7 best free VPN services

*Editor’s Review of the Best. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

Rating of good free VPN services

Rating of good free VPN-services1

rivat Tunnel

5Hotspot Shield4.6



Privat Tunnel

Rating: 4.9

Privat Tunnel

An excellent service that provides complete anonymity for surfing. You can use it to access any website blocked by Roskomnadzor without any problems. You can use it not only on your computer, but also on your smartphone – the Privat Tunnel app has been created for both Android and iOS.

Just need to register to activate VPN, then all you need to do is to choose the appropriate virtual location. Privat Tunnel servers are located in many European capitals, Tokyo and various American cities. There are a total of two dozen options waiting for you, which will definitely be enough.

Alas, the service has one major disadvantage. It is about the freeness of the product. It is very limited. By default, you get just 100MB of traffic per month. If you recommend the service to a friend who has to register using a referral link, the amount of traffic will exactly double.

If you agree to pay – rates here start at $12 for 50GB. Pretty cool. Not enough traffic only when you need to watch streaming video via VPN-service. By the way, if your friend not only uses a referral link but also subscribes for a fee, your limit will be increased by 10GB. Nice bonus!


Rating: 4.8


Another good free VPN-service, which strains only with its “childish” interface. However, it has one more disadvantage. The thing is that Roskomnadzor has blocked the official website of the service for reasons unknown only to themselves. It turns out that you need a VPN even to visit the site of TunnelBear developers. We recommend you to use an add-on for your browser – they usually offer only one hundred megabytes of traffic, but it will be enough for registration and downloading the program.

The application for the computer has only one control, which is a switch that activates the VPN connection. A similar situation is observed in programs developed for Android and iOS. The service uses the OpenVPN protocol, which uses 128-bit encryption. All this works in almost any modern browser – from Internet Explorer to Apple’s Safari. As you have understood, the service is designed for Mac OS X.

TunnelBear offers a total of eight VPN server locations. You can safely use the free subscription. However, you will be very limited in what you can do with them. First, each month you will be given only 500 MB of traffic. You can triple this volume only by sending to your Twitter message with the advertising of the service. Secondly, only one PC and two smartphones or tablets can work on one account. Third, you will not be able to use the Intel feature

  • Bear, thanks to which you enter the addresses of sites that will be automatically passed through a VPN.

    Want to eliminate all of the above limitations? You will have to buy a paid subscription, which costs $5 per month or $50 per year.


    Rating: 4.7


    Another VPN service that you can use for free. At the same time, you will see in it one way or another advertising. Alas, this is how the developers have implemented its free service. Interestingly, the paid version not only does not have its own ads, but it does not have ordinary banners – they are hidden by the appropriate blocker. A paid subscription also adds a few extra security features.

    Spotflux application can be downloaded not only on Windows, but also on Mac OS X. There are also mobile versions of the program, designed for iOS and Android. The interface is as simple as possible. Especially with a free subscription, when many of the menu items are blocked.

    The nice thing is that this is one of the few services that does not have any special restrictions even in the free version. This means that you can not be afraid of running out of traffic, as well as a drop in speed. But you still can’t watch streaming video – many video hosting sites recognize the service as an anonymizer, forbidding the traffic to pass through it.

    If you still want to use absolutely all the features of Spotflux, and also get rid of advertising, you will only have to pay $5. And that’s for a whole year of using the service on one device!

    You have to admit that Spotflux has some problems, which is why it does not deserve high marks. First, the VPN service sometimes suffers from unstable connection. Secondly, the developer’s site often refuses to work. However, this is not terrible, because the application can be downloaded from Google Play and many other online stores. Also, this service offers not too many geographical locations of the virtual server.


    Rating: 4.6


    This VPN can not be called free. But we couldn’t help mentioning it, because it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, this service can be used if you need it for a short period of time. Just remember to contact the developers on time and ask them to terminate your subscription and refund your money. NordVPN will be most relevant when you travel abroad, when you’re afraid of losing access to Russian sites (VKontakte, for example, is blocked in a huge number of countries).

