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*Review of the best according to the editorial board. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. It is necessary to consult with a specialist before buying.

Car tires are quite popular because their use implies constant contact with the road surface of different kinds. Prolonged frictional play, a bump or pothole can cause a tire’s reinforced rubber to burst or wear out, necessitating partial or complete replacement with a newer set of tires.

The industrialization of today’s marketplace offers an abundance of choices in goods and services, and the automobile tire segment is no great exception. They are developed, like parts manufacturing, by more than a hundred global companies whose names are known in wide consumer circles. In addition, added variability and little-known local companies, stamping the product of the budget level, and successfully competing at the expense of their famous opponents. In order to investigate such a specific niche, Expertology team involved in the work of in-house experts and compiled a rating of the best online tire stores that exist in Runet reality. Consumer reviews were used as evaluation criteria, as well as a detailed breakdown of each site’s features and visual analysis.

Rating of the best tire stores

Rating of the best tire stores14.9

Rating: 4.9

Internet service, which can be rightly attributed to the true pillars of the car tire market. For more than ten years of work the owners of the store have managed to establish a huge network of suppliers, and due to this the number of serviced automobile brands has exceeded the mark of 80 pieces. “Wheels Tut is a chic example of meticulous design work that focuses on clarity, accessibility, and ease of use. The consumer can use (optionally) the form of automatic selection of tires by car data (make, specific model, year of manufacture, engine, body), as well as by own operating parameters.

It is very important that the owners of KolesaTut keep in touch with the user audience in every possible way and do not hide their contact information in the maze of cross-references. There is a free of charge call-back service that has already become standard. As for the range of products, their cost has increased slightly in recent years (slightly higher than the market average), which, however, is not too conspicuous due to frequent promotions. In order to keep track of the latest on the site was specially bolted a separate page, which is often updated with new models of tires and disks. Delivery from the store operates throughout Russia, including regional and district formations down to small towns and villages.


  • Very easy to navigate site;
  • the ability to choose tires and disks from a large database of cars (more than 80 brands);
  • A large number of ongoing promotions, the ability to track them on a separate page;
  • feedback information is freely available + the presence of a pop-up dialog box with a consultant;
  • excellent design.


  • not identified.

Rating: 4.8

The name of this site speaks for itself: the origins of the Internet-shop lead us again to St. Petersburg. “SPbKoleso” is a typical distributor who managed to go beyond the city project and developed its activities throughout Russia. On the whole, it makes a pleasant impression on the design and maintenance of its pages, offering users convenient services to calculate the cost and filter the goods according to the requirements, as well as sections with reduced-price and for sale products.

If you dig deeper, it reveals a very remarkable thing about trying to give consumers a little more than the product and related services (tire fitting and delivery in the region/country). The information component of “SPbKoleso” started in 2011, but due to irrelevance (or other reasons) it was suppressed, and the site began to act as a showcase store without author’s recommendations, but with the goods. However, there is nothing negative to accuse it of – except that the overall price level is slightly higher than that of some (even premium) competitors.


  • user-friendly site with clear navigation and quality implementation;
  • the presence of (albeit irrelevant) information block;
  • Delivery is possible in all regions of Russia;
  • Availability of services for automatic selection of tire options, as well as thematically divided catalogs.


  • The cost of products, compensated by promotions and sales.


Rating: 4.5


At first glance, “Ship-Ship” store does not differ from its competitors in the rating – it is another typical project, launched in St. Petersburg and successfully expanded to the regional framework. Its advantages – it is extremely successful realization of the context drop-down menu, broken down into logical blocks and giving out all the important information at once, as well as a convenient (no exaggeration) directory with a breakdown into different categories. There is a window for choosing tires and disks by parameters, and below there is a “shelf” of the most popular products for a specified period of time.

After a more detailed study another quality of “Ship-Ship” comes to the surface – the information value. The store in St. Petersburg actively attracts authors and experts to write articles on topics related to the use of products they sell. There is a button to contact the manager and order a free call back, as well as a scroll-list of popular manufacturers of rims and tires, whose products are immediately available in stock. The prices in some cases are even lower than those of competitors which makes up for extremely rare sales and promotions.


  • The representation of the company is located in almost all major cities in Russia (at a minimum, there is the possibility of delivery);
  • A pleasant design of the site, not lacking in constructiveness and simplicity;
  • Information articles block, like author’s blogs;
  • convenient automated tire search and the division of the catalog into logical parts;
  • Prices are often lower than those of competitors.


  • Promotions and sales are very rare.

Rating: 4.4

Chelyabinsk online store “Shinof” is considered a workhorse of the automobile tire market segment. In an effort to cover as many products and services as possible, the company is a clear leader in the rankings, but attempts to simultaneously promote on two fronts lead to a situation of some confusion. In particular, this can be observed in the design of the official site: the abundance of small details, combined with a cramped design, makes rather a repulsive impression, so that one does not really want to be distracted by a detailed study of the pages. That’s why users seldom go beyond the notorious quick search by car model or wheels parameters.

It is noteworthy that even despite frequent promotions and sales, the cost of tires and rims in “Shinof” can hardly be called loyal to consumers. Trends are such that all goods are above the mid-market price line, even if with very few exceptions. But the delivery functions work perfectly: you can order the goods to the neighboring republics, and with strict observance of the deadlines. We can see that the store is trying to reach higher positions in the segment, and sooner or later it will be able to achieve the goals outlined.


  • there is a quick search box;
  • delivery information and contacts are visible in the site navigation bar;
  • Well-regulated delivery service, operating not only in the regions of Russia, but also in neighboring republics.


  • high price for the products shown;
  • stilted design with a lot of small elements.
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