most complicated varnish and paint layers, for drying products, blowing with hot air and for many other purposes. The device is actively used by installers, electricians and carpenters. Temperature in this model can be adjusted from 50 up to 630 degrees. The device is equipped by a three-step regulator of air stream – 150, 300 and 500 l/min.

This construction dryer has an automatic shutdown system at overheating. Also, to monitor all processes and the condition of the tool, there is an LCD display on the body. Equipped with double insulation to prevent accidental contact with live parts. This device can be used in stationary mode, as the design of the housing is equipped with mounting pads.

For comfortable operation this model is designed with a comfortable grip, well worked out to reduce noise and almost imperceptible vibration. The case of the device is shockproof and has rubberized covers, it is executed in blue color traditional for the tools of a professional line. The hair dryer is delivered in a case for convenient transportation and in the kit there are additional nozzles.


  • Temperature control up to 630 degrees;
  • Three-stage regulator of airflow;
  • System of automatic switching-off at overheat;
  • The housing has an LCD display;
  • it is possible to use in a stationary mode;
  • the noise and vibrations are reduced;
  • shockproof case;
  • carrying case;
  • low price.


  • Insufficiently strong nozzles in the set.

BOSCH GHG 23-66 Professional Case 2300 W

Rating: 4.9

BOSCH GHG 23-66 Professional Case 2300 W

Another one construction hairdryer from Bosch brand, designed for professional craftsmen. Power tool is equipped with a motor power of 2300 W, at the expense of which the hair dryer quickly reaches the necessary temperature. The device is equipped with an automatic shutdown system that protects against overheating. The model has a 10-step adjustable airflow – from 150 to 500 l / min. Also the hair dryer is equipped with a mode of cold blowing at 50 degrees and fine regulation of temperature to 650 degrees with 4 adjustable modes.

The construction dryer is equipped with an LCD display and a temperature sensor, through which you can get information about the status of the device and running modes. This model can be used in stationary mode at the expense of setting platforms. Also, the developers have taken care of the noise level in this hair dryer – during operation it does not exceed 70 dB.

The hair dryer comes in a sturdy case and with five nozzles for different jobs – glass shielding, welding, flat, reflective and transitional. This model weighs only 670 grams and has a balanced, comfortable handle.

Advantages of

  • powerful motor;
  • 10-stage airflow control;
  • The hair dryer has a cold air blowing function;
  • The hair dryer is equipped with an LCD display and a temperature sensor;
  • The noise level does not exceed 70 dB;
  • comes with a hard carrying case and five nozzles.


  • Cold air blowing mode is non-automatic.

STEINEL HG 2320 E Case 2300 W

Rating: 4.8

STEINEL HG 2320 E Case 2300 W

The last among the professional models, consider a multifunctional construction hair dryer, which is often used by craftsmen in car repair shops and repair crews. The device is personally suitable for use in production and for various repair and restoration work. Equipped with a powerful 2300 W brush motor. The airflow is controlled by a two-stage regulator, which is located on the handle – 150-500 l / min. To adjust the temperature, consider a joystick that adjusts from 80 to 650 degrees in increments of 10 degrees.

It stands out from the others due to its optimized center of gravity, its good grip and its ceramic heating element. The device is equipped with a display that shows all the information you need for your work. The construction dryer has 4 individual programs, a residual heat indicator, and a safety switch to prevent overheating.

Easy and fast replacement of the power cord in case of accidental damage is a “must” of this model. Also, the device has special stops on the end of the body, which allow you to put the hair dryer on the back, non-hot side. On the body of the device thought-out special hook for hanging. This model comes with a carrying case for easy transportation, as well as three nozzles and heat shrinkable hoses.


  • powerful brush motor of 2300 W;
  • ceramic heating element;
  • the device is equipped with a display;
  • the hair dryer is equipped with 4 individual programs;
  • The hair dryer is equipped with a residual heat indicator and a fuse;
  • quick and easy replacement of the power cord;
  • Heat shrinkable hoses are included.


  • high price.
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