    Why we offer you to cheat? The fact that NordVPN does not suffer from a large number of restrictions, which are present in almost all free VPN-services. You will surf the web at the fastest speeds available. You’ll get practically endless traffic. What a choice of servers is offered here! There are thousands of them! The service also has excellent data encryption and advanced security protocols. Some will also like it because of the stable access to Netf

  • x – it will not complain if you use anonymizer.

    NordVPN application can be found on all popular platforms. Even on

  • nux! As for the cost of a subscription, a month of using the service costs $3.49. You can use this VPN on six devices.

    Hotspot Shield

    Rating: 4.5

    Hotspot Shield

    Usually free VPN services severely cut Internet speeds. In the case of Hotspot Shield, there is the same problem – you will download sites at 2 Mbps. But the main limitation that exists here is the amount of traffic available for a free subscription. You are offered a total of 500 MB. But not per month, per day! In most cases, it is quite enough. The problem will only occur when watching videos or listening to music.

    You can use the service both on your computer and smartphone – it supports all four of the most common operating systems. But the free account is limited to only one device. It also forcibly shows ads, which are sure to bother some people. This is why the developers are encouraging you to sign up for a paid subscription. If you do this, you also get a wider selection of servers around the world.

    Hotspot Shield has only one plan. A month of its use is priced at $7.99. For this money you will get VPN-service with the maximum data transfer speed. Your traffic will be unlimited, so you’ll be able to watch videos on YouTube, Netf

  • x and other similar sites. It will be possible to connect to a VPN from five devices.


    Rating: 4.4


    Usually free VPN-services severely limit traffic and data transfer speeds. But if you use ProtonVPN services, you will be limited only by the number of available servers. Gradually, however, speed will be slower – the exact figure will depend on the traffic volume of the current month.

    Only one device can connect to the free version of ProtonVPN. In this case, you can keep VPN active all day long – you won’t get disconnected due to excessive traffic. However, this does not mean that you will be able to watch Netf

  • x. Also, through ProtonVPN not be able to download torrents – servers in countries that support P2P-networks are only available to paid subscribers.

    As for the application, its interface is intuitive and easy to learn. This can be said about both the mobile and computer versions. Interestingly, the developers of ProtonVPN have created a separate program for

  • nux. Needless to say, VPN service creators tend to forget about this OS?

    Well, what is the pricing policy of the developers? You are offered a total of two tariff plans. The €8/month subscription is enough for most people. It implies the connection of up to five devices to servers from thirty countries. ProtonVPN also offers an advanced subscription which costs €24 per month. It differs only in the doubled number of supported devices and activated ProtonMail Visionary technology.


    Rating: 4.3


    Afraid you won’t get enough traffic? In this case you should use the Windscribe service. Here you’ll be asked to pay for your subscription only if the traffic volume for 30 days threatens to exceed 10 Gb. And if you tweet a link to the developer’s website, you get 5GB more! Another gigabyte of traffic you will receive for each invited friend.

    With the free plan you will have servers from ten countries. On the paid plan, if anything, this number is six times greater. But this is good enough for many users. We are pleased to see that almost all servers support torrent networks. You can also activate a proprietary mode on all of them to block malware and ads. It also has a tax-free privacy policy. This means that developers will definitely not keep track of what sites you visit. However, this policy is supported by almost any reputable VPN service.

    You can get access to Windscribe on both PCs and iPhones. And your computer can run on Windows, Mac OS X and

  • nux. Only Android is left out of the equation.

    The developers are going to give up free plans in the future. Instead, they want to create a kind of constructor, in which you yourself assemble the desired subscription option, the cost of which will depend on the number of devices and server locations. It will start at $1, which seems like an extremely tempting offer. If you don’t want to be bothered with it, you can get an annual plan for $49. This subscription removes all limitations, greatly increasing speed and unlocking many extra features.


    Will VPN services ever be no more needed?? Not excluded. But that’s not going to happen anytime soon. That’s why we think that the review of free VPN services is more relevant than ever. But do not forget that all of them have serious limitations. It is quite possible that someday you will want more, and then you will have to switch to the subscription model.

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